Girl disguises herself as a boy, is surrounded by boys, and one of the guys is oblivious to her actual gender and thinks himself to be gay.
Recommended by Lils
Crossdressing girl with three other hot guys! Who could ask for more!
Recommended by MochiBunny95
The main actors are the same. And if you like Jang Geun Suk in this drama, you'll surely like Love Rain too :) The two dramas are cute.
Recommended by Yabadoo
Both leads pretend to be the opposite gender.

Coffee Prince is a comedy romance and is very enjoyable to watch. You won't be disappointed :)
Recommended by rimmyboo
More or less the same plot (in my opinion even better), good songs and so on :D
Recommended by Klaudia
The original mega hit version and IMO the best of them all.
Recommended by Renee77
Quirky gender-benders with handsome men, romance and idol actors.
Recommended by Chappelle
if you enjoyed full house take 2, you'll definitely love you're beautiful!
Recommended by mogwaid
When you enjoyed one of this drama, you will enjoy the other one, too. Main leads characters are the same:
The guy is a weirdo, getting annoyed fast by the female lead, and is arrogant and sometimes mean. The girl is cute, very nice but also pretty naiv. Fated to Love You is about pregnancy/marriage while Youre Beautiful is about band life/music. But relationship of the main leads is pretty similiar.
Recommended by Masquerade
The leads in both of them are famous and don't carry a normal live. Besides, they both have the same feeling of endearing funny cute romance
Recommended by Becca256
because both drama consist of idols... im sure youll like it :) and youre beautiful is also fun like EXO next door both of theme is realistic
Unlikely love develops and though the girl is not pretending to be guy, she was just a little "unladylike". It was fun to watch and light to your heart.
Recommended by 2013started
First half of dramas have quite similar atmosphere, similar characters, but second half of SFftS is not so good.
Recommended by loranar
Both have talented teenagers wanting to and becoming celebrities. And also cross dressing from male-female and female-male.
Recommended by ellen1997xx
Both are gender bender. At first I think, that TB is inspirated by YB, but I found, that it's third remake of thai old lacorn. In TB main hero doesn't know, that she's girl. TB is one of the best thai lacorn I have ever seen, story was well done, quite similar to korean production. I found out TB quite realistic, but there was only one weak point - main evil character and plot around murder.
Recommended by loranar
You're Beautiful
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Alternative Titles

  • Native title:

  • Also Known as:

    Minami Shineyo ; He's Beautiful ; You're Handsome


  • Country:

    South Korea
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  • Episodes:

  • Aired:

    Oct 7, 2009 to Nov 26, 2009
  • Aired On:

    Wednesday, Thursday
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    1 hr. 5 min.


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    8.4 (scored by 20,824 users)
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