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Jul 21, 2013
Oh no, Min Ki better not do anything stupid! I like his character so much. He needs a friend really bad. Someone to talk to. :(

Jung Ho sitting with Heung Soo and Nam Soon was really funny. It felt like he would be good now, but of course leaving that group can't be easy. I hope they'll save him soon so he can go to school peacefully. Stealing the phones is read more a really bad move..

Oh and Kyung Min was awesome in this episode! Standing up to everyone and telling her mind. Really great.

Ha Kyung and Kang Joo's scenes were really sad when they were making up, but the cutting-scene itself was so over the top I couldn't bring myself to be shocked. I mean, it's a little scratch and they all freak out and send her to the hospital. Uhuh.. And Ha Kyung's mom sucks almost as bad as Min Ki's mom.
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Feb 18, 2013
Wow! That was so much in so little time and I couldn't keep bouncing on my toushie throughout the episode :D From Jun seosaengnim's resignation till the break in the staff room. Every single moment was thrilling. I was so happy to see the blossoming friendship between Heung Soo and Nam Soon was so cute and amazing to watch. The playful naure between them is a treat. Seeing Oh Jung Oh turning read more over a new leaf in the beginning was so sweet and how he told Jung saeng to not quit was really shocking. But I really hope he wasn't the one to steal he phones :(
I really hope Min Ki does not have any suicidal tendencies because I really don't want that. I hope Min Ki's mother learns a good lesson for life from this!!!!

P.S. I'm so happy for Ha Kyung and Kang Joo fighting and finally reconciling and being closer than ever.

P.S. S. Nam Soon was BRILLIANT in this episode especially how he saved Kyung Min when she angered Jung Oh.
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Jan 15, 2013
OMG so much happened... Well, the whole friendship-fight between Kang Joo and Ha Kyung is finally resolved, with a bit of samurai skills, but those besties moments were super sweet.

The best scene ever! Our two *frenemies* Nam Soo and Heung Soo are baffled by Jung Ho (who seems to be getting a soft spot for Teacher Jung, who is in a really bad mini-depression. Teacher Kang tries to behave like an read more a** to get her to be a mommy-teacher again, which actually works when some little sweet scenes between her and random students show how much she cares. And of course we should not forget Min Ki and his mom, which we all can guess is not a good situation... Parents just sometimes need to back off is the underlying message
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Jan 15, 2013
Moments of Kang Joo and Ha Kyung are really warm.
Kyung-min's story is touching too, whatever she did is understandable.

Watching those three bulls sitting on the same table was quite funny :D
I always had a soft spot for Oh Jung Ho & group and this episode made that spot even stronger.

After long time I'm watching something that's giving equal importance to every character, I can't feel any lead characters read more because every character is lead character.

And....this is what I was expecting from this show, a great message. Min Ki is going to do same thing what many of students do during exam/result seasons. Parents are right in their place and students are right in their place too, well understanding between both is complicated. Parents must understand study isn't everything, and students should understand ending life isn't going to solve anything. I hope this show will teach something about this issue.
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