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Good Luck!! (2003)

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Having achieved his life-long dream of being a pilot, Hajime is first officer on an international jetliner and is now working to become a captain. He can't seem to please Captain Koda, who has become an exacting taskmaster since an air incident many years ago. To complicate matters, he begins a relationship with stubborn and straight-talking mechanic, Ayumi, whose parents died many years ago in the plane crash for which Captain Koda read morefeels he is responsible. What follows is a story of 21st century love, dreams, and passion.

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Sep 21, 2012
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
First, I have a question: Do you ever have that mood, when you're trying a bunch of different and good dramas, and you can't watch even a 1/3 of episode, and none of them stands out. And then you find it, a GEM, you put the drama on and you know: THIS IS IT! And then you can't stop watching until you end it in a marathon? Well, because it happened to read more me yesterday with this drama... I'm still recovering...

Why is it worth a perfect score?

Story: I love this kind of stories. It's a story about people who have a very responsible and demanding job, who love that job and practically live for it. It's a really motivating drama, makes you wanna find your dream profession, pursue it and then do something meaningful in your life. The drama does not drag at any moment(well the beauty of jdramas- they have only 9-11 episodes and you're left wanting more). There is also a love story, though not a heart-wrecking romance as somebody observed, but as it normally happens - you meet someone you like, so you want to be with them and you wish all the best for them. There is also a great bromance,heart-warming family(Shinkai dad-GREAT!)and random hilarity (the girl next door-LOL) in it as well. Generally, all of the characters were very well crafted and you want to know more about them.

Cast: It's Kimutaku in his prime - with his boyish charm and in uniform ^_^. But all the cast members were great and their characters were complex and interesting.

Music: As it didn't attract my attention at all, I have nothing to say about it.

Rewatch: I already want to rewatch! Actually I even did a bit- the best scenes.. ;)

This drama is really outstanding in my opinion, so I highly recommend it.
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Sep 15, 2013
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
This is one of shows that sparked my enthusiasm towards anything related to air travel and commercial aviation. And still is. Good Luck is one of those very rare well-written, well-acted, and realistic aviation-related shows. Well, actually few details are not that accurate, but they are just little nuisances among the greatness of this show.

I like the way its scriptwriter measures various contents in Good Luck!! because they are well-balanced. Most read more of the story lines are revolves around the career of Shinkai. Every details and his job in the airlines (such as safety, seniority, check lists, training, and even periodic medical check-up) are portrayed very well. It's not suprising that this big-budget drama is supported by a premium airlines in Japan, All Nippon Airlines, so it didn't fail its expectation. Not only the pilot's everyday life, but his relation with fellow pilots, family, girlfriend, and neighbor are amusing as well. It's all natural and very realistic. Some anticlimax near the end may have deducting the overall points of this drama, but that's not a great deal.

Perhaps what bring this drama into life are the actors portraying the characters, particularly Kimura as young first officer (one rank below captain) Shinkai and Tsutsumi (my personal favorite actor) as Captain Koda. While Kimura plays his usual style, Tsutsumi stole the limelight with his superb acting and depth. The supporting casts play well too, while the actress playing the veteran flight attendant Togashi deserves honorable mention. Even some actors who are not known for their acting prowess play well here.

Last but not least, this solid drama may make you turned into an aviation enthusiast like I was. If it's not, at least you will be entertained along the show.
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Both are life dramas focusing on aviation. Both focus on character growth and romance is not the center of the story.
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Both are funny and the stories are about the airline industry. Although Good Luck is mainly regarding a Co-Pilot and Attention Please is regarding a Cabin Attendant.
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  • Reply
    memoryofthewind Dec 30, 2016

    kimu taku is definitely a good kisser...

  • Reply
    desertbanshee Feb 8, 2016 - edited

    I'm not sure what triangle the previous poster means, there was no triangle to speak of, that being said, this was a moving story, Kimutaku❤ was as handsome as ever in his pilot's suit, and I really enjoyed the whole drama.

    • Reply
      jak 11 days ago

      Blademan gets butthurt anytime the romance isn't pure fluff.

  • Reply
    Blademan2 Aug 19, 2015

    Had it not been for the added despicable trash triangle, this would have been a masterpiece of a drama. So sad they had to cheapen it with that crap. Because of the could have done without triangle, I could only give this an 8 outta 10. There's no need for such kinds of trash, what a way to cheapen an otherwise beautiful story. :'(((

  • Reply
    Chester Payne Jul 8, 2015

    The dynamic between Kimura Takuya and Shibasaki Kou was awesome in this. The way they both tentatively became closer as the series goes on was great; both characters were awkward in the funniest ways. The relationship between their characters is my favorite part of this drama.

