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  • Country: Taiwan
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 73
  • Aired: Mar 26, 2013 - Jul 22, 2013
  • Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Network: SET TV
  • Duration: 50 min.
  • Genres: Friendship, Law, Romance, Life, School, Drama, Family
  • Rating: Not Yet Rated


  • Score: 8.0 (scored by 234 users)
  • Ranked: #99999
  • Popularity: #99999
  • Members: 979
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Nov 28, 2013
Overall 8.0
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 7.0
An adorable drama about two dads going gaga over a cute little girl. I thought that this would be a heavy drama because a father/daughter relationship is the theme of the drama, but no. This drama was different and I don't regret spending a lot of time watching this really long drama.

I like that it didn't focus on the romance between characters, rather it focused on the love between family members. This is a feel good drama for those who would like to see good looking guys going crazy over their child.
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Feb 10, 2015
Overall 8.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 8.0
I was very interested in watching this drama when it first came out, i had to wait awhile for it to be subbed. I know subbing can take a while and depending on the love for the show, depends on how fast it will get subbed. I let time pass waiting for more episodes to be released and for those subbing could sub.
The show was originally slated for 80 or 85 episodes but ultimately ended with 73. This show is very funny and enjoyable and you get that each episode there is something to learn from it. And you feel like apart of the family, even though you are on the outside looking in. You get to know more about each character and watch as they better themselves. There is moments when you are so used to seeing a particular character, that when you don't see them you wonder where they are ad when you will see them again.
You will laugh, worry, gasp, smile, cry and wonder. As this drama takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. A kind of drama that will want you asking for more and wondering why not? Depending on how you take drama's in, you will either watch more then one a day, or end up going on a marathon then going omg it felt like yesterday i watched this episode when you are farther off from the beginning, and closer to the ending

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May 4, 2014
Overall 8.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 6.5
Rewatch Value 7.0
Story: A unique story of two guys raising a daughter together.. and they're not gay XD Although the romantic love story lines were not the main focus in this drama, they were slowly developed and I loved the diversity of it. All 4 couples managed to capture my interest which is amazing! This may contain a bit of SPOILER.. From the little Bears cute adoration of Wendi, to Marcus and Amanda's chasing the girl of his dreams who is totally out of his league, to Cherry and Youwei's pet-like caring to appreciation to almost-love, to finally Megan and Leroy's hate turned friendship to soon-to-be-love relationship.

Acting/Cast: It was the first time seeing a lot of the actors in this and I loved every one of them. Lucia was adorable as the daughter and she acted lovely. Great casting really! Special props to Amanda because there was a few episodes where she was clearly incredibly sick but she continued acting as normal - that's professional right there <3

Music: None of the songs used really appealed to me. The opening song didn't do much for me neither. But that doesn't matter because the drama was great.

Rewatch Value: Instead of re-watching, I'd wish they would have just continued this drama. It could easily have gone to 100 episodes with no problem and I would still have continued watching.

Overall: I really liked this drama!! It is not like any of those other dramas which focus all on romantic love. It has different kinds of love between parents, kids, siblings, and friends. This is a really funny, touching and loving drama.. with many moments that brought tears to my eyes..

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