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A 'leftover lady' (referring to unmarried women over the age of 30) nicknamed the White-Boned Demon Su Man, met Song Yi, a talented man for whom she had had a crush on years. To get closer to Song Yi, Su Man gives up her own promising future, just to work together with Song Yi. Despite her efforts, Lu Li Cheng, a man she has had several conflicts with, became her superior. Su read moreMan treats him as a thorn in her side, yet he developed feelings for Su Man due to his interactions with her. Just when Su Man and Song Yi's relationship went back on the right track, unforseen accidents and mistakes happened on Su Man and Song Yi's past romances slowly surfaced. Su Man, Song Yi and Lu Li Cheng's romance are tested in every way.

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    Buried By Time ; Bei Shi Guang Yan Mai De Mi Mi ; Zui Mei De Shi Guang; Best Time; Most Beautiful Time ; Secrets Hidden By Time ; Secrets Hidden ; Best Of Times;

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Aug 18, 2014
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
"Best Time" is a drama with many good points that deserved my score of 9, but some downsides that refrained me to give it a perfect score 10.
The storyline I think, was wisely drew on a mixture of a workplace setting with a very complicated and melodramatic romance that keep you hooked in your seat despite of the 47 episodes length. At the contrary of other business related dramas this one read more never was boring neither disappointing but catches your interest and make you enjoy of the competition and challenges that comes up. In reference to the romance has something really good and that is the unexpected outcomes. It seems for a moment that the plot is so evident and is leading you to believe that the female lead would tilted to love a one person in particular but later you realise that maybe you were wrong. So you keep waiting for what would happen next. I must say that this drama is based on the novel "The most beautiful time" by Tong Hua.
The acting was generally good. Although, I didn't like much the character of Su Man's best friend. I was so please to see Chang Janine here (who has a main role in the new Chinese drama "You light up my star", starring with Cheng Joe). I think she is very good at melodramatic roles. Plus she has a good chemistry with Chung Wallace in this drama.
I liked the music, about all the opening song that repeats throughout the drama.
I gave a reasonable rewatch value because there are some episodes really touching that you wouldn't mind to watch again although maybe 47 episodes would be more difficult to digest twice.
I don't like to disclose the ending but I think there is something that has to be said as it is important to understand for what the sequel " Best Time Special" stand for. At the same time, is a fact already known by fans who have read articles about this drama, so it cannot be considered as a spoiler itself, neither rest any attractiveness to watch the drama...
...This drama has an open ending, this means that there are some loose ends. I believe the intention was to leave the viewers to get their own conclusions about how the romance should ends. So when you finish to watch the last episode you are given the chance to conclude the story there or if you feel disappointed or are really willing to see what happens next, then you might opt to watch the sequel, a 2 episodes specials in which you get a recollection of the whole story with two different endings.

This extension with alternative endings I think was a fans service for those who were hooked with the emotions and heartbreaking fates of the characters and unhappy with not knowing what happened to them. However, I particularly found this ambiguous conclusion and added endings quite a negative downside. My reasons are that the drama does not give you all what you want when they already spent 47 episodes for that; in addition, the special doesn't get under your skin as it did the whole story, maybe because it felt to forced or just as a thriller that in its more tense scene takes a break for some adds and then ruins the suspense. I would rather preferred they finished the story in one or other way at once without need to make the specials,

Anyway, I enjoyed much of this drama and I definitely recommend to watch it if you like romantic stories. The good think is that you can choose what ending you prefer and even see what would could happened otherwise.
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Same actor obviously, but also generally two "feel good" dramas. My sunshine is a bit obvious and super slow - but so lovely I was just smiling to myself and downloaded the whole soundtrack! Best time has also a lot of slow moments and is a bit more sad but also very positive and sweet! Both dramas are set in Shanghai and show a very modern and trendy China (I totally want to move there now :) Bonus point- Best time offers alternative endings! (this way everybody is happy :>
Recommended by Akudie
Same feel, same mix of business and romance, though the balance was much better in The Queen of SOP.
Both involve strong capable female lead, a caring male lead and a love triangle (unfortunately...)
Warning : Best Time's ending was extremely off-putting to me (and to a lot of other people as well I guess).
Recommended by Ubik

