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School 2013 (2012)

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Seungri High School ranks as one of the worst of the 178 high schools in Seoul based on academic scores. Seungri High School is now busy preparing presentations for its new students. Class 2 is at the bottom of grade 2 at Seungri High. Nam Soon is elected class president for grade 2, thanks to the support of Jung Ho, who is a member of the school gang.
Se Chan is the read moretop Korean language teacher at a famous institute in Gangnam. In order to improve the student's scores at Seungri High School, the school hires Se Chan. When Se Chan appears at the school's opening presentation, Nam Soon becomes embarrassed.

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Apr 29, 2013
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
TL;DR? If you like cute boys and school dramas, then you should definitely not miss this one!

I wasn't entirely sure what to expect, walking into this drama, other than that it supposedly had an amazing bromance storyline. As a huge lover of all things "bromantic", I was intrigued by the prospect, enough so that I put aside my qualms about there being zero non-bro romance. And let me tell you, I read more am so glad that I did!

I don't typically watch high school dramas, and have never watched one that was so school-centric. 90% of the storyline involved the school, and while some of you may scoff that that was surprising to me, given that the title of the show is, in fact, School, I do wish that they had delved a little more outside of the school interactions. If only to break up the slightly repetitious storyline.

This drama wasn't meant to be marathoned, I don't think. When watching your 10th episode in a single sitting, it's glaringly obvious how many times they reuse some of the same plot points and how the only characters who are given room to grow are the categorized "misfits". The other characters, who should have been the normal bunch, never are given that chance. They stay catty and arrogant throughout, and while we are given so much motivation for why the criminal element of the show acts the way they do, characters who should have been regular students seemed far more sociopathic in their actions than a character who beat a guy til his leg broke.

If you are going into this strictly for the bromance, much like I did, then be prepared to wait. And wait. And then wait just a little bit more. It took a really long time before it got to the bromance I had anticipated from the beginning. It was an arduous journey to get to that point, and I think even calling it a bromance might be a tad misleading. It runs deeper than that. It's two boys who only ever had each other and how one mistake utterly destroys them, and the story of School is how they tenuously try to pick up the pieces.

The brilliance of this show does lie in the growth, however unfairly they distribute it. If a show can take you from absolutely loathing a character in the beginning to really, really wanting them to succeed in life then you know it's doing something right. And despite it's flaws, School 2013 was brilliant in showcasing the shades of gray and how the way you look at and treat other people doesn't define them as much as it defines what kind of person you are.

All in all, this drama is well worth the time and I defy anyone to watch it and not seriously fall in love with Go Nam Soon. Never has there been a more seemingly-apathetic character who could make you feel so many different things. I promise, give this drama a shot, and you won't be disappointed!
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Sep 18, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
Well, a friend recommended this Drama to me and at first I wasn't so sure if I'd really like this Drama, I've seen quite some school Dramas and I didn't think it would be somehow special or new.
But I was wrong, after the very first minutes of it, I was totally packed! The characters and their development in the story is very well, the characters are really authentic and the cast read more also is very nicely chosen! It also is a very emotional Drama, I've probably cried half of the time, not just because of sad moments, also because of happy moments.I really loved the main characters.
But what I disliked again is the end. It - again - feels like it just (and I hope that's not counted as a spoiler) stopped in the middle of the story, and many "side storys" haven't even been mentioned anymore...
But overall I really loved this Drama. I thought of giving it a 9/10 because of it's end, but it's just been to awesome, so I simply couldn't do that! I would really, really recommend this Drama to everyone, who likes a dramatical plot with sometimes very surprising changes!

So... to go into more detail (I'll try to not write any spoilers! I hope none will sneek in!)