  • Reply
    emmsssyyyy Apr 6, 2015

    great drama, i love it. been hearing about kimutaku since i was little but i have never understand why people like him so much. Not that i ever watched his drama though. but after watching this one I can understand. The main couple's interactions were also cute :)

    Captain Koda is a great character. I'm glad he can move on from the past and even the accident.

  • Reply
    contedecygne Jan 20, 2015

    This is not your usual drama; it's a deep, sincere story of pursuing your dreams and letting go of the past. The last few episodes are especially beautiful.
    The realistic background and characters make the drama even more powerful.

  • Reply
    Schnarf Dec 15, 2014

    my nigga takenaka naoto was the star of this show

  • Reply
    jagasthesecond Dec 6, 2014 - edited

    the ending song, "ride on time" by yamashita tatsuro, is so cool!

  • Reply
    Sakura19 Jan 11, 2014

    Awesome drama!! :-) Kimura Takuya !! <3

  • Reply
    darkangel662008 Dec 13, 2012

    Super love this drama...Kimura has this charm, a magic that bond the viewers to love him:)

  • Reply
    zu_ai_grusz Aug 14, 2012

    This is a drama with some serious undertones yet combined with both zappy and insightful dialogues. It is meaningful in demonstrating personal aspirations, and individual journeys to realization and fulfillment of dreams and goals, as well as the natural development and mending of important relationships.

    • Reply
      Bladey Sep 4, 2012

      you really have a way with words, Zu Ai. Love your comment, well said, again.

    • Reply
      zu_ai_grusz Sep 6, 2012

      Thanks Bladey. Glad my words don't come off too highfalutin :)

  • Reply
    Ibleda Jun 5, 2012

    That Ogawa woman... I hate her. Everything from her face, personality, the fact that she would 100% end up with Shinkai, even her job pisses me off. If only~ -sigh-

    Can I count this as completed if I watched til the last ep BUT-- skipped most the scenes? Everything with her in it... This is why I don't like romance ><

    • Reply
      Bladey Aug 4, 2012

      You hate romance, fair enough. But why does her job annoy you? It's an interesting occupation for a female, for one and for the second it has undelrying motivation and she is trying to be strong. And romance here is just a side dish anyway, so what she ends up with Shinkai, good for both of them, besides it stands for hopeful beginnings more than anything else in this case.

    • Reply
      Bladey Aug 4, 2012

      In the sense that it's not just some fluffy romance (Take Care of Us Captain is in turn and it's REALLY bad) rather the drama shows love as a factor in their lives.

    • Reply
      Ibleda Aug 6, 2012

      Actually, I don't hate romance. I just dislike it lol. The difference between that is, there's (rare) romance I love too! But most of times it seems pointless, stupid, or plain annoying.

      I don't hate strong women. As a female myself I see no reason not to admire them. However... Ogawa is just another typical tsundere.

      As for her job, etc, it's side effect from my personality. When I love or hate someone, regardless of the original reason, I eventually come to love or hate everything about them. My opinion on a person tends to change my tastes by quite alot, so yea... because of her I now have biased opinions of the career.

    • Reply
      Bladey Aug 7, 2012

      Thank you for your reply. Sorry if I exaggerated your words a little. I was actually hoping to delete that message but now I'm glad it wasn't deleted after all. It does because that's how most of the dramas, especially korean ones, are written - to sell. But the worse part is when the woman is presented as silly. Most strong women, clever women, buisnesslike women are presented as evil witches. I don't think Ogawa is silly. Even if we call her a tsundere, but she's more quirky than hostile. But it's a matter of opinion. I wouldn't call her a classic tsundere at least, and I think tsudenre is a bit of an oversimplification of her character. But to each their own, thank you for replying and sharing your opinions further :)

  • Reply
    Narina May 17, 2012

    Loved this drama.

  • Reply
    sunflower63 Apr 15, 2012

    for someone with the fear of flying like myself this drama was greatly inspiring and it taught me a lot. The acting of Kimutaku is brilliant as always and I have to say that I was particularly struck but the acting of Captain Koda who was just as fascinating.

  • Reply
    Bladey Mar 10, 2012

    • Reply
      Narina May 17, 2012

      Loved your review.Agree with everything you said.Some parts of the story were easily predictable,but it still is one of my favorite Japanese dramas.I loved the quirkiness of Kimura, cuteness of Shibasaki and the amazing chemistry between the two.I admire the way each character considered their own job important and estimable.Thnx for the nice review :)

    • Reply
      Bladey May 17, 2012
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