Tiny Times 1.0: Origami Times

Tiny Times 1.0: Origami Times (2014)

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The story is billed as a very frank and honest look at twenty-somethings living in Shanghai and dealing with both romantic, professional, and personal struggles.

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    Xiao Shi Dai 1.0 Zhe Zhi Shi Dai; 小时代 1.0 折纸时代; 青春时代; Tiny Times 1.0;

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Similar plot, but in drama form -only downside is not all the episodes are english subbed yet, which is why I haven't finished it yet. :P
Recommended by purplebichonhorse
About childhood girlfriends growing up and living their respective lives. Friendships, relationships, heartbreaks etc. Both are nostalgic.
Recommended by Ivy

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  • Reply
    werwiewowas95 Sep 24, 2016 - edited

    TT_TT I think it just became impossible to finish this drama with Viki deleting the videos ....

    • Reply
      Lifunia Dec 6, 2016

      What? I just watched an episode of the show :O
      Maybe it was just temporary, at least I hope so ^^

    • Reply
      werwiewowas95 Dec 7, 2016

      I don't know :/ there was a message on viki saying that all fan channel's videos will be deleted? maybe they are doing it one by one or they trashed the idea. hoping for the later one haha

    • Reply
      Lifunia Dec 7, 2016

      Ohh I must have missed that :/
      hehe yeah I hope for tha later option too ^^

  • Reply
    Humbledaisy Jul 11, 2015 - edited

    I'm watching this but can't find english subs after about episode 21. Luckily, I've seen the (somewhat) related movies so I can guess at the dialogue. My question is why wasn't this more popular? The director was the same as In Time with You and the soundtrack is awesome.

    • Reply
      Humbledaisy Dec 14, 2015

      Darn it! Me, too!

    • Reply
      Lorell Dec 28, 2015

      Yeah I was watching it there, but unfortunately after episode 18 EN subs are rare :S

    • Reply
      Humbledaisy Dec 28, 2015

      It's really such a good drama version - I go and check every few months just to see if it every completes subbing anywhere.

    • Reply
      Lifunia May 26, 2016

      viki.com now has subtitles up to ep 25 ^^

  • Reply
    Kate Feb 22, 2015 - edited

    Loved the show but felt that the ending was a bit too abrupt and didn't resolve issues well enough :-( The show could totally do with an extension to introduce more plots (like they did in the movie) and better resolutions. Now, I'll have to go read the novel that this is based on! Haha

    • Reply
      Seiran029 Mar 16, 2015
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Kate Mar 18, 2015
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Seiran029 Mar 18, 2015 - edited

      thnx a lot dear :) .. the ending seems ok so I'm going to give this drama a try.

    • Reply
      Kate Mar 18, 2015

      No problem! I'm glad you are going to watch this :) I really liked this drama and breezed through it even though there doesn't seem to be 'jump-out' in the plot. My only complaint is not having a clearer ending but I guess I can always hope for a sequel :)

  • Reply
    werwiewowas95 Dec 28, 2014

    I really like the drama :( it's a pity that not so many people are subbing it :(

  • Reply
    Kate Dec 25, 2014

    Loving the show so far despite the differences in plot from the movie but just can't help but feel that the male leads are not handsome enough for the storyline to make sense. Can't figure why Niall and Jian Xi are chased/liked by/appeal to so many girls.

  • Reply
    Kate Dec 17, 2014

    Was surprised to see Chen Xue Dong as Ah Wen instead of Zhou Chong Guang (the role he had in the movie). Loved him as Zhou Chong Guang in the movie and I don't get why he doesn't get the same role here!

  • Reply
    Mahsa Sep 1, 2014

    Where can I download this drama?

  • Reply
    Izu Aug 17, 2014 - edited

    I just started watching the drama and I can already tell that movies are waaaay better. It's a pity they couldn't make a drama like the movie. Even though drama is not the best I will keep on watching it because I'm curious about the story and I'm not very good at chinese yet to be able to read the books.

    • Reply
      Izu Aug 27, 2014

      I bet you will be amazed by this movie :) Just make sure to pay attention all the time, don't watch it if you are sleepy :) And good luck with subbing I will be waiting for more episodes :) btw where are you from?

    • Reply
      happilytorn Aug 28, 2014

      LOL! I'm from US. You? Do you understand Chinese?

    • Reply
      Izu Aug 28, 2014

      I'm from Europe. I am learning Chinese and I can understand a lot and communicate but I cannot watch dramas without subtitles yet.

    • Reply
      redbeanmochi Nov 16, 2014

      I actually personally really disliked the movies. I found that the first one had very little plot or substance, and the second one tried to make up for it by having too much. While the drama may not have the same budget as the movies, I think that most of the actors are on par, if not better than, their movie counterparts. That's not to say I wouldn't recommend the movies, I think they're perfect as fluff. With the drama however, I've seen much more character development and friendship than the movie, which is something I really look for.

    • Reply
      peacewon Jul 22, 2016

      I watched the first movie and then the drama series , I plan to pick up the movies next. I actually found the drama very different in flavor from the movies but I am really enjoying BOTH renditions very very much. I was worried the change in cast might be hard to take, but the transition was pretty smooth so far. Just going nuts to find subs aftr ep 27. MAN its at the best part too.... heheheh

  • Reply
    joyje Aug 29, 2013 - edited

    It shows that this drama is airing but I can't seem to find it in any of the websites. Any tips where can I watch this even if it is in Mandarin.

    • Reply
      joyje Jul 19, 2014

      Thanks for the tip.

  • Reply
    joyje Aug 19, 2013 - edited

    Where can I watch this drama? I don't mind watching it in Mandarin. I think I can more or less understand.

  • Reply
    Ami Jun 28, 2013 - edited

    is somebody subbing this drama :O I would like to see this - sounds interesting ^^

    • Reply
      Ami Aug 27, 2014

      oooo where are you subbing it?? Viki or on your own page or somewhere else? :O

    • Reply
      happilytorn Aug 28, 2014

      on viki. :)

    • Reply
      Ami Aug 29, 2014

      ooh thanks ^^ I think I start watching it someday :]


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    Jul 10, 2014 to Aug 9, 2014
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