7th Grade Civil Servant

7th Grade Civil Servant (2013)

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Two exes break up reconcile several years later. Both end up being spies working for different units, so they have to keep their covers up in real life. Joo Won Plays the hero Gil Ro who decided in his youth that he wanted to be a spy after watching a Bond movie. His father became rich practically overnight, so he grows up in wealth and comfort, with a generous spirit toward others read moreand a chic, refined appearance. Gil Ro gets accepted as a secret agent, but he’s not your usual veteran agent; he thinks and acts like the new generation he belongs to, and he makes mistakes and causes conflict.

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    Bimilnamnyeojeon; Secret Agent War; The Secret Lovers; The Secret Lovers War; Level 7 Civil Servant; My Girlfriend is an Agent

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Sep 11, 2013
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
when i first started this drama ofter reading the descreption i was exited and honestly the first episodes lifted to my expectation , but then the series just became boring and rediculous due to the lack of chemestry between the two main leads and the fact that they made fool of the NIS agents that they made them look as if they were a bunch of children playing hide and seek , read more an other thing that i didn't like is that the main lead played by joo won was hopeless and really stupid , i know that it was supposed to be a comedy so there must be some misunderstandings and hilarious situation but sometimes it just feels pethatic instead of funny , however I won't deny that i had some good time watching this drama and especially at the begennig , i laughed so hard until my eyes were full of tears and i really enjoyed the very few action seens dispite it was supposed to be a spy drama so my advise is don't be fooled by the dicription , the drama is totally diffrent , if you want some light drama with some funny moment and no actual depth it's for you , but if you seek a story that keeps you on the edge and leaves a huge emotional impression , then i don't recommand it .
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Apr 7, 2013
  • Overall 6.0
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 6.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
I've finally finished watching this one, and although I've managed to watch the whole thing in just a few days I still want to use the term "finally" coz for me it felt a bit long.
As every one knows this is a drama-remake of a very popular and high grossing Korean Movie of the same title, of course the story is a whole lot different than the original movie's of course read more because we're talking about a 20-episodes-long drama compared to a 2-hour-movie.

This Drama had potential, the story's layout is quite interesting by most standards, bit of a "Mr & Mr's Smith" with all the spy Vs Spy missions and the romantic line involved causing the dilemma. But despite all that it would be fair to say that this drama didn't make the utmost use of all these weapons it had at hand, and sent most of them down the drain.

The first few episodes (to be specific until they got assigned to the NIS) weren't interesting enough to keep me hooked, but as an old K-Drama fan I know how most Korean dramas are a bit hard to warm up to at the beginning. To be honest with you, one of the main reasons why I couldn't get myself to warm up to the show quickly was my annoyance at the female lead's choice. I don't want to keep talking about how old she looks comparing to Joo Won (he should just call her "Noona" lol)coz I guess many people must have already killed this issue discussing, but also her acting wasn't that great and to add insult to injury the character she played had so many nasty points to it, in a nutshell it was mostly hard to sympathize with anything she said or did.

The romance developed quite fast, too fast that it made the watcher go all anticipating as to just how much we'll be getting busy through out the rest of the drama, and no argue we REALLY did get busy!! but not with the romantic or comedy plot, but rather with the plot that the writer just simply sucked at; "The Spy Game"

If this drama was a spoof for spy movies it would have made sense, I mean why the hell did nothing those NIS agents did that made any sense whatsoever. Let's say that this is a Rom-Com in the first place and that it shouldn't be judged on the whole spy line. OK even if I manage to agree with that, let's be honest, the whole idea behind the drama is that they are both agents who fall in love but have to keep hiding their identities from each other, so ultimately the two lines; romance and spy, have to end up getting tangled. And this is where it all felt so frustrating.

I enjoyed the first half of the drama, to say before the Baddies made their first appearance. I enjoyed it because it was full of cuteness and funny silliness not the type that frustrates you though. At the beginning I could to a certain extent feel empathy towards Seo-Won's character and even sometimes feel bad for her, but later the more the plot developed and all cards got revealed, her insistence on not sharing everything with him and acting all mighty made me just hate her and wish he would just do the same.

I know I said the plot evolving around the NIS' missions and spy work should not be my main point in reviewing this drama but I still can't hold back some of my comments concerning that one.
The whole baddie guys' revenge was stupid and badly written so I on purpose tried my best to ignore it so even if some parts didn't make any sense i wouldn't linger and wonder a lot.

The NIS itself and all of it's agents felt like a bunch of dummies playing 007 and not even managing to make it close. The mere idea that they get to cover such missions after only one year of training (which I bet involved basically drinking and dancing and gambling classes) felt so unbelievable. But I must congratulate the writer on one thing, the agents did seem like a bunch of rookies who just didn't have any idea what they were supposed to be doing.
Starting with the supposedly strongest and most experienced of them all; Do-Ha with all his spilling and tripping and pink-panther-sneaking during a mission! to Sun-Mi who fires a gun at headquarters by mistake, and instead of feeling any remorse just goes butterfly on her crush covering her!! (she should have been told to hand her resignation just there) To Seo-Won who can't even drive properly but can still snowboard and use a sniper even while shaking and sobbing!!!
Even the baddies most of the time seemed they just had no idea what they were doing, going around in circles not even reaching an agreement on the meaning of taking revenge.

Let all these plot-holes aside and concentrate on the romantic story line and you might enjoy the drama more (like I can say I managed to).

