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Black Butler (2014)

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The story is set in Asia in 2020 when West and East cultures are mixed in confusion. A young girl Genpou Shiori is a descendant of the the Phantomhive noble family. Shiori runs a large enterprise, Funtom Company, and she disguises herself in male attire, naming herself “Kiyoharu”. The family only allows males to be the head of the family, and they have also been tasked with the duty to solve difficult read morecases that happen in the underbelly of society by order of the queen. In order to get revenge, she gave up her life as a woman and made a contract with the demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis, in which Sebastian protects Shiori until she completes her revenge in exchange for devouring her soul.

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Jul 2, 2014
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 8.5
  • Acting/Cast 7.5
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 7.5
This is a great movie, let me explain you why;

The mansions, the little decorative things on the set and the costumes. This all is already luring you in this movie. The actor's were nice, but they could have been better I think. I did like the expressions Sebastian made and he always kept his cool. On the other hand Kiyoharu not, sometimes I was a litte confused about this character. But read more overall they acted well and they sucked me into the story.
If you've seen the anime or manga this movie might dissapoint you but if you didn't you'll sure to like this movie.
They portreyed the story good and I felt there was never a dull moment in this movie. I loved the action parts; they were very well executed and didn't look too fake at all. Also they managed to keep a mysterious vibe in the movie and there were some plot twists.
The music is the best part in this movie. It was perfect. They fitted every scene and when you'll see it in combination with the music you will get in that mysterious vibe.

So you should watch this if you like a fighting scenes, plot twists and a good story.
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Jun 9, 2014
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
I wanted to like this movie, and I do like this movie. I love the filmography, the costumes, the lighting and the music! I think the actors are fine.

Basic plot: There are a series of mysterious deaths in Tokyo. Rich people are found having "turned into mummies." Enter the Genpo/Phantomhive (I'm using a slash to indicate the film/manga name difference) Kiyoharu/Ciel. She (he, as she must masquerade as a boy in read more order to succeed the family company) must uncover the truth behind the murders. (I only saw the movie once, so I sort of forget how we found out that Genpo/Phantomhive got the case by order of the English Queen/or if he was snooping...) A high class, criminal club, drugs and hints to a larger crime organization make this futuristic Tokyo crime/supernatural movie quite interesting.

Mizushima Hiro's Sebastian, Goriki Ayame's Kiyoharu/Shiori were good. Rather dramatic, but good. I wonder what other options Mizushima could have considered for Sebastian? He came off as darkly amused to me... He MOVES like a dancer, and I liked the action. His smiling Sebastian was creepy, hahaha. He seemed more creepy than handsome/lady killer to me, but probably that was what he was going for. Shiori/Ciel was pretty good. :) I didn't fall in love with the character rewrite, and nor did I hate her.

It's a dark, mystery/action movie. It also requires suspension of disbelief (I mean, Sebastian IS a demon). If you like Steam Punk, I'm sure you'll enjoy the costume and filmography. The symbolism and back story??tragic past) are also there, and I think fairly well explained. (MUCH faster and in a bit more obvious ways than the manga, in some ways)

Also, Kenshin (movie) viewers-- there are some interesting parallels, but I won't go into them for fear of spoiling someone. ;)

Most fan-people seem to have bones to pick because of the setting change (in the future. In Japan) and the gender change for Ciel, but I think it was all part of marketing. I mean, we can't expect them to go to England and hire only English people (except for Tanaka, Mei-Rin of course, etc). Also, those movie people probably thought they could market to a wider audience with a girl Ciel/Shiori. And I didn't dislike Shiori/Ciel! I thought it worked ok. The setting too-- much easier for them to film. Also, Shiori liking gothic/Edwardian style clothing is not really a problem for me. Gorgeous outfits, yay.

Manga characters were left out. Mei-Rin, Tanaka, Madam Red, (name changed to....sorry, forgot), and Undertaker are the only manga characters. Remember, it is set in the future. Many manga lines are referenced.
Liked the movie. Looking forward to hearing other people's ideas about the movie.
NOTE: I saw the film in theaters in Japan, and will see the DVD...sometime soon.
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    Revalina Mariana May 22, 2017


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    ScarletStar Dec 19, 2016

    Ciel being a girl here is not a problem at all. They pretty much did justice and explained the reason and direction. It actually made the movie a bit more dramatic which added to the spice. Though there were plot holes but it was tolerable. Decent and better than I expected.

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    shishio Nov 8, 2016

    Feel like the ratings are cause everyone's salty "Ciel" is a girl... it's wonderfully done aside from a couple minor plot holes. Music's on point, the effects are nicely done and the settings are perfect. The overall feel of it is just like the anime, and Kiyoharu is every bit the interesting character that Ciel is, just the gender difference. Really doesn't deserve the level of criticism imo.

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    pekopoko Oct 21, 2016 - edited

    Why is Ciel a girl??????

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    Mica Sep 24, 2016 - edited

    Why isn't this rated a bit higher?
    I never watched the anime, or read the manga, but I think this movie was so well done. I loved the costumes and the plot wasn't bad. The acting was done well too.

  • Reply
    Lifunia Aug 30, 2016 - edited

    So should I watch this or the anime first? :)

    • Reply
      NoeliaDelar Sep 10, 2016

      In my opinion, you should watch the anime first, bc you would undertand the movie better ;)

  • Reply
    SailorMoonCostume Aug 23, 2016

    Adding to my list ;)

  • Reply
    Tania Chakravarty Aug 15, 2016

    why is ciel a girl no thanks

  • Reply
    Tania Chakravarty Aug 15, 2016

    why is ciel a girl no thanks

  • Reply
    Bodea Jun 10, 2016

    I tried the manga a while back, but it wasn't really my cup of tea. I watched for Hiro. It was pretty good, not great, but interesting enough that it held my attention.

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    Loved Mizushima Hiro since Hanazakari Kimitachi E. I'm gonna definitely watch it ;)

  • Reply
    Zun Apr 11, 2016


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    Inessa974 Feb 22, 2016 - edited

    Black Butler is one of my favorite animes that is why I took my time to watch this live action movie. I was afraid of being disappointed. Finally it is a good movie, it is not as good as the anime (there are many differences) but it is entertaining. For those who do not know Black Butler yet I think it is better to watch it before the anime to really enjoy it.

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      Zun Apr 11, 2016

      same i like both anime and movie

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    Neyjour Feb 6, 2016 - edited

    I loved this! Mizushima Hiro was awesome as Sebastian! And that ending... oh wow. LOL!! :P
    I really wish they would make a sequel...

    The only thing I was disappointed with was the Undertaker. :(

    PS. I'd gladly sell my soul to Sebastian, to have him by my side. :D

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    Kalub Yang Jan 1, 2016

    I really liked the movie and Sebastian was really hot!! The girl did a nice job acting too.


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