The King of Dramas

The King of Dramas (2012)

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Anthony Kim, s brilliant CEO of a drama production company who will do anything and everything for the sake of money, fame and success. He is known to possess the Midas touch as he has created blockbuster dramas and Hallyu stars. When a death on the set precipitates his fall from grace, Anthony attempts to regain his former status by putting the drama "The Morning of Keijo" on air. And to accomplish read morethat, he needs the help of idealistic Lee Go Eun, who dreams of becoming a top writer someday, and the handsome but egoistic actor Kang Hyun Min.

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    드라마의 제왕
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    The Lord of Dramas

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Jan 7, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
Story: The story, for me, was totally refreshing. It gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes when dramas are being made, and it was nice to see. Like most dramas, it obviously had it's cliche obstacles for the main characters to pass so they could move on (I find it hard to believe making a drama is THAT troublesome), but it was never really anything that lasted read more more than one or two episodes.

It moved along at a nice speed for me. It seemed to slow up a little bit when they got their extension from 16 to 18 episodes, and all of the added flashbacks made it a tad boring at times, but nothing that I couldn't ignore.

Acting/Cast: Loved them. Loved all of them. This would definitely be one of my favorite casts in a drama.

I'd never seen anything with Kim Myung Min before, and this drama definitely made me regret it. He played his bad-boy-the-gets-nicer role perfectly. He always had this air of total confidence, and it was just really awesome to watch in action.

This was the second time I'd watched anything with Jung Ryeo Won in it, and while I wasn't really a fan of her in that, I loved her in this.

Siwon though. That man just made this drama for me. Whenever he was on the screen, I could always count on laughing. Always. He was hilarious, he was adorable, and he was hilarious (yep, I'm saying that twice). And he had this laugh that was completely infectious. If you could watch this, listen to him laugh, and not find yourself smiling, I'd be shocked.

This was also a first for Oh Ji Eun for me. She didn't make her entrance into the show until almost the halfway mark, but that didn't stop me from loving her all the same.

When they were all together, for me, the chemistry was undeniable. Even the actors in the smaller roles of this show were amazing for me.

Music: I loved the OST for this show. That's really all I can say about that.

Rewatch Value: With the cast and the story being different than a lot of other dramas out there, I could definitely see myself watching this more than once in the future. Hell, I could see myself rewatching it multiple times just for Siwon's laugh.

Overall: Overall, I gave the show a 10. Like I said, it had some cliche obstacles, but it was fun (for me) to watch the main characters trample over them when they happened.
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Feb 7, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
How do i word it is everything perfect. It had an amazing chemistry between the leads, and the story really attracted me. I liked how the plot was and how smoothly it went. It had its share of tears and laughter. My favourite character, was of course Choi Siwon, no doubt about that. He in individual made me laugh out loud. Through Anthony's character, it made me realize the true flavour read more of life and how everything is not a drama but in reality its alot harder. But honestly if that's the amount of effort it takes to make a single drama then God, dramas should be banned from this world. I really like how they related the beginning of the story to the ending. The story was brilliant, very refreshing and definitely not something you'll see every day. What I like most about this very drama is that they didn't waste their time on showing how the 2nd male/female lead likes the 1st male/female lead, and how they are going through schemes to separate the leads. It completely focused on what the main point of the story they wanted to emerge to the viewers. The cast did an amazing job portraying each of their characters, i definitely have no complaints about any of the characters, definite 10/10 deserving. Music was good i liked it, and i also liked how they had an english song as on of the main themes. The music was catchy, it made me tap my feet to its beat. re-watch value ? honestly I don't re-watch but then again if i was really bored and had no other dramas in the world left to watch, then i'm sure this dram will accompany me well. Overall definite 10 ^_^ Anyone who is looking for comedy, romance, reality, re-freshing, enthusiastic, thrilling, exciting to watch, well let me tell you something, you definitely knocked on the right door :D You can watch this on and also for those who can't access due to regional problem. Thank you! I hope my review has encouraged you to watch this awesome drama :D
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  • Reply
    DBSK Jun 11, 2014

    I don't think I'll ever find a drama as good as this one and that makes me so sad.

  • Reply
    shirochronicle May 27, 2014

    this is a good example to show why dramas shouldn't be extended

  • Reply
    ShameOnMe2 Apr 23, 2014

    Great drama! Superb acting! There was not a boring moment! One of the few shows that didn't drag and it got better and better. Kim Myung Min is such an amazing actor. You could not help but love him! I loved the way they pronounce Anthony! Choi SiWon was really good and he made me laugh so hard! I am gonna miss it!

  • Reply
    lettuceloveHJ Apr 21, 2014

    Loved! Best drama I've seen so far! Anthony Kim is so irresistible!

  • Reply
    -kaze- Mar 12, 2014

    This was a great drama, the story kept me hooked (for about 15 episodes). After episode 15, the only reason I stayed was the Hyun Min and Min Ah couple. But the story was great and hilarious. A good light watch!

  • Reply
    2013started Mar 12, 2014

    Watching it right now, so far I am hooked... But I am just disciplining myself to prioritize and do more important things first before I sit and watch or else - it'll be hard to stop watching.

  • Reply
    allyson Mar 4, 2014

    Can I just say that Anthony has some of the sexiest suits I have ever seen a man in! Those vests, I just die :p

  • Reply
    Noha_W Feb 26, 2014
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    wolfgirl9 Feb 25, 2014

    wow the last episode was a disaster ... a true example how 1 episode can destroy the whole drama!

  • Reply
    wolfgirl9 Feb 22, 2014

    oh God ! lol I just finished episode 2! this is tooo dramatic, but still very well written ! lol !!

  • Reply
    kit1186 Feb 19, 2014

    Finally found a good drama Siwon is in. If you're a fan of Siwon this is a good one

  • Reply
    rainecat Feb 11, 2014

    Thought it was one of the better romcoms out there. Loved all the characters. Probably could've done without the extension but it's still great. :P

  • Reply
    joy_drama78 Jan 30, 2014

    I'm so glad that I watched this drama! Don't hesitate and give it a chance :) It has easily made its way into my top 5.

  • Reply
    nytwp Jan 24, 2014

    This drama has really great character development, very credible!!

  • Reply
    NiceNoona Jan 7, 2014

    Why did no one tell me about this series sooner! Sort of has a madmen like feel to it. On episode 7 and loving it so far :)


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    Nov 5, 2012 to Jan 7, 2013
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