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Five Fingers Episode 25

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Five Fingers Episode 25 Reviews

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Nov 21, 2012

Secret is out! Great episode!

Wow another amazing episode. I really wonder how this will end. Yoo Man Se,such a cruel man. The scene when Chae Young found out...Epic! I wonder what will happen in next episode! I really like the cast for this drama. Madame Na is amazing in my opinion. I wonder what hurdles will Ji Ho go through next.

[Spoiler] Was it just me or did that kiss lacked feeling esp. from Dami's side. It just felt fake to me for some reason....maybe she's new that's why her kisses don't convey any feeling. *shrugs*
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Nov 15, 2012

WOW! They are not dragging out these secrets!!

One of the things I've felt that Five Fingers did well was not dragging out a story line! I was amazed at the turn of events this week because they were truly unexpected! This drama continues to be strong, by my perspective because the story continues to flow and you have no idea what will happen next. Glad to see Ji Hoo and Da Mi resolve their relationship even though I don't think it will go anywhere; too many obstacles! Can we love Grandma Na anymore?!! This has to be the best character I've watch her as!! Normally, her characters have flaws but these flaws were very entertaining to watch. Okay, I admit, for the first time, some sympathy for In Ha is starting to creep in slowly.......slowly!

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