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    rainruma 23 days ago - edited

    PLEASE NOTE , all future viewers:
    You need to watch the special or Ep 49!, not always part of original series!
    This show is meaningless without the last episode, episode 49!
    Officially, episodes 48 & 49 are considered the Best Time Special .... Each is an alternative ending ... I can safely say, no one wanted Ep. 48.... skip it and go to Ep. 49!

    However, the only place I found, offering the last 2 episodes is Viki, but those videos no longer seem to be working, at least not for me.... Are they working for anyone else?

    Viki --- has Ep. 48 and 49 .... but vids not working :P
    DramaCool --- only has up to episode 47 :P (aka --- only has up to episode 47 also (vids not working anyway)

    If anyone finds Ep 49 subbed anywhere, please post link here.
    here it is unsubbed:

    Also, subbed trailer:

  • Reply
    nikhat Apr 21, 2017

    excuse me can anyone tell me where can i watch this drama

  • Reply
    steph_ravita Mar 4, 2017 - edited

    Tip for anyone who just wants to see the highlights of the love line: watch episode 47 (if you're not on a team), episode 48 (if you're a Song Yi supporter) and episode 49 (if you're a Lu Li Cheng supporter). Episodes 48 and 49 recap each couple's moments in the beginning.

    I didn't do this but I kind of wish I did!
    I liked how feisty Su Man was against Lu Li Cheng; their scenes were my favourite. Other than that, not much love for her although she's absolutely stunning and reminds me of one of my favourites, Liu Shi Shi.

    • Reply
      nikhat Apr 21, 2017

      can u tell me where can i watch this drama

  • Reply
    silvermcv Feb 14, 2017

    I liked Wallace Chung's character but the main girl was so stupid. I skipped around a lot. A lot of potential but too much drama.

  • Reply
    clong Jan 15, 2017

    i fast forwarded this drama stil the very end because of the girl that is so stupid....

  • Reply
    Ayaki Nakahashi Jun 10, 2016

    Fu** the ending or endings!!! I liked this drama overall and shipped a particular couple, but i would've preferred to just have one ending as supposed to having 2 for the audience to choose from.

  • Reply
    blaccstar Jul 5, 2015

    coudn't finish the drama because of the girl she was annoying

  • Reply
    Fansugirl Apr 29, 2015 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      TurkishRose May 10, 2015

      Fansugirl I totally agree with you. I loved the chemistry from li cheng, I fell in love with Wallace chung in this drama, and it was where I discovered him. He was the only reason that kept me watching, even though I couldn't understand why she still loved her crush after all that he had done. It was a great dissapointment , but I still enjoyed watching his character evolve and become even more heart throbbing. His character was too good, and I was shocked that he was the second lead.

  • Reply
    TurkishRose Apr 12, 2015

    My first Wallace Chung drama and he literally stole the show for me. His chemistry was so phenomenal and acting is beyond amazing, that it was hard for me to believe that he is supposed to be the second lead. The drama was nice, the chemistry fantastic, and I'm a total Wallace Chung fan now:)

  • Reply
    abracadabra Feb 15, 2015 - edited

    I am not a fan of (hysterical) female characters like Su Man, but LLC was adorable, a truly knight in shining armor. And the two different endings!?! Interesting... Final verdict - average story with undeveloped love relationships and annoying main female characters, but surprisingly, it's still pretty watchable drama

  • Reply
    KMR Jan 15, 2015 - edited
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    • Reply
      rainruma Jan 15, 2015
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Blademan2 Feb 24, 2015

      If you didn't like how this was, of which I won't watch because of your comments, don't watch My Love Patzzi and Paradise Farm, the dramas was more about the main/2nd's love more than on the main characters getting together until near the end like this one, total waste of time...

