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School 2013 (2012)

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Popular ’90s high-school drama series School is getting a modern reincarnation, and the 2012 version produced by Bae Yong-joon (Keyeast/Contents K) has landed a broadcast slot in December on KBS.

School was an immensely popular series that premiered in 1999, that featured fresh young faces and dealt with realistic issues teenagers faced in high school. It went on to air four seasons total with a new cast of characters each time.

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    학교 2013
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    학교 5; School 5

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Jan 29, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
Ok let me get started with one of he best dramas that HAS NO ROMANCE (I know shocked right especially for being a romance buff)! To all you people who love romance in everything and don't really know whether to watch this or not let me put your heart at ease.....:watch the dang thing or regret it! Lol not to be too harsh..... It is an amazing drama!
The acting was phenomenal, read more the characters were so well oriented with each other and the actors all seemed to be living the life of the character as they were on screen! I cried for all the right reasons watching this drama and I might even watch it again so that I can get that feeling! The bromance was so well developed that it maybe sometimes gave me this big goofy smile that I usually wear when I see the main couple interacting it's each other in other dramas! Haha! Nam Soon and heung soo are seriously he best ones in this drama! Also the teacher student relationships are really unique and also described perfectly!
The story it elf is a deal brake because all these school dramas that we love to watch no matter how much we dream they aren't really realistic, even though they dramafy everything in this drama this stuff happens at school everyday and we all know it! This school drama Is perfect and I know the some of you who don't want to go through a school drama are missing out on every thing you have ever wanted to watch.
All In all this drama is with every second and very tissue that you use! Even for those of us who like romance don't miss out on this show amazing actIng and an amazing storyline! I believe you people will savor evey second of it!!!!!
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Jan 29, 2013
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 10
School dramas are definitely my favorite kind, but this one was special.
Mostly centered on the rise and fall of an unfixable friendship, it doesn't stretch out the same one plot for sixteen episodes risking to make it lame and repetitive. Different stories are told, just like different stories happen in one high school class. Each of these plots lead back to friendship in the end, but none of them is like read more the previous one, as they all touch a second different topic, reminding us we're never the only ones who suffer although not everyone has to face the same kind of hardship we're going through.
This drama is original, true, bitter, at times shocking, but also inspiring, hopeful and fun like the age of its protagonists.
I appreciate the complete absence of romance, not because i don't enjoy it but because it's a nice change in kdramas standards.
At times it seems ridiculous the ability this school has to find a reason to expell someone every other day, but nevertheless the screenplay keeps the suspence up until the very last minute.
And there's no reason to deny or hide it: the bromance will kill you over and over again.
This drama is a jewel.
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  • Reply
    florazhang 4 days ago

    I stopped at episode 10 a while ago should i continue watching?

  • Reply
    Meye 5 days ago

    Didn't like it until episode 8, then I was suddenly soo into it! and wow!! I LOVED the ending >>>> Spolier>>>> the last scene with Oh Jung Ho really made me tearful!! I guess he is my most favorite character in the whole drama.

  • Reply
    vinylwords 9 days ago

    omg! Episode 10 and tears of BOREDOM streaming down my face. I stopped watching "School 2013" for 2 days in order to watch the Japanese drama "Mother". When I was watching "Mother" I would pause for several minutes whenever I just thought I would die from the overwhelming sadness, but with "School 2013" I pause the drama every few minutes because I am either bored or annoyed. And I am seriously considering dropping it altogether.

    I wanted to watch "School 2013" because I really liked "God of Study", but "School" is very poorly written. One of the keys, IMHO, to a great drama is to achieve a balance between the main story line and several secondary story lines. I don't think they really even tried here. Too much focus on a slow-paced main story of a ruined friendship, but all other characters' stories remain undeveloped. Yes, we learn a few things about each character, but they never give them enough time and attention. If they had developed other characters and their stories a little more, it would have saved the drama from being so MONOTONE.

    I am guessing that there was a reason that the writers decided not to pursue romance in this drama, so I won't criticize them for that. But still, there are any number of possible love stories they could have developed with the characters. And I am in ep 10 and nothing! They just give slight suggestions of romantic tension and then never follow up on it. It's tiresome.

    Anyway, I am really sorry if anyone reading this is upset. I just thought I'd share my opinion.

  • Reply
    zumzummara 11 days ago

    i've just finished this drama and god i'm so glad that i watched it :) it's really amazing and that bromance literally killed me, it's so cute *______*
    if somebody is thinking about whether to watch it or not because there is no romance in it, then be sure to watch it because bromance of lee jong suk and kim woo bin is all you need, i swear to you :D

  • Reply
    kittyflumpin Jun 7, 2014
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    • Reply
      vinylwords 9 days ago

      I agree. If they wanted to focus on the story of the friendship between the two main characters, they could have made a minidrama. If they make a 16 episode drama they need to diversify with well-developed secondary story lines. And yeah, too... many... unnecessary... dramatic... pauses... every... other... second... ugh!!

