These two crime dramas both are centred around a genius and somewhat quirky scientist/doctor, who leads a team working together to solve murder cases through science and medical based investigations.
Recommended by SilverCloud
Both deal with murder mysteries and a main character who is dealing with an internal problem. Both MC's are also extremely intelligent.

God's Quiz deals with the autopsy/science side of the mysteries while Missing Noir M is the law/detective side, but both dramas are really detective dramas.

Love both!
Recommended by _summerliz
Both medical examiner drama but God's Quiz (in my opinion) is WAYYYY more developed and psychologically straining. WATCH ALL 4 SEASONS you will not regret. Similarly starts off with individual crimes with an overarching theme. 10/10 would recommend.
Recommended by Jiongnan
One of four seasons, this is a Korean medical drama that I would definitely recommend if you like the crim aspect of Bitter Blood! While God's Quiz is focused on strange diseases to solve crime, it is also largely centred around a dark past for one of the main characters. While it has less comedy than Bitter Blood it is still a great watch!
Recommended by mollymay5000
Although from two different countries, the feel is much the same; both crime mysteries that involve geniuses and a hint of romance. God's Quiz is more medical and main character mystery based, but they both have that amazing plot intrigue and touch of romance (though Subete ga F ni naru's romance feels a bit deeper over the course of the show). If you liked one you'll def. like the other :)
Recommended by Chibiface22
Both include a type of scientist accompanied by detectives who solve cases together.
Recommended by filovedrama
Similar in the sense that both dramas try to figure out who is the person committing the crimes just through clues and the crime scene. :)
Recommended by ayeaye2011
Its similar in the sense of crime scenes being solved mostly by the main lead AND the dark and mysterious background of the main character as well. although its a different approach the concept is more or less the same. The leads in both dramas are also highly intelligent. If you loved Vampire prosecutor you'll love this too!
Recommended by ayeaye2011
This is the first season of God's Quiz.
Season 1 is more difficult to understand because you don't get extra subtitle or anything about the special illness.
Recommended by big25613
God's Quiz

Alternative Titles

  • Native title:

    신의 퀴즈
  • Also Known as:

    Shin-ui Quiz ; Shinui Quiz ; Shinui Quijeu ;


  • Country:

    South Korea
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  • Episodes:

  • Aired:

    Oct 8, 2010 to Dec 10, 2010
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  • Duration:

    60 min.


  • Score:

    8.4 (scored by 1,433 users)
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