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The King of Dramas Episode 13

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Anthony and Go Eun get trapped in cold weather and broken vehicle, while going for an outdoor shooting. An extra actor gets trapped inside a house, which was put on fire for the shooting.

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  • Aired: December 17, 2012

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The King of Dramas Episode 13 Reviews

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Dec 23, 2012

I'm the Landmarking for this drama! haha

Kang Hyun Min and his lines. Always make me laugh! He trying to strangle Min Ah with scarf while shooting...he is so childish!
Thank God for Director Goo to step in and letting them know how they are hindering and making the staff suffer for their childish game.

I hope that old man doesn't die in the fire...that's like the motorcycle guy incident all over again. Please don't let that happen!
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Dec 18, 2012

Way to cool yourself down Anthony

This was another wonderfull episode. It hd some great bonding between Geun and Bong Dal( oh what a horrible name ;p)

One thing i like allot about anthony's ( i'll just call hem that) is that his character is not as Transparrent. I can tell he his startingto notice Go Eun, but looking at how he behaved in the past maybe he really is just doing it to keep her at World Production. Either way, i'm rooting for them all the way.

Also, am i the only one who loves Kang Min and Min Ah as a couple? I think they look great toghether. These scene with the scarf was great.
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Dec 18, 2012


awesome as always and also romantic...
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Dec 18, 2012

YAY More REAL Skinship Please! <3

I'm happy this last 3 episodes were focusing on the leads' love story development. And that next episode's preview made me smile wide. It seemed that the dream kiss was a real one!! Omo! Haha. Finally, Lee Go Eun is becoming aware of her real feelings. I want more than a hug!--and add more cheesy scenes too!

Oh No! Don't resign yet Director Nam! He's one of those good people on that company, losing him and replacing him with Director Kim will only put Morning of Kyeonsong on bad hands. Well, that's what I think. And this will be another great oppurtunity for Oh Sang Moo.

Awww. Anthony, you are starting to become considerate now and yep, more humanly. I just hope that Ajusshi will be saved. :)

Although I liked BitNa and Kang Min as a funny couple., I know it's odd but I want Kang Min/ Min Ah's relationship to develop also. Just.. a wishful thinking, who's with me? hehehehe

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Dec 18, 2012

Let the Flames Begin

This episode lit up the flame within the hearts of Anthony and Go Eun, lit up the flame of jealousy in Min Ah, and possibly lit a fire in Kang Min (?).

The episode also lit a literal fire, which may or may not have adverse effects on our characters, namely Anthony, the sweet, old actor, and our Director Goo. I have a feeling that whatever caused Director Goo to quit as a director 5 years previous can be pinpointed to a tragedy.

Things I liked: Kang Min and Min Ah owning up to their bad behavior on set after the smackdown by the Director. As much as I like their bickering, they are, in the Morning in Gyeongsang's world, preventing the drama from being finished.

2)Director Nam--what can I say about this guy? He just threw away the career of a lifetime because he knew that he possibly gained his position illegally. Way to go for characters who don't waver in doing right. It's a nice balance to those who don't waver in doing wrong (Chairman and Ji Wan).

3) Kang Min and Go Eun--I really like this noona/dongsaeng relationship that they have. KM's teasing of GE reminded me of a brother who teases his sister about boys, yet he can't really handle his own girlfriend and her 80 bajillion phone calls.

Things I didn't like as much: I didn't like that we had to have the characters in a "hug me, I need warmth" situation for this relationship to somewhat progress. I understand it in terms of the drama, but it's an element that tends to be overused.

Along with that scene, the leaving of a cellphone in the car irked me, especially because they probably could have found a rock to bust the windows.

Overall, however, I really enjoyed this episode and can't wait for tomorrow! `

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