The Best Lee Soon Shin

The Best Lee Soon Shin (2013)

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Lee Soon Shin goes through hardships after the death of her father. Soon Shin and her mother struggle to find happiness. Her love story continues in the mist of ups and downs of her life.
Lee Soon Shin is the youngest member of a successful family. Despite her family′s successes, however, she seems to have failed to inherit any talent, and is marked as an oddball though she remains a bright, lively read moreand courageous girl. She then meets the head of an agency named Shin Joon Ho, and he turns her life around.
Shin Joon Ho is a confident, cold and competitive man who changes later after he begins to understand the real meaning of success through Lee Soon Shin

  • Native title:

    최고다 이순신
  • Also Known as:

    Lee Soon Shin Is The Best; Choegoda Isoonshin ; You're the Best Lee Soon Shin

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Nov 10, 2013
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 6.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
Man... this drama was long.

For a 50 episode drama, there were still a lot of loop holes which got me scratching my head in a WTF manner.

Why can't the script writers make a solid character out of Lee Soon Shin? There was so much potential into the character which was instead wasted into having her in a constant inner turmoil and misunderstanding with her family. She kept on bailing out read more on her manager, then at work, then at her family. Watching her be like this was quite confusing because she's supposed to be the strong protagonist and this is supposed to be her story but instead her character felt faded. The supporting roles were so much more interesting to me than hers. Then there's also the main lead guy, Shin Joon Ho. I felt the same way for him like Lee Soon Shin, why did the guy have to run around and try fixing things but end up empty handed? He tries, but never really gets to resolve anything. These main characters are sad... their story are being much overshadowed by other elements. I blame the writers for this.

What made this show bearable to watch are the actors. If it hadn't been for IU and Jo Jung Suk as the main roles I wouldn't have the patience to finish this drama but since they are my bias and there were a lot of cute scenes (not just on the main leads but as well on the other characters), that made me rethink of dropping the drama. The supporting roles were quite interesting as well. They have brought balance to the story and made it watchable. The families were such a mess, but the three sister's different characters really brought this drama to life so I guess it is still worth the watch.

I couldn't say that this drama was great, but I would have to admit it was a good watch if you could get past the circling theme with long dragging plot lines full of cliche. It was an average drama, it made me laugh-cry-hate-love the characters but at the end of the day it's not something I would want to brag about or recommend to people. It's more of a drama that would let me pass time until I finish downloading that specific drama I have been pegging to watch.

When watching this drama, be mentally prepared that Lee Soon Shin's character isn't actually the best because the supporting roles were better.
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Jun 11, 2013
  • Overall 6.0
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
My biggest complaint - Story:
I love the actors, they have been the ones holding this show together so far; but some plot points (no spoilers, no worries!) have been dragging for episodes upon episodes. The drama had a lot of potential in the first 10-15 episodes, but after that I can't say it is worth watching anymore. I have a list of 10 characters I am currently annoyed or pissed at, read more whose actions don't make sense to me. After watching my allotted two episodes a week, I feel drained and uncomfortable. That is not the feeling one should be getting from a family drama that is more than halfway done. I was hoping this show would turn out somewhat like Ojakgyo Brothers, that it would be charming and sweet. And it was, at first. But the last few episodes had only had yelling and confrontations and the plot doesn't seem to have moved an inch. IU and Jo Jung Suk have been doing a great job as the main leads, but there just hasn't been enough of them together so far. For me, there has been too many downs and very few ups in the last 10-15 episodes, that I do not think I can continue this drama. This is the first review I wrote, and I am sad to say it is not a very good one. If you want to see what a family drama should be like, watch Ojakgyo Brothers. This is just my opinion. I am still holding hope that this show might change for the better and I might go back to it after it finishes airing, but as of now, I am done!
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  • Reply
    alexk345 7 days ago

    I miss IU. She got tons of charisma. Only few actress who can carry the drama just by mere presence. Acting is kinda overrated word. You just have to be yourself and people Like that you that you project. IU always play hereself which is charming. Other actress overthink and just mess up.

