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The Innocent Man Episode 10

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Oct 16, 2012


Why did it have to end there?! Now we have to wait for a week to see what happens later ;-; It's gonna be such a long wait.
I really like Eungi's smile, she looks so beautiful *_*
I'm glad that they'll be reunited again, and I also can't wait for them both to be working together to get revenge on Jaehee! It's gonna be so intense :D
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Oct 15, 2012

Did anyone else notice ..

"All for You" playing during the bath house scene :) I miss Reply 1997!
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Oct 14, 2012

Cut the ending out, this episode was dragged.

I believe that this ep dragged too much; there were many unnecessary events and no characters development which made it empty sometimes. Personally, I liked the ep ending since it had some romantic development plus the preview sounds a little interesting, I hope I am not wrong.
Oh, I have to point one thing, I believe that the most interesting character in this drama is attorney Park, I hope that Ma Ru follows his path!
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Oct 13, 2012

Very Exciting

This episode had me really sitting in my seat in suspense. In episode 9, i was concerned with the sudden time jump and wondered how'd it play out. I loved how it played out the affect EunGi has on MaRu in this episode. I can't wait to see next weeks episodes to see the result of MaRu's anger.
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Oct 12, 2012

Jaehee's brother is one of the greatest douchebags of all time. And, he's hilarious.

I love how big bro hasn't lost his relevance yet. Usually, siblings show up to stir up trouble and then 'poof', they disappear (or they stick around and I end up flinging things at the screen screaming WHY DON'T YOU GO AWAY ALREADY?!)

He's an actual threat, caring about no one but himself at this point (I think), which just makes him ten times more dangerous because as long as he's got the cash, he's chill. I like that. Hate him (kind of, not much, my hate is slowly dissolving into love for his dorky 'I love singing terribly while I'm driving' side), but like his character a lot more than I thought I would.

Attorney Park, I don't believe you're gay anymore. I mean, at first I was all 'let me give him the benefit of the doubt' but then you start looking at Eunki with those eyes and I'm like 'he's either straight, or gay and straight as a ruler whenever Eunki's around'.

Also, ten points to Choco and Jaegil for telling Maru how it is. Also, thank you Jaehee's brother for kidnapping Eunki and giving Maru a reason to go all "OH SHIZZ SHE'S IN DANGER GENUINE HERO MOMENT WITHOUT ANY MANIPULATION FROM EITHER SIDE COMING RIGHT UP, PLUS AN EPIC CAR CHASE BECAUSE YOU KNOW, I'M FREAKING KANG MARU, AND I'M AWESOME."

This episode was just...urgh, I love you show.

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Oct 12, 2012

well well well

Definitely a lot of little things being laid out for the future. Maru's brain bleeding and such.

Anybody notice how marus live in friend's heart started to race when Choco hugged him? Haha...too funny!

Also, I think it's great how they are playing out how much Eun Gi love's him. And I think it's even more awesome that she knows he is lying and continues to call him out on it, memory loss or no.
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Oct 12, 2012

Is he going to die???

I dunno why anyone here doesn't write about his tumor in the brain!! This is serious man you can die!!

Do not TAKE CARE OF SOME BUSINESS and then come back!!!

Oh god, if he dies in the end I will be so sad...The dorama won't be worth watched for me :(

Overall the episode was pretty dull to me, until the moment he finally thought of her and |saved her from bad people|

Is this how you show love? Only when you're in jeopardize you start to show some feelings? Oh Maru...You're bad.
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Oct 12, 2012

another great episode!

I love how bits of Eun Gi's personality shine through every now and then, despite that damn amnesia. Usually I hate amnesia, and I don't like it here either, but somehow it's acceptable and less like your usual drama plot device.
So glad that the show is still as compelling as ever! I was really really afraid Maru would try doing something stupid to himself this episode. Eun Gi, help him find his soul again, bballi!!
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Oct 11, 2012

Another long wait....

Okay first of all anyone else heard Only for You by Eunji and Seo Eun Guk in the drama at the sauna scene? :D Anyways...So sad how Eun Gi lost part of her brain and has to learn how to read and write again love how the Lawyer Park is always there
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