Rich Man, Poor Woman (2012)

Both are romantic comedies revolving around an ordinary girl who has been job seeking for a while, being employed by a rich man with an arrogant personality and poor social skills, and even though they dislike each other at first, they soon fall in love.
Recommended by SilverCloud
Both involves the rich and the poor... but it's not just about being rich or poor, it's also about the choices people (the characters) make and weather the outcome will be a good one that makes them happy, or a bad one that makes them suffer.
Recommended by Oppa-kiss-me
Rich Men and a poor women. One talks more about the fancy lifestyles about the rich than the other but both main leads are peculiar and have interesting personalities. The second lead tends to have some air of mystery, but are good guys in the end. Second female lead in rich man poor woman is similar to one of the girls that become interested in Jun Pyo as well.
Recommended by ahmi_chan
Simplest way to say it is that they both a rich men/man and a poor woman. Their lives are changed by eachothers impact!
Recommended by ahmi_chan
Ishihara Satomi plays the main female role in both dramas. the plots are quite different, but if you enjoyed the chemistry between Yamapi and Ishihara, you will enjoy the chemistry between her and Oguri Shun.
Recommended by ange
Both dramas' male leads are computer genius and CEO/founders of an IT firm.
Recommended by Nocturna
Ishihara Satomi stars in both. The plots are completely different, but both are good love stories that also touch on other subjects.
Recommended by ange
Whatching this drama I kept being reminded of Priceless all the time. Rich man is a lot more romance-y, but both these titles are about passionate and talented bussinessmen who end up having to rebuild their companies. Priceless is also very interesting, well written and extremely funny and enjoyable. A definitive must watch for all Jdrama lovers out there!
Recommended by lillith
Rich Man, Poor Woman
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    Ricchiman Puauman


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    Jul 9, 2012 to Sep 17, 2012
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    Fuji TV
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    46 min.


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    8.3 (scored by 7,090 users)
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