Putting the action aside and concentrating on the characters and their relations, you will still notice some irritating flaws with the characters:
(as I previously mentioned) Seo-Won with her meaningless wish that Gil-Ro believes her although she does absolutely nothing to gain his trust but rather act all the more suspicious.
Do-Ha, who says that he can even do bad things if it's for the good of his country but later on with the drama ends up conniving a crime that of course has nothing to do with anyone's good.
Sun-Mi, was by far the most childish character and should have never been an agent in the first place. So although I really liked her tomboyish character at the beginning I ended up hating her bad-loser clinging puppy personality.
The big guys (Won-Suk and Director Oh) with all their "if anyone finds about what we did we will be dead" bullshi*
(Needless to say) the Bad guys!!!!!!!!!!!! GO TO HELL!!!

So the writer nearly sucked badly at the spy parts which covered most of the drama, but somehow I still managed to enjoy this one, but only for the laughs. So the serious emotional parts I watched with one eye closed, and the action spy parts I watched looking elsewhere. lol
So why did I give it 7 and not less? it's because I loved the silly/funny/cute comedy scenes a lot, and also found some heartwarming plots to cling to (like Gil-Ro and father conflict).
one last advice, if you're going to watch this one through, better skip seo-won's parents' scenes, these are simply a waste of time and energy.
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The ever so loveable Joo Won stars in both Steal My Heart (Movie) and 7th Grade Civil Servant (Drama). Can't get enough of him in a police/agent get up? Well, the answer to your prayers are here!
Both have comedy, romance, and a little action.
Recommended by michelechan

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  • Reply
    mayiz 4 days ago

    hello.. i really want to watch this series can i ask if where can i watch this online? tnx

  • Reply
    anusathiya May 5, 2014

    seriously this wasn't boring and hooked me till the end.... everything was at right place and really loved joo won in this one.......i need to say that the "evil couples" were really hot in this series and i couldn't help but love them too ^-^ :)

  • Reply
    DBSK Feb 5, 2014

    I just finished watching the three first episodes and I'm hooked *u*

  • Reply
    x3mushroom Dec 27, 2013

    I want Jay to be a couple with Mi rae :D
    Im Yoon Ho is so attractive xD

  • Reply
    Goliath1357 Dec 9, 2013

    I'm really surprised at how much I'm enjoying this-both sets of parents are super annoying and the female lead looks older than the male lead (although they are supposed to be around the same age) but they have chemistry and the story is interesting.

  • Reply
    Stephanie0606 Nov 18, 2013

    Honestly, i love the story and the cast, especially watching and holding onto it till the end just for Joo Won but i found that the main girl lead is kinda old for him and don't like her that much.

    • Reply
      hanana Dec 3, 2013

      this is actually what I was telling myself while watching the drama... I didn't feel like she was matching Joo Won, something didn't feel right

  • Reply
    HAVA-RAVA Oct 19, 2013

    I think I'm the only one who thought this wasn't boring :OOO

  • Reply
    KarolK Oct 3, 2013

    i agree with gingermoon. it's so silly and boring but it's actually worth to endure till the end because of, of course who else but, Joo Won!! he's always great!! <3

    • Reply
      Stephanie0606 Nov 18, 2013

      So true. He's also the main reaason that i endure it till the end.

  • Reply
    Gingermoon Sep 22, 2013

    I'm at episode 12 and I can't keep watching it. They drag out unnecessary misunderstandings and it's starting to annoy me to the point that I just want to skip half episode... Too bad since I loved the beginning so much ... On hold by now

  • Reply
    sweetluelyn Sep 12, 2013

    I really like the first half of this drama but as the drama progress i became bored maybe because the lead actors lacks chemistry, i mean their romance is not convencing but still i finished it because of Joo Woo.

  • Reply
    mafalda Sep 7, 2013

    NIS's work is a joke. They are supposed to be special agents but their behaviour is that of amateurs... Will continue watch it because of Joo Won though

    • Reply
      mafalda Sep 12, 2013

      So you're saying you need to be unprofessional to be funny and to pull some laughs from the audience? That's a new one

    • Reply
      DiaNine Sep 12, 2013

      You don't have to, but you're welcome to do it. It's not new at all, look at big American movies such as Johnny English. He's a spy and he's... Much worse than anyone on 7GCS.

    • Reply
      mafalda Sep 13, 2013

      Right... But he's meant to be like that, in here they are actually mentioning NIS and everyone on it is a joke, even their superiors! But yes, you may be right. I'm still finding a reason that will make me watch all this besides Joo Won... Did you like 7GCS?

    • Reply
      DiaNine Sep 13, 2013

      I did like it, it's one of my favorite dramas... You just gotta remember that it's not meant to be serious.

    • Reply
      mafalda Sep 13, 2013

      Right... Hopefully it will get better from the 10th episode. Thank you!

  • Reply
    Montse Aug 21, 2013

    This drama is only worth because of JOO WON . This drama is the proof that JOO WON is a Great Actor ,as you can see him developing a love story with the lead actress Choi Kang Hee , which I think doesn't match with him at all.

    • Reply
      lola_SuJu-ELF Sep 5, 2013

      i totally agree with u
      i feel like she's his mom .. even though she had great chemistry in protect the boss

  • Reply
    AnnGominho Jul 25, 2013

    Finished now see this drama, very good! I love anything (series, movie ...) that genre. The couple Gil Seo Won Ro and begin the greatest war, but then their relationship is super cute! Another couple who loved and lived by twisting them together was the end Do Ha and Sun Mi. *. *

  • Reply
    Gyeouligago Jul 24, 2013

  • Reply
    Gyeouligago Jul 24, 2013

    One word.. disappointed... I was sooo excited bc this drama had two of my favorite actors in it... But unfortunately it fell victim to a very poorly written plot and a total lack of understanding of what "special agents" are supposed to be like.. :'(


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