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Boys Over Flowers (2009)

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Hardworking Geum Jan Di attends the exclusive Shinhwa High School by a scholarship she gets because of an incident. She finds her shallow, privileged classmates unbearable, especially the notorious F4. Rich, handsome, and arrogant, Goo Jun Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jung, and Song Woo Bin are the kings of the school and no one, not even the teachers, dare challenge them. No one, that is, except Jan Di. Angry at read moretheir rudeness, Jan Di tells off F4 leader Jun Pyo, bringing a world of trouble upon herself. Although Jun Pyo persists on bullying her, he begins to find himself attracted to Jan Di.

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Mar 20, 2012
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
I liked this drama a lot at the beginning, but somehow got bored of it.
I've seen Hana Yori Dango before and since it had become one of my favorite dramas, I felt like I should give a chance to BBF.
I didn't regret my decision, because the writers tried out many new ideas. Half of the time it didn't feel like I was watching a HYD remake, which is a great read more thing! At the same time some of the new scenes were unintelligible and over-dramatic. For one, I couldn't understand the happenings with So Yi Jung. For like 15 episodes, he was a normal character, and out of the blue he has become a human wrench. And to make matters even worse, there were only hints about his family problems. Why bother talking about his mother if no one ever tries to solve the situation? The same goes with Goo Joon Pyo's father. There were several scenes with him being nursed by Geum Jan Di. But for what?
And these are only a few examples of the weird scenes in the drama. The other bothering matter for me were the illogical happenings. People appear at places they shouldn't know about, Jan Di's mobile disappearing, etc. And how come the girl gets treated like 1000 times and she only feels bad about it once or twice? And apart from her being really poor, she changes her clothes at least twice a day, and also has several pairs of pin heels in her suitcase. :D
About the actors, I liked most of them. They did a decent job, but not outstanding. Lee Min Ho was good, Koo Hye Sun was pretty good (I liked her better than HYD-s actress), Kim Hyun Joong was an eyecandy (although most of the time he had his fake smile on his face), Kim Bum was very good and Kim Joon was mediocre. If I had to compare this cast to HYD's, I'd definitely go for the latter. Simply put, they could overcome the pretty boy image and act out the characters' personalities. (And Oguri Shun's Rui is simply legendary.)
One more thing I was irritated by in this drama; the recaps. There were recap scenes right after the original ones. Who wouldn't remember what has just happened?
To summarize it, this was a pretty good drama, with lots of turns and good looking actors. At the same time I would only recommend it to those who have already seen HYD.
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Feb 1, 2012
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 3.0
I love the manga and the japanese version, i can't count how many times i have read/watched it. I actually never get tired of it! So of course i'm glad there are so many different versions. But i have to say that i didn't like BBF. I only watched it because it was eye-candy (hot actors, great music, glamourous...). I wouldn't say it's not worth watching - i don't regret it - read more but the only thing i enjoyed was the storyline... so nothing really surprising, it's got nothing to do with them, i can only thank the mangaka for that ...
Oh and i couldn't finish it. The real issue with this drama is that i wasn't convinced by their acting and the way they adapted the story at all. It's not that they're bad actors - far from that, i love them - just that something is off. I don't understand their feelings, i especially don't believe their feelings,it all seems far-fetched. Sure, it IS a drama after all. But i could really believe and understand in the japanese version, even though i hate the main actress and the actors are not that good-looking (and i don't really like shun oguri). Ok, jun matsumoto is great- guilty.
So it all comes down to this: even though everything singled out is better in BBF (hot hot hot actors!) , the result isn't that great. I didn't feel anything watching this, whereas i went through a roller coaster of emotions in HYD (much much better!)

If you don't want to watch the same story several times, please watch the japanese version. I would recommend this drama only for those who already saw the japanese version and really love it , and have some time to waste (cause let's face it, there are much better dramas).
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This drama's main lead is also Lee Min Ho. And this drama is also about a rich boy meeting a girl with charisma and eventually ending up loving her.
Both these shows are good for anyone that likes Romance and Comedy and want to see what happens after the two leads become a couple. Both as have actor Kim Hyun Joong.
Recommended by LetzzBeImmortal

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    lifewish 6 days ago

    Not liking Lee Min Ho character at all and each episode is getting less and less interesting so far... hopefully that changes.

  • Reply
    KMR 9 days ago

    Geum Jan Di's character and the way Goo Hye Soon portrayed her is what ruins this drama. Only the first 3 episodes are good. Jap version is much better, the girl is less annoying and has more common sense.

