The Kirishima Thing

The Kirishima Thing (2012)

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"Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo" tells the story of two high school students who crosses social boundaries between the elite and lower class at their school. Maeda Ryoya, from the lower class, is a member of the film club, while Kikuchi Hiroki, from the elite class, is a non-participating member of the high school baseball team.

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    Kirishima, Bukatsu Yamerutteyo;

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Oct 16, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
If there are only two super-wonderkid movies (those coming-of-age shows that accomplish technical-wise and impact-wise feats), this show must be either in the first or second spot. The other one, I guess...Battle Royale? Cut the crap, gotta begin the review.

I see why this movie is rated so badly in international fandom. Fans and even critics alike ripped this drama apart for its very unorthodox approach to the story and characters. And read more it IS really different to other shows at the same traits. Well, the makers of the movie actually took risky path anyone has refused to do, while it can be done in more mainstream way but it didn't. Yet, it appears to be very successful in terms of technical merit and the fact it won prestigious awards proves that this show is actually irrefutably good.

If you had watched Vantage Point or any kinda shows like that, you will easily notice that both shows do a number of point of views. In Kirishima Bukatsu Yameteruyo, they are a movie geek, a girl who can't make her mind, Kirishima's best friend, timid girl, bitchy girl, etc. The title-mentioned Kirishima itself disappears and practically never shows up. It is the aforementioned characters with their own point of views who are affected and exhibit subsequent changes due to the disappearance. Yes the plot is actually pretty straight without shocking twists, but if you watch in-depth, down to the character's gestures, you'll find revelations after revelations that even if they do not give you a very clear picture of the ending, you will know what would happen next.

It should be noted that the character developments are the main point of this movie and they are handled in masterful manner. I personally think the directing is a masterclass and so is the acting. What makes me surprised is, aside of some well-known former child actors like Kamiki and Suzuka Ohgo as well as acting prodigy Ai Hashimoto, most of the casts are no-name young actors, some even just begin their acting careers. The acting level in the movie is so even but very good, not a single actor displays stark stand-out or being weak spot. If I could name a single actor who plays the best, perhaps it's Higashide (the big guy) and I surprised because this lad is already 24-25 years old at the time of the filming and he plays an 18 years old boy. Not only for that, he plays Hiroki who is Kirishima's best friend (hence he is the most influenced one) with depth and heart. This lad, as the rest of the young casts, has a very bright future in acting world.

BTW, the song played with the ending credit is incredible and passionate, as well as fits the movie very well. The back sound during the "brawl" is also deserves thumbs up.

This shows may not be for everyone and even I have to watch it 2 times to research the details and depth. But it's worth trying and watching and I declare this one as one of my all-time favorite.
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Oct 10, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
This movie is just awesome.
The story is not an outstanding one, without any action scene and a plot-twist. It is a brilliant coming-of-age movie and shows perfectly which impact the disappearance of a guy, named Kirishima, on people has, directly and implicitly. The character development was the center of the movie .

I like the cast , these are the most talented young actors I've seen over the last years, especially read more Kimiki Ryunosuke and Higashide Masahiro. These two stood out. Kimiki Ryunosuke did such an outstanding performance.
Higashide Masahiro did a wonderful job too. His character Hiroki was for me the personification of the movie, he had the biggest development, and the way how Masahiro portrayed this was distinguished . These two young actors have a bright future..
But the rest of the cast was awesome too.
I think it is the best cast in a high-school movie.

The music. I loved the music, the combination of classic music and "alternative"-music was just great. The credit-song "The Sun also Rises" by Takahashi Yu, is very beautiful and the musical interpretation of the movie,

It's not a movie which you can't watch it a second time because you will know what will happen.I think you have to watch the movie many times , it will help you to understand the meaning of the movie and you will discover every time something new .

Overall this movie is just a masterpiece in the Japanese movie industry. Many people don't like it, because it is a bit hard to understand and not everybody's favorite kind of movie.
Although the movie was put in a high school-setting, I think this movie is about life, about the changes in your life and what it means to grow up. Even if you're a adult you can relate to this. If you're having a hard time, this movie is a great help.
And another topic is the social hierarchy in school which is easily found in our society too.
Another reason why I love the movie was the ending scene , when everybody was on the roof. The ending was just awesome and one of the greatest scene I've ever seen.
Great cinematography, screenplay and editing. And the director was brilliant.
A True Masterpiece.
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- A centre of attention student is missing
- Chaos from both inside the group and the whole school
- SHE have a clear conclusion than Kirishima thou
- Have Mayu on both
Recommended by blueribbon
Very different films at first glance, though one reminds me of the other. Both of them are not mainstream, blue spring being very violent and kirishima messing with the story line a bit. What they have in common is the portrayal of young people being locked up in a neat and little world called high school and looking to the outside world, thinking, what the heck am I gonna do. What is it that I want to do. And does it even matter.
In addition, both have terrific soundtrack.
Recommended by hela

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    Naam May 19, 2017

    I couldn't understand what this movie was about.
    It felt like a giant sudoku, which I had no energy to try to solve.
    I certainly won't watch this movie again, not even for Kamiki.

