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I am Your Teacher (2007)

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The story focuses on the conflicts between the young teachers and the problems that high school students have. Jang Yi San is a timid and incompetent homeroom teacher who has to teach the only daughter of a highly dangerous mob leader, Eun Byul. Eun Byul is a new student at MyungMoon High with little drive to succeed.

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    I Am Teacher; I'm Sam: I am your teacher; I Am Sam;

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Jan 8, 2012
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
A school is a smaller version of the world, a simulated space and a jungle in which everyone is pursuing different goals. Though sometimes fun and at other times hell, it is undoubtedly a place where we grow up. Like in a society of adults, there are invisible hierarchies, laws and wars in schools, too, but the moment we get rid of them all, we become friends. We come to like people read more without a particular reason and help others without any preconditions. We also provoke, take risks, and put everything at stake without hesitation. But even after a long time, we vividly remember all those things even though we forget what we had learned from textbooks. People of that time are our everlasting wounds and peers. This drama teaches a whole lot of valuable lessons and reveals a hidden track of our life.
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Dec 15, 2012
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Some funny moments. Light romance comedy. Silly at times, but it works here. Park Min Young's break out work, and it is easy to see why. She is the master of the side glances and wide eyed expressions. All the other characters are interesting too. I had trouble predicting who would end up with who, can you do better?
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Both dramas are about school life but I Am Sam is more focused on the relationship between a student and teacher.
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    SecondLeadQueen Aug 18, 2017

    Was the lead actor acting meant to be like that? I couldn't understand if he had disability on his role or why he acted like that. And if the actor does have it I don't mean it like that like judge him. But more than anything I wanted to understand his role but I could grasp it and it made me not appreciate and enjoy it.

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    Koteuni Jun 16, 2017 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
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      SecondLeadQueen Aug 18, 2017

      I actually have the same question about him. Was he meant to act like that or the actor had a health problem for reals. If that is the case I won't judge but if it was just for his role I wish they had said something or explain it. He seem kind of slow.

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    Senpai May 11, 2017

    Pity the Jang Yi San because of his kindness make him cat and shoe, the Eun Byul also does not forgive lives up to him.
    The cake cherry is due to the ASTOC level of the teacher, associated with the impossibility of not being able to put out his feelings of fury and anger, make him a very comical character, people can not laugh at those guys and mouths that he does when Frustrated or angry, this leaves this drama even more romantic comedy face, we will see what will be the end of this hilarious story of love, comedy and drama.
    From the ep10 we enter the final phase, I particularly think the best part, after all the action is rolling loose, finally appeared the mafia rivals, and the climates of the plot. Following as always Eun Byul tinkering with his over the ang Yi San, the teacher's novel is more and more shaken, the end is still uncertain, much can happen yet.
    And begins the 13th ep, is not that stupid Eun Byul? Try to escape in a place that can not even get in. Sincerely after 13 eps that touch of the teacher's cell phone is starting to be annoying (rsss).
    And give Akon a sound in that little bar!
    Ep14: It's going to be cool like that far away, to feel disgusting with seaweed, it had to be patricinha even, 2 hours to buy a tiara, girls.
    Seriously, how can a car crash make it impossible for the car to be driven? My impression or rolled a shit there at the mall !? I could throw in the trash a necklace of those. It has to be very muggle to do this, but saw how fate is fair tried to get rid of the necklace and look at what gave ...
    Flour war? (Kkkk) Tense moment at the first lunch with the future mother-in-law and father-in-law.
    Ep15: Notice every time the teacher picks up his cuts are asymmetrical and in the same place.
    Has anyone else seen a tiny mosquito passing the camera on this ep? The coarsest thing is to wear pants under the skirt, costume designer missed ugly. Please in exchange for money, more cliché thing. What we learned from watching this drama is that taxis are rare to find in Korea. It's just a CDF to say "I love you" on the last day of school. I do not know why but I remembered Curling with the frying pan scene. LOL
    Well done the escape scene.
    Ep16: Tell me one thing, can 3 fit in a train toilet? The mob guy must be myopic so he does not see 3 people there, if that's possible.
    They played well at the end, but I did not like it very much, I did not find it bequeathed, I got a lot of loose ends, those 4 years and the final mystery made I Am Sam lose points.

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    Choikim Enira Gtop Jan 4, 2016

    best this drama ...because top...top nothing new drama? for 2016

  • Reply
    Choikim Enira Gtop Dec 22, 2015

    I watched it because T.O.P...I like this drama because T.O.P

  • Reply
    Meeno Dec 4, 2015

    what the hell.. seriously.. and someone thought that the idea for this drama was a good one.. the man needed to grow a backbone and she needed a slap to wish her into reality..yeesh.

  • Reply
    WEPserioja Mar 21, 2014 - edited

    i dont really undersand why ppl ubderscoring this drama?

    • Reply
      Merp Aug 26, 2014

      its because of the couple at the end but I believe this drama is based on a comic book.

    • Reply
      WEPserioja Sep 12, 2014

      ye ye that end is not so good as i expected but anyway history and acting was good

    • Reply
      Merp Sep 27, 2014

      I enjoyed the comedic elements allot I watched it this summer and my god did I laugh allot.

    • Reply
      Koteuni Jun 16, 2017

      Nope. I think it's more then the ending. Lol. A lot actually bothered me about this drama, yet I still found myself watching it, even though I was really bothered by a lot of stuff

  • Reply
    WEPserioja Mar 21, 2014

    It was one of the my first dramas =) he ispiring me to start watch drama =)
    I remember this one is good, will rewatch one more time =)

  • Reply
    blindassassin Feb 14, 2014

    I watched it because of T.O.P.

  • Reply
    prettytin Dec 1, 2013

    even if TOP was here, i didn't really like it

  • Reply
    Bera Nov 11, 2013

    I don’t remember when, but I saw this on TV long time ago, This is a pretty easy drama to watch nothing much serious about it, enjoyable.
    P.S. I skipped most of the drama, watched students scenes, and some of the leads.

  • Reply
    Bera Nov 10, 2013 - edited

    What's wrong with the teacher such a weird character he looks always so down.

    • Reply
      Koteuni Jun 16, 2017 - edited

      Idk. I find him kinda like awkward. Like I can't really place a hold on how he really is like, personality wise. He's just a oddball to me, also, I think he has some kind of sensory problems or something, with the way he's always using his hands so awkwardly with his button and neck and back or whatever.

  • Reply
    KKoreanAddiict Nov 6, 2013

    a drama that lacks but watching it for LEE MIN HO <3

  • Reply
    Starae Oct 20, 2013

    So many comments of people absolutely loving it or absolutely hating it....Now I can't decide if I should watch it or not. =/

  • Reply
    nyny Oct 17, 2013
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    Aug 6, 2007 to Oct 2, 2007
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