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Spring Love (2013)

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After his mother's death, Long Tai returned to Taiwan in search for his long lost father and twin brother. When people mistook him for his brother, who had left the country, he perpetuated the mistake. The change did not go unnoticed by his brother's foe. Zhao Ren Hu, who had planned on defeating Long Tian He in a festival competition and taking over Long's hot spring, was defeated by Long Tai. As read moreper agreement, Zhao sent his sister to Long's house to work as an indenture servant for a year, but secretly ordered his sister to spy on Long. But, the sister had other things in mind.

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    Mei Ren Long Tang ; Onsen Beauty

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Nov 29, 2013
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
A story about twin brothers separated at birth. Much like the prince and the pauper the story begins with the poor brother “accidentally” switching places with the rich brother. As with all Taiwanese dramas you can guess who will end up with whom and pretty much see the typical plot twists. So yes there are hospitals, pregnancies, secret births, stupid misunderstandings, evil mothers and the whole gamut. Please remember this is a read more Taiwanese rom-com drama so there is cheesiness everywhere; pratfalls, slapstick, stereotypical workers ect.
The best thing about this drama is Mike He! He is EVERYTHING!! I mean he is the prince, he is the pauper, he is evil and he is good. His work is incredible as two different characters and clearly uses different facial expressions for both. He played so well that I was secretly hoping for a He on He love scene (they can do that cant they??). During the last episode I fangirled out so much that got hoarse.
What was annoying was the emotional retardation of almost all of the characters. I understand that characters need to be developed but the writers put the starting place so low that there was no where to go but up. They put the female lead in one of the best fat suits I have seen in a drama, but her wrists and neck were still very thin. If you are fat don’t take what they say to heart because the call her all kinds of fat. The wardrobe person needs to be shot for this drama because everyone had ill fitting clothes and she/he had Mike He in the same clothes every episode (I was through with that blue jacket!).
All in all, this was a good watch- I fell off around episode 5 because the plot wasn’t moving fast enough for me; they didn’t bring the other Mike He into the fold till around ep10. The end was satisfying- all the ends were neat and there was so much Mike He.
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Apr 21, 2013
  • Overall 5.0
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 6.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
I didn't completed it yet but I just had to warn the ones who wanted to start this drama.

First I started this drama because I wanted to watch a drama about twin brothers.
But until now there hasn't been much about the twin brothers and I'm pretty sure there won't be much more except of the few scenes and well the final scene where they get busted.

The second problem I've read more got was Mike He. Well, I'm not really that into him as others but he is indeed a good actor. But I don't know if it's because of the bad plot or the lack of chemistry or whatever but his and the overall acting in this drama is way too cheesy and let's face it bad.

And the third problem I've got and I bet I'm not the only one if they want to make a character fat then please make it a little bit believable and not just make the female lead were a body suit and make her look like some freak. Seriously Lin Ying Zhen is a pretty, tiny and cute girl + body suit that makes only her body fat = freak with a balloon body.

Nevertheless this is a cute, dorky and funny drama that you should only watch if you watch EVERYTHING THAT IS CUTE or EVERYTHING WITH MIKE HE.
If not then do whatever you want it's not like I can forbid you watching this drama :P
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  • Reply
    Kate 17 days ago

    I didn't like it the first time I watched it but it was reaired on TV so I gave it another chance and I found myself glued to the TV at unearthly hours just to watch this. So much cuteness and sweetness!

  • Reply
    iChuu Jun 1, 2015

    This drama had so much h potential but what a waste of time
    It's really bad smdh
    Probably rate it a 2/10

  • Reply
    thirdworld Apr 25, 2015

    I personally liked this. It was slow which is something I usually can't stand but the fact that there wasn't really any second leads made me happy.

  • Reply
    KMR Dec 7, 2013

    Wow that drama was so lame.

  • Reply
    AmyLovesDramas Aug 6, 2013

    Dropped this drama :/

  • Reply
    SailorMoonRocks Jul 25, 2013

    I just finished watching this and I loved it! I don't understand why people gave it negative reviews but all I can say is, it's a drama where you have to be patient. Everything unravels one by one and you can't expect it all to happen at once.. For those who want the twins to appear, I have to say, it happens later on in the story. It ties everything together at the end, which makes up for the confusing beginning. All in all, I say, go watch it yourself because it's worth watching. You never know if you like it or not if you don't try! =)

  • Reply
    snowflake Jun 13, 2013

    i like mike he....but this is just...ugh... -_-

  • Reply
    Kachiiing Jun 13, 2013

    I was really hoping for some twin action...like Ren Mei is stuck in a love triangle between the new, nice twin and the mean Long Tai, who used to enjoy ridiculing her when they were younger. Nope...that would require split-screen technology, and double the efforts of Mike He...so instead I just gave up. *shrugs*

    • Reply
      SailorMoonRocks Jul 25, 2013
      Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      SailorMoonRocks Jul 25, 2013

      I think you mean the mean Tian He, not Long Tai.. Long Tai is the younger brother from Japan. Tian He is the sick brother from Taiwan.

  • Reply
    isabel03 May 11, 2013

    :( I am still waiting for eng sub.... still stuck in epi 11 :(

  • Reply
    yoondahyeon May 10, 2013

    with the mixed reaction that this drama is getting, not sure whether to watch it or not !

    • Reply
      Mivla Jun 30, 2013

      Yeah,me too... and they are extreme, some say it's a must see, some say it's a fail, WHOM TO TRUST?

    • Reply
      SailorMoonRocks Jul 25, 2013

      You should watch it! I just finished watching it, and I liked it very much. =)

  • Reply
    Daniella Apr 30, 2013

    I dropped this drama. It irritates me so much that there are two Mike He...

  • Reply
    xAyuu Apr 22, 2013

    really. ALOT of things don't make sense in this drama.. its like as if the writers just threw in whatever cliched and typical storylines together to create this..

    • Reply
      SailorMoonRocks Jul 25, 2013

      Really? I thought it tied everything very perfectly in the end.

  • Reply
    zapp Apr 19, 2013

    is there a website you can watch ep quick with eng sub plzz
    can't wait for ep 11

  • Reply
    batoul587 Apr 4, 2013

    Is the drama worth watching?

    • Reply
      palak Apr 5, 2013

      Mike He is always worth watching. lol ;)

    • Reply
      SailorMoonRocks Jul 25, 2013

      I agree with palak. This drama IS worth watching!

  • Reply
    ksthrnlghts Apr 1, 2013

    I'm also watching because of Mike He, but I have to say I am disappointed with this one. The characters are too one dimensional and would have been better with a younger cast. Mike looks great, but this role does not help him grow as an actor. This role and storyline as written is something I would have expected from him like 5 years ago. Mike He, please challenge yourself more!


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