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    kenzo_jurippe May 2, 2017

    This film is sucks.. That's it

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    SecondLeadQueen Aug 8, 2016 - edited

    I sincerely can't understand why it has great reviews.
    I thought the plot was all over the place. It gave me a documentary feeling.
    They should of based it on only Kirishima. we only saw clips of a few high school kids wondering where another guy was and others crush stalking. Some reviews made it sound like it was inspiring can I ask how?
    I wish they would of gone more into the problems they were having.

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    PEACEFUL Apr 14, 2016

    All my confusion about the one scene dissipated quickly, because with my level of concentration, I could only be confused about why this has a rating of "6.9"... Which is not bad, right, but how could it follow this film? ...

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    Moni Mar 28, 2016

    I was so confused throughout the movie...

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    OMGitsSASUSAKU Jan 27, 2016 - edited

    I wonder why I didn't watch it sooner!! Amazing film with brilliant young actors. Nothing really happened,yet I was so moved by the characters,they felt so real-it really made my heart hurt.I felt like crying by the end of the movie and Ι just can't get it out of my head.

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    So I just watched this movie for the third time, and I absolutely love it!
    I myself study abroad in Japan at the moment and my Japanese finally got good enough to watch it without subtitles. I would have to say that the subs are flawed in quite some ways, some things, to me, seem straight up wrong and confusing.
    In the end it's about what the absence of a person can mean for everybody else.
    Culture wise it is important to know that club activities are often the center of life for students in High School and university.

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    BlackZen May 27, 2015 - edited

    Its unique and the cinematography confuses me whether I find it good or not . I only enjoy some of the scenes but still it introduces me to the other actors^^

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    SpadeZero Mar 3, 2015 - edited

    Even though it's been a while but can someone srsly post a link for the subbed version...i've been looking for it but i've only found raw and I only know bits and bobs of japanese post a link..onegai desu >.<

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    LeejLicious Oct 22, 2013

    How they made the movie (they filmed it on every ones p.o.v.) was very unique.
    But the story omo.. I didn't get it at all, so I dropped this, it was so confusing!

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    stormy Oct 17, 2013

    this was weird and confusing XD

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    lontongstroong Sep 3, 2013

    Brilliant screenplay, acting, storytelling, and cinematography. Not everyone's cup of tea, though.

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    Totalt Jun 24, 2013

    I was kind of waiting for a bromance...
    Although it was kind of weird I liked the end ^__^ and it was interesting to get to see the same thing from different perspectives :)

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    irisixora May 26, 2013

    what a confusing just like 3 plot in one movie..

  • Reply
    elixir May 6, 2013 - edited

    it was so confusing and the point of view was just strange. Its my first time watching a movie like this so maybe... idek.

    Didnt really enjoy the confusion lol

    • Reply
      nana858 May 23, 2013

      Well, I had to read the plot to figure out. Here is the spoiler or the summary:

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      nana858 May 23, 2013
      Reveal Spoiler »
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      Reveal Spoiler »
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      Also in general, people in the movie often talk about what the actual point of what they are doing right now is. That doesn't appear as clearly in the subtitles as it does in the original Japanese lines.
      Hiroki for example in the end asks the baseball club guy why he is even fighting so hard, the scout of the pro teams still hasn't come, and the guy is just like "well, i don't know, maybe he'll still come! So, for now... until the next match... yeah" He doesn't really know either but doesn't question it.
      It is probably confusing to watch this movie without at least some insight into Japanese culture (and no, watching all the shonen anime doesn't count =D ).

    • Reply
      nana858 Jul 16, 2015

      Actually, I didn't get to watch with subtitle because at that time, I couldn't find the subtitle version so I was really confused. I feel good Japanese have indirect insights, but I just couldn't figure it out. I think I am getting the hang of Japanese society since I just finish my minor in Japanese.


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