To the story:
Most school dramas are happy and fluffy with sort-of dramatical scenes, but.... not really realistic.
This one on the other hand was very, very realistic. It was sort of dark, there was violence, drama, stress, it just seemed like that's how school in S. Korea could really be! And from what I know, it's also meant to be realistic.
Another thibg I liked about the story: other dramas, mostly school dramas are about romance, but this isn't, there may be a hint of possible romance but in the end there really isn't!
Also, I think it's hard to really say this and that person are the main characters! It was all about the whole class and also about the teachers, of course the listed main characters had sort of more screentime, but in the end everyone mattered in some way!
Even though I liked that it was so realistic, also about violence, not hiding anything, seeing the characters getting beaten up was very, very gard to watch!
I also liked, that many characters had their own back-story but it was sad, that not everything was cleared up in the end, actually many things were left open which I always hate while seeing Dramas, and I will never get used to it!

Now to the acting/cast:
I really, really loved the cast, actually I found 2 actors I didn't know/haven't paid much attention to before, which I now really look up to!
I don't know much about acting, and when I get into a story I don't really pay attention to that at all, and since I was really absorbed by the story, I can't say if the acting really was good or not but for me it simply was. The actors seemed to have very good chemistry which you also felt while watching, what they did just seemed realistic and not acted, sure there may be some scenes, but honestly I can't remember any...

To the Music:
I wouldn't say it was overly awesome, but I liked it and it was fitting, so I'm satisfied with that.

I probably won't rewatch it that soon, but that's rather because I can't watch something I just watched after a short time again, also there are just too many other Dramas to watch.

Well, overall I can just say that I really, really love this drama. It is by far one of the best dramas I've watched till now.
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  • Reply
    Youlie 12 days ago

    Oh my... that bromance will make you shed some tears!

  • Reply
    Christy 13 days ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. The only thing I was kinda disappointed in was the dropping of the romance storylines - bc there was tons of cute that could have been had - but alas it was not meant to me, I guess.

  • Reply
    Lior Oct 18, 2014

    I really want to watch it but I don't know if it worth it.
    i love Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk but it's weird that there is a school drama without any romance.
    I don't know what to do haha

    • Reply
      colorful_smile 24 days ago

      It is worth it! this drama was actually recommended to me
      by one of my friends whom taste I trust not to trust so I put it
      aside for a while and boy!! how much I regret it .. I was also skeptical
      because of the "no romance" but I ended up loving it .. in fact,
      it's way better off without romance ..
      they got to focus on real world problems for once instead of romance
      cliches.. there is a heavy dose of Bromance
      that will definitely make up for it btw..

  • Reply

    This was starred by one of my favorite couples on TV Choi Daniel and Jang Nara right after their drama Baby FAced Beauty..and now for the second time they starred again but they said no romance between them? just saddened by this..but I'll stl watch this drama for sure..

  • Reply
    Asma Sep 15, 2014

    Beautiful drama, liked the friendship and bromance aspect, the ending was awesome.

  • Reply

    This drama doesn`t have any story in it really and something I was like where is this drama going ....

    • Reply
      jxsilicon9 Aug 15, 2014

      Its slice of life type genre.Just people doing average, every day things.

  • Reply
    florazhang Jul 18, 2014

    I stopped at episode 10 a while ago should i continue watching?

    • Reply
      ELFfreak Jul 24, 2014

      Yes, you should. But it's what I think. :)

  • Reply
    Meye Jul 17, 2014

    Didn't like it until episode 8, then I was suddenly soo into it! and wow!! I LOVED the ending >>>> Spolier>>>> the last scene with Oh Jung Ho really made me tearful!! I guess he is my most favorite character in the whole drama.

    • Reply
      MinaVIP Oct 7, 2014

      Kwak Jung Wook really shined in this drama ;_; Oh Jung Ho was such an epic character! So complex ~ definitely one of my favorite characters ever!

  • Reply
    vinylwords Jul 13, 2014

    omg! Episode 10 and tears of BOREDOM streaming down my face. I stopped watching "School 2013" for 2 days in order to watch the Japanese drama "Mother". When I was watching "Mother" I would pause for several minutes whenever I just thought I would die from the overwhelming sadness, but with "School 2013" I pause the drama every few minutes because I am either bored or annoyed. And I am seriously considering dropping it altogether.