  • Reply
    Stepkdramafan226 27 days ago
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    SimbiAni Dec 29, 2014

    (note: Dec30th, just realized my cmnt from Sept26 has not been showing up for others, only me.. weird! o.o so here it is, reposted.. lol hope it stays up this time!)

    As this is just a cmt & not a full-on review (ie, don't feel like going on about all the things that were sooo wrong in this series, lool oy, that crazy writing!) can I just say..

    ~JUNDiHOO~ is my new OT3!!!

    Please, creative fans wherever you are, including those who're "just viewers" of fannish media, can you link me where to find some epic OT3-shippy artwork? Especially vids, as I'm a major fan of vidding & even altho have not been able to vid myself for years (wayyy too long, I miss it so much!), I still get many ideas so I def hope to vid this one someday.. as well as re-write it from beginning to end (that oh-so-lacking end, yes).

    OT3 meaning trio-love, happy ever after together.. it's so obvious that that was gonna be the BEST way for them to work out, lol I mean ~these hints alone were enough to bring on endless squee: JiHoo draws JunPyo, JanDi helps; JanDi makes JunPyo-cookies, JiHoo gets first bite; JiHoo makes a JanDi snowperson, which JunPyo tosses snowballs at; JunPyo makes JanDi-cookies.. now imagine the 3 of them next making pancakes together & decorating them to look like each other, buahaha too cuute!! <3

    So plz bring on the sappy OT3 fanvids (to happy, upbeat music) & rec some trio fics!


    PS. I checked Google to see if [jundihoo] has ever been used for anything else, & the results were practically non-existent, so if you or anyone kno you make fanstuffs with this trio-ship, please pass on this very unique tag so they'll be easier to find! Thanks!!

    PS2. Here, have a totally meltworthy JiHoo smile XDD

    PS3. GaEul/YiJung/WooBin = secondary OT3, just because ;P (makes sense, too!)

  • Reply
    heartbreaker17 Dec 27, 2014
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  • Reply
    bhumka sharma Dec 27, 2014

    this was my first drama of k-world and Lee min ho and i found it amazing to watch. The character and emotions of gu jun pyo shown in the series were like the boy experiencing his first love and after this series only i started to love gu jun pyo as it resembled me of my dream character i have ever imagined of. Ending was a bit abrupt but still it will always be one of my best shows ever.

  • Reply
    CmgKpop Nov 26, 2014

    Yes, it has lotsss of cliches, but somehow I didn't get annoyed at all. I really enjoyed this drama, for the most parts. The characters are really lovable and grow on you, even the secundary ones. It's a must-watch for every k-drama fan, if only because it's so emblematic.
    The ending was a bit disappointing though, a little vague :(

  • Reply
    babysmurf Nov 26, 2014

    This drama has some sort of weird addiction/disillusionment effect on people where we /know/ it's ridiculous and corny and some parts are just undeniably /bad/, but we still can't help but love it and know a part of us will always love it, no matter how much shame we feel for admitting so.

    This was the first kdrama I ever watched and my drama standards have gotten better since, but there's nothing like Boys Over Flowers. There's nothing like listening to the OST and feeling everything you felt while watching it that first time. It revolutionized dramas. It's just classic.

  • Reply
    Christy Nov 12, 2014

    This was one of my first kdramas, so it will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Reply
    choi Nov 3, 2014

    Just started watching this one, and I have now finished 2 episodes. I was kind of avoiding to start watching this because I thought I would get disapointed because this has been so popular and that oind of popular dramas tend to disapoint me pretty much always. But right now, even tho I don't wanna be the one of those who love these hit dramas over the other great not so popular ones, I like this so far. It seems a good solution to not expect anything, just watch without any thoughs and/or reading reviews. And I was prepared to Kim Hyun Joon's robotic-like acting so it's not that bad. He is just so gorgeous so maybe that'll make it up.

  • Reply
    kimnngo Sep 26, 2014

    this drama was the one that got me into k-world :))

  • Reply
    Vui256 Sep 25, 2014

    I gave it an 8 mark. Not 10 because of Hye Sun's acting, the storyline was getting kind of depressing during the last episodes...

  • Reply
    LoneLoneCho Sep 13, 2014
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  • Reply
    Carmen alexandra Sep 6, 2014

    is it just me who finds this drama too emotional ? It's hard to watch... i mean it's full of problems.. idk how to explain it but anyway... I still have the AALMOOST PAAARAAADIIISEEEE feeling or ONE MORE TIME hm hmhm.. lol yeah i'm crazy.

    • Reply
      misscalliman Dec 1, 2014

      Yes, too much drama! I mean, I love drama and all - obviously - but this was too much for me. It took me months to go through all 25 episodes.

  • Reply
    TAMAREXXE Sep 3, 2014
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