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Hospital Ship (2017)

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Song Eun Jae is an immensely talented surgeon. There was a time when the hospital ship was just used for standard checkups and administering medicine. With Song Eun Jae on board, it can provide complicated surgery. She has seen a lot of success as a surgeon, but also a lot of struggles in her family life. When an unfortunate incident leads her to a ship instead of a prestigious hospital, she has read morelittle compassion for the stubborn elderly patients.
Kwak Hyun is the emotional opposite of his senior doctor, Song Eun Jae. Growing up with a father who is a lauded humanitarian, Kwak Hyun strives to be a warm and caring person. He heals not just with medicine but a smile. It seems natural that he work at his father’s ship, but Kwak Hyun also has some emotional scars. He cannot match Song Eun Jae’s medical skills, but he is infinitely better at connecting with patients.
Kim Jae Geol has Hallyu looks and an extensive lineage in medicine. His father is a respected doctor. Growing up, his dad always preferred his brilliant brother, which led Jae Geol to become a loner at heart. His father was obsessed with western medicine. As a form of rebellion, Kim Jae Gol studied oriental medicine, much to his father’s disapproval. His goal in boarding the ship was to escape his father’s shadow. At the ship, however, he must work under Song Eun Jae, who is just as strict, emotionless and disdainful of oriental medicine.
Now these three doctors have to put aside their polar opposite personalities in order to treat their patients. As they all soon learn, working for your fellow humans has its own way of bringing people together.
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they have great surgical doctor who use unusual methods of surgery.
both MC have strong female doctor who doesn't care what people think of them. sometime seems emtionless or cold. but they take their job seriously.
both drama have enjoyable characters around them.
And both are great medical drama so you should watch them both.
Recommended by frost
Involves medical doctors traveling to islands in order to treat their patients. The lead protagonists in both dramas are doctors who come with a past.
Recommended by Hitomi

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  • Reply
    Ruyi 15 hours ago - edited

    Is this drama recommended? The plot sounds good to me...

    • Reply
      MrBanana 8 hours ago

      Its good. Not mindblowingly good, just good.

    • Reply
      Hanis 6 hours ago

      Ofcourse everything is baised on your taste but for me its the best current drama (between recent & on-air dramas) so has nice and warm story and the story abviously improved by each eps till can guess it by the ratings too

  • Reply
    michelle 18 hours ago

    fuck the romance and the plot
    I'm here for surgeries and the oriental doctor

  • Reply
    Lorra-Patricia 2 days ago

    This is a good steady med drama. I like it.

  • Reply
    BB78 2 days ago - edited

    what i want to know how much romance is in there? i saw so many hospital dramas and i dont like it if there is only patients patients and patients or my father is the hospital chief the girl is poor etc kind of things.. i would like it if there were 60% medical and other annoying family stuff etc and 40% romance time..??

    • Reply
      shir 2 days ago

      it seems this drama focous is not on patient , more on character's history and personality and how they grow up via incidents. Nothing about rich boy and poor girl till now..we had low romance but as story goes forward we have more and more romance part in each ep.the girl is so cold when the boy is warm,i guess they dont want to do it rush beside age gap.its nice and warm drama overall. At last i love jo insung and i miss him in drama soooo much :D

    • Reply
      BB78 2 days ago

      i binged watched it so i can say its a good drama which good beter and better right now its a 8.5 for me but it can get higher if the romance gets steamier flirtier and deeper xD

  • Reply
    Viktormani 5 days ago

    Episode 11-12 were beautiful.

  • Reply
    Hanis 5 days ago - edited

    I came here and said that i liked ep 7 the most but ep 12 was gold so far...DR.kwak story broke my heart ... i almost cried when he meet his father &... love every scenes in this ep..and the best thing is that director didnt try to make it so tragedic and didnt spend so close frame and screentimes on his crying sure i will keep watching this ep again & again. I hope this drama continue to goes well so i can change my mind about my fav ep multipletimes :D

    • Reply
      shir 5 days ago

      i think the same, ep 12 was really nice. DR.kwak story is so sad, he should take care of so many people but in fact there is no one to actually care about him.those screenscens wasnt long but it was enough to make viewers conduct with his story and feel his pain.

