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Lee Jeok Yo is a highly respected national poet in his 70s. His thirtysomething assistant Seo Ji Woo has recently published his first book, described as a genre novel with psychological insight, and it has shot to the top of the bestseller lists. Only later will it be clear how great his debt is to the poet laureate. On finding a young high school girl, Eun Gyo, asleep on a chair on read morehis porch, Jeok Yo is instantly enamored and rather than chastising her for breaking into his property, he subsequently agrees to give her a part-time job cleaning his home. As Jeok Yo spends more time in Eun Gyo's company, long-lost feelings are awakened within him, and her exuberance, lust for life, sense of fun and genuine warmth towards him quickly strip the years away in his mind.
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Jan 20, 2016
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.5
Probably many of those curious about this film are snooping around this review because of some morbid curiosity about the relationship between one 70-year-old man and a student of 17. You want to know how it goes? Well, I'll tell you that it's not so much that kind of film, there are inevitably parts with some sexual charge, but in my case, what I felt after two hours was a sensation of read more beauty, spontaneity and, ironically, purity.

Of course the premise is as good as controversial: two men who after an hour of film are attracted to a high school student, one more than the other. However, contrary to my expectations, the strongest reason to fight is not the girl but the literary talent of both men. Nevertheless, Eungyo does play an important role, because she is the straw that broke the camel's back (red ink involved, I warn you). And that's very interesting, although a little disconcerting if you expect a film with a strong erotic charge. What this story does have, and is meritorious, is a tour through very realistic and human feelings and doubts.
(Also, brace yourself for some graphic sex scenes)

To be honest, nothing to say "Hats off to you", but I understand why Go Eun received many awards for Best New Actress, I've seen this movie before "Cheese in the trap" (maybe a bad idea) because I wanted to know the actress, and I have to tell you that the girl's talent itself is obvious. Also, Park Hae Il is notable for his portrayal of an old man when he is not old at all.

In conclusion, in my humble opinion, the highlights of this film are the beautiful framings, the morbid-pure relationship between the old man and the student, the obvious talent and beauty of Go Eun, and that the bad things do not happen to whom you imagine (something I enjoyed).
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Jan 23, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Beautifully filmed and well written.

I was really surprised after watching this movie because I didn't expect much. I thought I would just skim through it and be like meh but ended up watching the whole thing and even liking it!

First of all, acting is pretty good, these people know what they are doing. All characters are well written, lovable and hateful in their own ways. But I am a little read more bit disappointed with the screenwriting in general. I didn't expect this movie to be so black and white about the moral codes.

One of the messages is that love is timeless. I like that message the most. An old man wishing he was young again so he could love freely. It's pretty sad if you ask me, that just because he is old it's wrong to have those beautiful feelings. So he pours those feelings into a beautiful poem which, unfortunately, gets stolen by his student. It's as if his feelings got stolen and sold, disgraced. And as if that wasn't enough the student also steals the purity of EunGyo. He pretty much tramples Juk Yo's heart, smashes it into a miserable paddle. I don't know, what he does is like peeing on his teacher's face after receiving all the teaching and then stealing the rest what he could. He gets totally swallowed by greed. No wonder Juk Yo retaliates in the end, I'm not sure if he really hoped for such a thing happen in the end or if he just wanted to scare Ji Woo a bit. I don't know, but I kind of feel for him. I mean he got old, lost his glory (to Ji Woo), lost everything and then he realized that he wasn't even allowed to love because that would be simply wrong. If I was him I would wonder about it too. I mean, it's love. And well, Juk Yo wasn't even asking for much, he just enjoyed her presence and the innocence. He was probably reminded of his own youth and all that...

I actually enjoyed Ji Woo's and EunGyo's interactions. I liked it how Ji Woo was annoyed by how easily EunGyo managed get on Juk Yo's good side. He constantly listened to her and allowed he to do whatever she wanted while being extremely strict with Ji Woo. As I watched Ji Woo and Eun Gyo together I was waiting for some kind of atonement for JI Woo's character. That maybe her innocence would touch his heart too and make him view things in different light. But instead, she only turned these two men against each other. Love can be ugly too. It was clear why Ji Woo couldn't write as beautifully as Juk Yo, because his spirit was confined within the society's norms and he wasn't able to break free. Too many superficial things mattered to him while Juk Yo, well he was just a poet who loved writing, that's all.

