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Rooftop Prince Episode 1

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The story opens up in the Joseon era when the crown prince (Yoochun) is looking for his wife. Then, they go to the past and show the main characters younger selves in both times (Joseon era and modern times). This episode does a lot of switching between the Joseon era and Seoul (modern times). Mysteries and schemes happen in both times. The "Joseon Four" gather. The Crown Prince and his men time travel to the modern days.

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  • Aired: March 21, 2012

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Rooftop Prince Episode 1 Reviews

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Mar 27, 2016

Save the princess, save the world.

Sorry I couldn't resist.

A very promising start! I enjoyed that this episode started off with two murders, and wonder if those killed will stay dead. Or perhaps the time travel moon will alter things . . . or . . .the possibilities are endless!

I enjoyed seeing how the past and present timelines wove stories for the people. Though I think it would be more interesting if the villains and good guys switched around for each period.

Overall this looks pretty good, except for the action sequences. I think they decided to put more effort into the time traveling scenes.

The cast is fun and so far I think the actors can definitely act. The leads are all great. Jung Yoo Mi as Hong Se Na / Hwa Yong makes a crafty villain. I'm most excited to see how the writing weaves her story. Especially as to what happens in the past. Park Yoo Chun is a convincing prince and a savvy modern dude. Han Ji Min is a new to me actress but I already love the quirky warmth she's bringing to the modern day Park Ha. Plus, she doesn't do to bad acting with her eyes when she's wearing that veil as Boo Yong from the past.

The idea that the show will probably evolve around solving the Princesses' murder is an interesting concept. Though I wonder how the Prince will solve it while in the future? It was seamless watching the two time periods work their separate stories and then merge together in the present. I'm wondering if the past will be "on hold" or if we'll see it still continuing on. With the Prince assumed dead? There are so many possibilities with this show. I can see some obvious plot threads to take, but overall I enjoy that there's many mysteries left to solve.

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Dec 4, 2012

Not what I was expecting ..

but I enjoyed it. Micky Yoochun conveyed much more emotion in this one episode then in all of Sungkyunkwan Scandal. I'm looking forward to see how much he's improved.
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Aug 7, 2012

Looking good!

I watched the first episode because of Yoochun and my love for him after watching Sungkyungkwan Scandal. He didn't really have much expression there so watching this one was a surprise. His smile is quite pretty ^^
The first episode has already made a great impression on me as most of the historical parts were really beautiful. I liked the music as well. The two different stories/settings was unique since I haven't seen any other drama do this before (haven't watched much drama hehe)
The past of the two girls was quite sad.. The evil sister and little child played their roles VERY well. :)
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Aug 3, 2012

a very good start

Right from the first episode the viwers get to know the main characters and the relationships between them. The past and the future are well depicted and they reveal the character of each person, which conserves over the centuries.
Travelling into the future the prince and his 3 "right hands" are amazed of how the world has changed and that sets a veil of humor over the action.
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Jul 24, 2012

All over the place

If I saw the first episode before reading all the reviews about how amazing and funny this drama is, I would've dropped it after the first 15 minutes. THANK GOD for the reviews! You couldn't tell from this episode that it will actually be a comedy show. Let's say the dramatic parts weren't that bad, I could take them, but the order of the scenes was awful! As if the story wasn't difficult enough to understand, they mixed the scenes too! @[email protected] I had a hard time understanding exactly who did what to whom and why and who got where and how my goodness this is tangled!
Firstly, I didn't know this will revolve around 2 sisters, I had a completely different expectation. I hope they won't turn this into an over-the-top melodrama. And secondly, I didn't know it will have that much backstory. So there's probably some drama to expect as well later on...
I'm gonna keep on watching because I'm really curious to see the comedy everyone's talking about.

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May 4, 2012

Absolutely amazing start..

I think it's the best first episode for a while. It starts off very strongly from the first scenes. I'm absolutely watching this. I compared it with Queen In Hyun's man, as I'm watching that also and I would say that as the storyline seems to be based on a similar story, they're very different. For now I like Rooftop Prince more, (but they both seem to be good ;) )
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Apr 22, 2012

ridiculous, in a good way.

I like watching the parallel story lines. I love not being able to predict what's going on. I already love to hate the evil sister. I love the fabulous 4 out to solve a mystery, and the crazy ending.

I already can't wait to see what happens next, and what new parts of the mysterious past will be revealed.

What a great start!
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Mar 31, 2012

Random again

So I'm still trying to figure out what to make of this show. In the historical part: was the king really in love with the princess or was he really in love with the sister? What happened to Boo Yong after her sister died? In the modern part: What happened to the original guy, how did she end up in the US? Still I'll continue watching this for now
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Mar 30, 2012

I'm in!!!

I knew going in that the King would time jump but I got so in to the historical part that I completely forgot and was slightly disappointed when it occured. But it sure was funny and the present day Park Ha/Bu Yong is so much more fierce which makes me believe that there's no way she'll let her love be taken away a second time by her horribly evil step-sister. I thought she was bad in the past when she burned ger sister's cheek but present day her is so much worse. Weird-messed-up-time-jump-love FIGHTING!!!!
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Mar 26, 2012

Off to a nice start!

I have seen the teasers before and thought this show wouldn't surprise me anymore, I already knew the premise and stuff.

Well now, what a pleasant surprise! I like the parallel stories and shifts between past and present.

Yoochun was another surprise. He showed a different set of emotions I didn't see in SKKS.

EDIT: I'm moving this up the scale primarily because as the story develops, I find myself going back to Episode 1 more and more. The premises here are needed in the future.
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Mar 26, 2012

An Excellent Start!

This drama has a very endearing beginning! Unlike other dramas Rooftop Prince is not plagued by lots of flashbacks. It's a bit fast-paced, but very funny and the you get a good sense of the characters in the small 1 hr.
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Mar 25, 2012

to the future!!!

ah~ I missed YooChun sooo much!!!
I recently read somewhere that some people say he's not a good actor... well, if he's not good... I don't know who is...
He did GREAT in the first episode, and will do better in the future, I'm sure!
The elder sister creeps me out...
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Mar 25, 2012

Not sure...

Before the drama started, I wasn't sure if I was going to watch it since I'm not a Yoochun and I am not a fan of his acting, if what I saw in SS could even be called that.

I wasn't 100% in love with this episode. I thought the Joseon era scenes were stronger than the makjang like (and not in a good way) scenes of the modern times. Although, Yoochun's acting did seem to have improved a little.
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Mar 25, 2012

Set The Stage: The Filler

Ep 1 wasn't full of humor, or crazy drama, yet it was there to be the filler episode; the episode that sets the stage for all that is going to happen throughout the season. We were introduced to the characters, and their background stories a bit, and if there wasn't a filler episode, I'm sure we would all be confused about what is going on. So, although ep 1 wasn't the greatest it was needed so the rest of the episodes could become the greatest.
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