    • Reply
      PrettyCarEye Mar 7, 2015 - edited

      This drama sounds incredibly frustrating. I'll never watch it. I absolutely can't see this as your cup of tea, doc.

    • Reply
      Blademan2 Mar 7, 2015

      LOL, hehe, that's why I'm leaving this one alone, so glad there were spoilers, dunno why writers are so obsessed with this kind of trash, sopathetically ludicrous. Oh well. Thanks. :)))

  • Reply
    Drama4lover Sep 19, 2014

    OMO they changed the ending to a happy one. Another ending O_O

  • Reply
    Mssankacoffee Aug 25, 2014 - edited
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    • Reply
      Mssankacoffee Aug 28, 2014

      Rainruma, I had quite a chuckle reading this but you are absolutely correct. I had the same sentiments. And like you the merits of this drama for me was based on the chemistry between LLC and Su Man and their romance; that's why I felt in the last episodes they could have developed that romance to make more sense. Notwithstanding it was still good for me. Any other ones that have lovely romances tag me as I'm a romantic. I like other stuff too but really into 'romance' no matter how sappy :) Try Secret Love, with Ji Sung as lead male see how you like it. There are some sensitive subjects like abuse but approach it with an open mind.

    • Reply
      PrettyCarEye Sep 26, 2014

      And I'm glad I read your spoiler too.

    • Reply
      Mssankacoffee Sep 26, 2014

      Ha ha PrettyC I take it you are going to stay far away from this one hmm?

    • Reply
      PrettyCarEye Sep 26, 2014

      Absolutely. I was just giving Rum the skinny on why! Head over to her page to see what I wrote.

    • Reply
      Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    _Rosie Aug 21, 2014 - edited

    I really don't like Su Man' s character. I just cant warm to her. I preferred Janine Chang in Sunny Happiness

    • Reply
      rainruma Aug 26, 2014

      If you put aside her crazy obsession, and the actions due to it.... Su Man is an Intelligent , Confident , Strong and Beautiful woman .... a Very likable character ... and a Perfect Match for Lu Li-Chieng !!!

    • Reply
      KMR Jan 15, 2015 - edited

      Actually I found her intelligent but not confident at all (only on surface) and rather weak. I felt she could not trust herself to be able to find her own happiness in love if no SY. Her obsession was like an escape: only seeing him so not having to face and shoulder any alternate reality. That's how I felt she was somehow very weak...Well...I understood her character like that.
      The special #49 showed how living for herself for 2 years thus gaining strength and confidence, helped her let him go definitely.

      I too prefer Fang Yong Yong hands down! Her strength was her fearlessness when it came to sacrificing.

    • Reply
      rainruma Jan 15, 2015 - edited

      Your view makes a lot of sense .... I always thought her obsession w/ YS is silly, but when you explain that it is due to her lack of self-confidence in being able to find love elsewhere, it truly explains why she could not see Lu Li-Cheng's love for her ... She was afraid to let go of her 'Idealistic' vision...
      Thank you, that makes the YS story-line a lot more tollerable...

      Of course, I loved the confidence she showed at work and by standing up to Lu Li-Cheng.... I think he is a perfect specimen of manhood, in the qualities that he has... and she is a very good match for him... One of my favorite romances and favorite couple!!!

      Fan Yong Yong is his assistant, right??? ... Yes, she is a great character.

  • Reply
    rainruma Aug 12, 2014 - edited

    Also .... Lu Li-Cheng is a Real man ... !!!
    Intelligent , Confident , Passionate , Generous , Strong , yet Tender .... and....
    .... NO emotional/psychological problems !!! .... Plus he's Tall , Handsome and a great dancer !
    Wow !...What a man !!! the RARE Siting of a really PERFECT man in dramaland !

    It's as if Mr Darcy was fun and outgoing....not reserved or rude....(can u all tell I'm fangirling XD)


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