In a way, I think Ji Woo was a really sad character too, completely trapped. He struggled to get free but he was too petty and close-minded, ambitious without the talent. Juk Yo was trapped too but, at least, he had an open mind. I don't think Ji Woo cared about EunGyo on the emotional level, he might have been lonely, he definitely was and probably smitten by the poem too. He tried to live it but... how can you live the beauty of timeless love without feeling it? Maybe Juk Yo knew it, that what he write could never be lived because once the purity is lost it's lost forever.
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    leesara 3 days ago - edited

    This movie is not something dirty to be avoided and it definitely is not porn. There is zero sex between a high school student and a 70 year old man either.
    If you are a fan of Kim Go Eun, definitely watch it because she does an amazing job.

  • Reply
    Veronica 5 days ago

    Why did yall enjoy this? All it was about was two old men's gross obsession with a high school student. Even the younger guy was too old for her. I'm sick.

  • Reply
    HamelinSong Dec 16, 2016

    An unsophisticated yet elegant story. I enjoyed it!

  • Reply
    VioletSakura Dec 10, 2016 - edited

    I didn't think I could love Kim Go-Eun more, but after this movie, I see her in a whole new light... such a talented young actress. And Park Hae-Il... wow... his eyes are forever in my heart!
    This movie is poetry like the life of the old writer in the movie... simply a beautiful poem describing pure feelings of a man to a woman... forget about the age, look with your heart and not eyes... like when reading a poem...

  • Reply
    Camellia Dec 9, 2016 - edited

    OMG... This movie tainted the image I had of Kim Go Eun. It's just like, knowing Song Ji Hyo from RM, then found out she did... stuff... in one of her movie. But this is worse. Cause Kim Go Eun was so freaking young when she did this movie!! Even other actresses had some age on them when they did the same thing. *sigh* T_T

    Anyway, about this movie. Let me summarize what you'll be viewing.
    First, it started innocently. Then, slowly but surely, it became porn. Then, it became a psychotic love & war, a messed up revenge love story. After that, it became a tragedy. Finally, it ended with a solemn goodbye.

    Honestly, at one point, this movie did made me think. In a standard society, a 70 y/o man lusting over a 17 y/o girl, is weird and immoral.
    Then again, I kinda do understand him though. I imagine myself being a lonely, old woman. Never been married before. A part of me hates the fact that I feel so old, and I miss the days when I was young. Then, suddenly a good looking, friendly, youthful teenager appears and he makes me feel young again. And I fall in love with him through that feeling. Is it wrong of me to feel that way?

    Call me a weirdo, but I don't hate the old man. Only because he didn't forced himself unto the girl. He didn't even jerked off while thinking of her. Instead, he made a literature out of it.

    Also, I understand why people describe this movie as beautiful. The reason is because, they portrayed something that in our mind is considered as disgusting, in such a beautiful way. Although I don't really fully agree, I get it.

    There are so many other things I'd like to write down about this movie. It made me think about aging, love and desires. All in all, I'm seriously upset that I watched this movie cause I freaking adore Kim Go Eun. ARGH!!!

  • Reply
    mei-255 Dec 6, 2016

    I don't quite know how to feel about this movie..

  • Reply
    mini Oct 8, 2016

    It wasn't good. It did well job on normalizing pedophilia though.

  • Reply
    MoonlightSin Sep 5, 2016 - edited

    People are saying it was good, but.. I don't know. I found it strange. It was entertaining, but it wasn't really that captivating. People are saying it was beautiful, but in my perspective, I didn't really find the word "beautiful" any way in this film. I don't want to say I found the film "weird" either, cause it's not detailed in a good manner, but in my view, I understood the plot, but it wasn't a "good' plot. It was more of a, "Why was this film even created?" to me. I didn't find it sad either, but rather a bit irritating from the girls actions. They needed a bit more back story between the 30 yr guy and the 17 yr old cause it was just a mess for me.I wouldn't give it the lowest score nor the highest. If you want to watch it, I say go for it.

  • Reply
    Chocobana Jun 2, 2016

    So, so sad. This movie made me feel so much.

  • Reply
    Liliino Feb 28, 2016

    Good movie with great actors.

  • Reply
    WinterGale Feb 3, 2016

    I hate how it ends... heartbreaking but highly recommended.

  • Reply
    Sora Dec 14, 2015

    This is kinda weird

  • Reply
    jxsilicon9 Aug 8, 2015
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    eiyaah Jul 26, 2015 - edited

    where can i watch this? plz tnx !!!!

  • Reply
    Jacqueline Sep 5, 2014 - edited

    Can anyone tell me how this ends?

    With as unique and interesting as the plot is, I'm expecting this to end rather sadly/depressing. I DO want the ending spoiled for me, so I can be prepared and enjoy watching the film braced for how it will end.

    • Reply
      Fillers Nov 21, 2014
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Jacqueline Nov 21, 2014
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Blademan2 Sep 22, 2016
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    • Reply
      Fillers Sep 23, 2016 - edited
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      Blademan2 Sep 23, 2016
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