  • Reply
    Grace lander Apr 24, 2015

    This drama is alright. Not as entertaining as Smile You!

  • Reply
    alexk345 Mar 24, 2015

    IU rocks!!! No one come close to her in kdrama in charm. May be han hyo joo.

  • Reply
    DBSK Feb 18, 2015

    I miss this drama a lot. The main leads were amazing.

  • Reply
    Shyames Dec 13, 2014

    Does anyone know who's the composer of background music? I've searched it for a long time but I coudn't find anything but 'Various artists'...

  • Reply
    Christy Nov 12, 2014

    If the focus hadn't switched so much to the parents, I'd have stuck with this for the leads - I liked them a lot.

  • Reply
    natsuberry Oct 4, 2014

    damn this drama has so many annoying characters

  • Reply
    BB78 Jul 17, 2014

    today i was looking for a drama to watch but all the good one i watched already and dramas that are ongoing i cant watch because of my curiosity... but then i thought why is IU soo damn good in acting and singing from all actresse and idols she loos like a normal girl.. her acting in this drama is superb because of this i watches this drama so often even though normally i dont rewatch!! IU thank you for being soo good in this drama and keep appearing in good dramas not just focus on music okay??
    this drama should have higher ratings!

  • Reply
    florazhang Jul 14, 2014

    There were wayyyyy too many mental breakdowns for me. I mean it's okay if theres a few cuz of the father dying, but like every other episode theres a mental breakdown

  • Reply
    Ahena Jun 24, 2014

    Hi guys, I need your help. I'm at ep 25 - it means I'm exactly in the middle of the drama. I want to ask - shall I continue? Is it going to be better or? I really hate dropping dramas.

    • Reply
      nxia Jun 30, 2014

      Oh, you reached that part? xD No, she won't be mad at Soon Shin the whole drama

    • Reply
      Ahena Jun 30, 2014

      Hh, ok. Thank you for reply :D

    • Reply
      nxia Jun 30, 2014

      omg, sorry if that was a spoiler

    • Reply
      Ahena Jun 30, 2014

      No no, it's ok. This is pretty prdictable. :D

    • Reply
      Ginger Jul 10, 2014

      I'd say skip up till ep34

  • Reply
    Qwenty Apr 26, 2014

    I was really addicted to this drama at the beginning, until the episode 35 it was so great but then;.. It disappointed me that the romance was so light and Lee Soon Shin's career so slow... At least, I discovered IU in a drama, and I have to admit she was absolutely adorable, i really liked her acting ;-)

    • Reply
      BB78 Jul 17, 2014

      absolutely IU the normal girl shows every actress thats not just about looks! (although she is cute in her own way)

    • Reply
      Qwenty Jul 19, 2014

      For me she's very pretty, i don't understand why koreans say she's not ... lol Anyway, I didnt like her in the drama "Pretty Boy", she was quite annoying ><

    • Reply
      BB78 Jul 20, 2014

      yeah she is very pretty but not goddess pretyy very natural like girl from enxt door pretty! xD
      i was really excited about pretty boy but that drama wasnt good. it was annoiying and her role was not good. i was very dissappointed.

  • Reply
    AnnGominho Mar 28, 2014

    Por que sempre arrumam uma maneira para o casalzinho se separar perto do final para só no final eles ficarem juntos de fato?? Me abuso!! rsrs Adorei ;) IU linda!!

  • Reply
    mesuzuITA Feb 27, 2014

    what does makjang mean? Does it mean totally unexpected events?

    • Reply
      sesimesi_momo Apr 20, 2014

      It means something that is too... extraordinary, too out of the world, things that almost never happen in real life

    • Reply
      mesuzuITA Apr 21, 2014

      Thanks ^^

  • Reply
    Youlie Feb 5, 2014

    I like both leads but I'm not sure if i should watch it... I mean 50 episodes means 50 hours... it a LONG time...

  • Reply
    sternchen Jan 5, 2014

    Sorry, had to drop it after 3 eps. I usually don't mind ling dramas, but this one was just too slow paced. I don't even know how they manage to fill every episode with so little going on.


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