    I wanted to watch "School 2013" because I really liked "God of Study", but "School" is very poorly written. One of the keys, IMHO, to a great drama is to achieve a balance between the main story line and several secondary story lines. I don't think they really even tried here. Too much focus on a slow-paced main story of a ruined friendship, but all other characters' stories remain undeveloped. Yes, we learn a few things about each character, but they never give them enough time and attention. If they had developed other characters and their stories a little more, it would have saved the drama from being so MONOTONE.

    I am guessing that there was a reason that the writers decided not to pursue romance in this drama, so I won't criticize them for that. But still, there are any number of possible love stories they could have developed with the characters. And I am in ep 10 and nothing! They just give slight suggestions of romantic tension and then never follow up on it. It's tiresome.

    Anyway, I am really sorry if anyone reading this is upset. I just thought I'd share my opinion.

  • Reply
    zumzummara Jul 11, 2014

    i've just finished this drama and god i'm so glad that i watched it :) it's really amazing and that bromance literally killed me, it's so cute *______*
    if somebody is thinking about whether to watch it or not because there is no romance in it, then be sure to watch it because bromance of lee jong suk and kim woo bin is all you need, i swear to you :D

  • Reply
    kittyflumpin Jun 7, 2014
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      vinylwords Jul 13, 2014

      I agree. If they wanted to focus on the story of the friendship between the two main characters, they could have made a minidrama. If they make a 16 episode drama they need to diversify with well-developed secondary story lines. And yeah, too... many... unnecessary... dramatic... pauses... every... other... second... ugh!!

  • Reply
    Lyrical May 30, 2014

    Is there Romance too?

    • Reply
      MyYume Jun 2, 2014

      Nope no romance in this one :P There's bormance tho

  • Reply
    darkangel662008 Apr 19, 2014

    While watching this drama, I feel that I'm watching God of Study...

    • Reply
      MyYume Jun 2, 2014

      God of study was more like, they wanted to get higher grades but in this drama they are hardly struggling for it. The students just get mad and complain at the teachers for not teaching them "right" instead of trying to rise their grades Lol But i enjoyed it anyway ;)

    • Reply
      darkangel662008 Jun 2, 2014

      Hi! Actually when I made this comment I,m still on the first few episode and those episode really got God of Study feel fro me, but as the drama goes it shows me a different view. :)

  • Reply
    Massrah Apr 1, 2014

    The only thing that kept me going was the bromance between Go Nam Soon ( Lee Jung Suk) and Park Heung So (Kim Woo Bin) & believe me people when I say its totally worth spending 16 hours just watching these two<3

  • Reply
    KissMeNaNa Apr 1, 2014

    I just sat trough the first 2 epis and maaan it's sooo boring! I will prob watch epi 3 to give it another chance in hopes it get's better because I really like LJS but gosh the female teacher is so annoying!

    • Reply
      kittyflumpin Apr 17, 2014

      You have read my mind-- I think she's pretty useless as a teacher and it's kinda ticking me off to watch. The only reason I'm finishing it is because I'm watching it with a friend who loves Lee Jong Suk and it's excellent background noise for drinking (just kidding... kind of).

    • Reply
      justcallmejuvy Apr 23, 2014

      I totally felt the same way. The first episodes really bore the hell out of me. But give it a chance, the next episodes are really worth the watch. It started slow indeed but the mid and final episodes were superb. c:

    • Reply
      kittyflumpin Apr 24, 2014

    • Reply
      maboksan May 8, 2014

      god...and here I thought I'm the only who one found it boring...just 1 episode bore me to the core..

    • Reply
      wavy3 May 26, 2014

      Gotta wait for Heung Soo to show up at least. :p Then the fun really begins.


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