  • Reply
    DREAMY 5 days ago

    I was thinking about dropping this show after watching ep 9-10, but after watching ep 11-12 ,I changed my mind. Finally some developments ,some real conversations between our leads and we get to know more about (Kim Jae Gul) and his backstory. He's a lead character but we barely see him on screen. The acting still sucks though, Ha Ji Won got much better in this week's eps. I'm starting to like her character more and more but, Kang Min Hyuk couldn't do the same for me. I still don't know where the plot is going. I hope we don't get much of the hospital politics .

  • Reply
    souldoc70 5 days ago - edited

    It's not boring! Its warm , touching and funny too. The medical cases are quite realistic although a little exaggerated but hey all medical dramas are exaggerated somehow. Remember how Yong Pal can fix all those bleeding wounds all by himself? This in comparison is more realistic

    • Reply
      KingLouie 5 days ago

      I agree..its a good one..and the theme of medical dramas is not teach its views about medicine or surgery but to highlight the lives of people involve in their romance, strengths, weaknesses, dreams and hectic routine..
      So in all context..this one is a good..and i like it..

    • Reply
      Hanis 5 days ago - edited

      Agree, its heartwarming drama..i like this fact that the main focous is in casts relationship and their character development not on medical part...i like warm drama more than those cheesy romance tbh.

  • Reply
    Kate 6 days ago

    I honestly love Kim Jae Gul, also he has one of the more interesting plots in this drama.

  • Reply
    shir 6 days ago - edited

    Im still waiting to see more warm side of hjw. She need to stop seeing patient as just case and actually care about them as someone who is so precious for her/his family & friends. My heart broke again at the end of ep 10 again

    • Reply
      Randz 6 days ago - edited
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      KingLouie 5 days ago

      i think they both are fair in their ways..and HJW may be tough but that's the trait of good doctor..but she does care..for a doctor saving a patient is what care is..not to be afraid and emotional like Kwak (that is why he is struggling)
      But Kwak's not wrong at ep 10..he care for the person..and he understand the risk she is going to take..he is that patient guardian and guardian can choose doctors to their satisfaction..
      Point is..let's see what the writers turn the story they are going to see these two characters perform..

    • Reply
      shir 5 days ago

      I guess director answerd to my comment directly in ep 12 :D and base on hjw character i totally accepting her even broke my heart too

  • Reply
    KingLouie 6 days ago

    The future lady tells Eun Jae about how her mother is in pain watching her. TBH i was in in same state watching her..she was acting good..but it seemed she was hurting herself badly..
    that's how good her acting is..At last she does cry...couldn't hold myself getting emotional..

  • Reply
    Chyc 7 days ago

    Im hoping the Chaebol son will be the one❤ for Dr. Song and it will be perfect

  • Reply
    Lys 8 days ago - edited

    Is there really going to be a romance? people are complaining about Ha JiWon being so much older but they obviously haven't watched the Queen of dramas much! She is fantastic in this role...I'm so curious about the relationship part though!!

    • Reply
      Lys 6 days ago

      I'm enjoying the slow pace, it's better than starting off with a bang and getting slow and boring like Romantic Doctor Kim did! Erg

    • Reply
      KingLouie 5 days ago

      quite right..their romance is flourishing (now mostly from kwak's part), but still they look feasible together..

    • Reply
      Laura_Roslin 5 days ago

      Ha Ji-won is 39, Kang Min Hyuk is 26. But apparently the drama will ignore that.

    • Reply
      samsoons 5 days ago

      @Laura_Roslin Yes...?

    • Reply
      shir 5 days ago

      Yes...its long time that i didnt loved any drama like this..the more it goes, the more i gets hope..i wish it doesnt disappoint us in the end

  • Reply
    userbmc 8 days ago

    I don't think this is going to be "the drama of the year" or even one of the best medical dramas, but I am so addicteddd
    I wish we have a lot of episldes already because the waiting is killing me

  • Reply
    MrBanana 9 days ago - edited

    Its a great show, but I don't think it will be remembered as a masterpiece. They are on a ship but after all its just another "medical drama", if you know what I mean. Doesn't offer much new.. playing it a bit safe.


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    Aug 30, 2017 to Nov 2, 2017
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