  • Reply
    Lyrical May 30, 2014

    Is there Romance too?

    • Reply
      MyYume Jun 2, 2014

      Nope no romance in this one :P There's bormance tho

  • Reply
    darkangel662008 Apr 19, 2014

    While watching this drama, I feel that I'm watching God of Study...

    • Reply
      MyYume Jun 2, 2014

      God of study was more like, they wanted to get higher grades but in this drama they are hardly struggling for it. The students just get mad and complain at the teachers for not teaching them "right" instead of trying to rise their grades Lol But i enjoyed it anyway ;)

    • Reply
      darkangel662008 Jun 2, 2014

      Hi! Actually when I made this comment I,m still on the first few episode and those episode really got God of Study feel fro me, but as the drama goes it shows me a different view. :)

  • Reply
    Massrah Apr 1, 2014

    The only thing that kept me going was the bromance between Go Nam Soon ( Lee Jung Suk) and Park Heung So (Kim Woo Bin) & believe me people when I say its totally worth spending 16 hours just watching these two<3

  • Reply
    KissMeNaNa Apr 1, 2014

    I just sat trough the first 2 epis and maaan it's sooo boring! I will prob watch epi 3 to give it another chance in hopes it get's better because I really like LJS but gosh the female teacher is so annoying!

    • Reply
      kittyflumpin Apr 17, 2014

      You have read my mind-- I think she's pretty useless as a teacher and it's kinda ticking me off to watch. The only reason I'm finishing it is because I'm watching it with a friend who loves Lee Jong Suk and it's excellent background noise for drinking (just kidding... kind of).

    • Reply
      justcallmejuvy Apr 23, 2014

      I totally felt the same way. The first episodes really bore the hell out of me. But give it a chance, the next episodes are really worth the watch. It started slow indeed but the mid and final episodes were superb. c:

    • Reply
      kittyflumpin Apr 24, 2014

    • Reply
      maboksan May 8, 2014

      god...and here I thought I'm the only who one found it boring...just 1 episode bore me to the core..

    • Reply
      wavy3 May 26, 2014

      Gotta wait for Heung Soo to show up at least. :p Then the fun really begins.

  • Reply
    Cleiton Mar 6, 2014

    i dont like!

  • Reply
    kittyflumpin Feb 27, 2014

    Please tell me this picks up once Kim Woo Bin shows up. A friend and I have just started watching and man, the first 3 eps were... slooooooow. Then, FINALLY, Kim Woo Bin appears late in ep.03. It'll get significantly more interesting from here on out, right? Right?!

    • Reply
      vamp97 Mar 16, 2014

      You bet it does
      Kim woo bin and lee Jong suk best bromance ever
      Plus the story picks up when he comes

    • Reply
      kittyflumpin Mar 20, 2014

      Hmmm... we're on ep.06 and I'm not seein' it yet (we're only watching 1 ep/week because quite frankly I think we'd fall asleep if we watched 2 in a row). I suspect I'm gonna be one of those folks who just doesn't get what others see in this show. It happens. *shrug*

    • Reply
      vamp97 Mar 20, 2014

      Oh well each to their own, I don't remember ep 6 well but I do know it does pick and you see some real emotional acting between the two leads near the end. However if you don't like, you don't like *shrugs*

  • Reply
    Nana Feb 25, 2014

    I started to watch this and I really like it. I wanted to see this online but school 2013 on viki tv isn't available in my country v.v... well i'm searching for sites where I can download or even watch online this k-drama with good quality.
    Talkin about this again, i think that i'll get addicted.

    • Reply
      Mo-chan Apr 25, 2014

    • Reply
      Nana Apr 27, 2014

      thank you ^^

  • Reply
    wolfgirl9 Feb 17, 2014
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    • Reply
      vamp97 Mar 16, 2014
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    • Reply
      rationalbeings Apr 24, 2014
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    • Reply
      kittyflumpin Jun 7, 2014

      This, this, a thousand times this!

  • Reply
    SarangJongSuk Jan 20, 2014

    I really want a second season. Woo Bin and Jong Suk are so good together. I loved Jung Ho and his crew as well.

  • Reply
    MyOwnJudgement Jan 19, 2014

    Guhhhhhh!! I'm only at episode 4 and I'm already tearing up! Danmnmn, this series really grips you by the heart! And I'm just sooooo curious about our main boy's hidden past.... (/>_______<)/


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