Sealed With A Kiss

Sealed With A Kiss (2011)

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This is a story about the complicated life of Tong Xue, a young interior designer with a hidden secret life, living as an outcast mistress of Mo Shao Qian, a successful businessman who accommodated her with luxury living, showered her with expensive gifts, but also tortured her in a brutally battled love.
She always feared him, wishing and planning for the day, when she escapes away from his empowering claws. However the read moremoment he finally released her, it was too late for her to run free.

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Bad boys, tear jearkers, and hanboks... Oh My! We have some definite posers this month.

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Oct 17, 2014
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.5
  • Rewatch Value 7.5
Love blooming out of vengeance. I am pretty sure a lot of us perversely like it more than love out of friendship because it seems pure enough to wash away the hate.

Thai lakorns try this theme pretty often they have a separate genre for it callled slap kiss lakorn but they almost never get it right. The key is the cast not the story. That is why I often prefer to read more read books of the genre rather than watching the drama.

In this show the lead is both the protagonist and the antagonist but you fall in love with despite his many faults or cruelities.

the show is worth watching just for that. Hawick is already stretching to 40 but what shows his age is the acting rather than his face.

The female lead is convincing in her naivety. Some might find that irritating but it is more believable for a clever person wouldn't be so easily misled.

Overall the chemistry is great and for those of you who want the right ending don't watch the last episode instead read the epilogue of the novel.
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Dec 26, 2012
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
I can't quite remember what made me want to watch this particular drama, despite it being quite lengthy, but what I so vividly recall was the feeling that lingered for awhile after having watched the drama. I still remember the pain of being misunderstood. What this drama made me realize was that sometimes we realize things once they're gone, and that truth is powerful. The importance of saying what's on one's mind read more and just being true, and how scary a person becomes when one chooses not to let go because of utter fear. The lack of courage, now that I'm typing about it, is what this drama emphasizes.

What I liked about the drama is that it was refreshing and very scandalous, dark, unlike the usual mainstream dramas. It got me hooked because it was dark, realistically dark, the chemistry of the main leads was awesome, and no matter what the guy did I could never seem to hate him too much to stop watching it. The Love was twisted, at certain angles pure, but truly deep. Heartbreaking but amazing!

I know a lot might resist watching it because certainly one would have to cry and get attached but that's the beauty of this drama. That is what makes it so good, the journey that both the characters had to go through, and the complicated misunderstanding, one after another, that when we're left to uncover each one, we get to see the real characters, why they acted the way they did.

So I dare you to take leap of Faith and try this drama.
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Both drama has a possessive and abusive male lead.
(Mo Shaoqian) from SWAK Is a little kind towered the female lead and (Kawee) from SB is just very very cruel another thing is that the female lead in SB Is stronger than the other from SWAK Who`s naive and weak.
Recommended by Nadoosha
they give the same feeling. Though for SWAK, the drama could be heavier than for Boss & me (since Boss and Me have more fluffiness). Well, the main male leads are similar. They are both rich, handsome, and quiet. Both of the main character's relationship stems from something and that's how the guy keeps the female lead close to him.
Recommended by lifedreamerm

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  • Edit
    6 days ago

    If youlike the drama don't watch the sequel

  • Reply
    SprinkledPink 6 days ago

    This drama...yikes. At least Sawan Biang had great acting to back it up.

  • Reply
    Maria tran 21 days ago

    I don't know why, but for me Ying Er's face just annoying. The reason I saw the drama till the end, was because of Lau Hawick.

  • Reply
    Char Lee Jul 31, 2015

    Good job Hawick, for delivering a combination of good and bad character all the way. I stayed tune all the way just because of you. I did not quite like the ending part though.

  • Reply
    Annalisse Jul 30, 2015

    This was all kinds of awesomeness, but because of the ending I could only give it a 9. Other than that I loved it. I do love to hate a good villain ;-)

  • Reply
    taliazlamb1 Jul 15, 2015

    I love it !!

    • Reply
      Bumble Bee Jul 30, 2015

      Can you tell me if its a happy ending or sad? How was the ending? I want to know before wasting my time on bad endings. :/ Thankss

    • Reply
      WhiteCloud Jul 30, 2015

      you'll miss the excellent acting and script

    • Reply
      Bumble Bee Jul 30, 2015

      I was half way through the drama and I saw many bad comments about the ending so I just skipped to the ending to see how it was. If it was good I would continue watching it, but its not then i wouldn't. Sadly, I definitely hate the ending. Like everyone said, it was a horrible way to end this drama. I wish they would follow how the novel was. I liked this drama, but the ending must retake!!!!!!!! ><"

  • Reply
    blaccstar Jul 6, 2015

    I watched it because of hawick

  • Reply
    Anne Boon May 14, 2015

    This drama is really awesome. No wonder China reviewed that Hawick was the sole person that carried the whole drama. He delivered his character Mo Shaoqian so well. But I did find Tong Xue a bit annoying at times.

  • Reply
    Fansugirl Apr 29, 2015

    I must say Hawick who portrays Mo Shaoqian adds alot of values for the character. He plays it really well, which makes the drama alot better.

  • Reply
    WinterGale Feb 25, 2015

    I dont know why the ending satisfies me a lot.

  • Reply
    Trisse Jan 28, 2015

    Does anyone happen to know where you can download SWAK with eng subs? I know it's on youtube, but the quality is pretty bad :/

  • Reply
    abracadabra Nov 26, 2014

    It was a very good drama though the story plot dragged from time to time. But, what I like the most in this show, are the various characters and the pointed fact that there is no absolutly good or absolutely evil human being in this world, no black or white souls, we all are somewhere between...

  • Reply
    iamsarah Nov 16, 2014

    This drama was a waste of my precious time. I don't know why I watched it and I watched it from beginning to end without fast forwarding it. The actors were good but the story was not and unrealistic no one is as selfless and stupid and naive as the main female lead. I also hate the male lead he was a worthless piece of shit who harmed an innocent girl because of her father. Like what is this feudal era. This drama was ridiculous and the ending was like WHY?! This drama was true B.S I reccomend it for no one.

    • Reply
      nunualaoui Apr 13, 2015

      Agreeeee .. why why do they have to end this drama like this ? I mean I really liked this drama .. but unfortunately the ending was just disgusting and a waste of time ! SO ANGRY !!

    • Reply
      rainruma Apr 26, 2015
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      nunualaoui May 4, 2015

      Really ? Thanks rainruma for sharing with me this happy ending !

  • Reply
    meganjoy12 Oct 11, 2014

    Im already having withdrawals god I love this drama ...Seriously great intense addictive story and an amazing male lead (both character and actor)! But man i really didnt like the female lead's character Tong Xue (until the very end of the series) and the actress who played her was just horrible.

    But even though i didnt really like her, the series was still a 10.

    • Reply
      nomore Oct 17, 2014

      I think thats just coz you liked the male lead and didn't like her for feeling the same way as you eh!!

  • Reply
    WhiteCloud Sep 11, 2014

    Glad that I had watched this awesome drama.


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