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Last Cinderella Episode 6

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  • Aired: May 16, 2013

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Last Cinderella Episode 6 Reviews

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Sep 2, 2013

It is a sign...

that she cares more about Rintaro than Hiroto when she will take care of herself and dress up to "pretend" to be Rintaro's girlfriend, but pays little to no attention to care for herself as Hiroto's actual girlfriend.

Interesting episode.
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May 28, 2013

It's Okay...

It’s about time that Hiroto tells Sakura the truth, well, he told her that he was lying to her but I am not sure if he will tell everything.

Oh, and Miki get her own distraction now since the host dude offered her a job, now, she can payback her husband’s carelessness. Payback time bwahahaha
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May 22, 2013

Not so bad!

I'm not entirely sure why everyone has thought this episode to be boring, I was quite entertained, especially since one of my other favorite actors entered the scene!! Yamamoto Yusuke!! LOVE HIM! I think this has actually improved since the beginning, I really started out hating Sakura and how she acted but from this point on wards it's improving.
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May 22, 2013

This episode was a HOT MESS!!!

I agree with the first review that it was boring. Why? Because they've managed to stunt Sakura and Hiroto's relationship (e.g. Exaggerated toothache diversion in bed scene). If they are not to be together why go through so much trouble? It was so obvious and annoying. Then, in the next sequence we see the writers trying; basically over-emphasizing how Sakura and Rintaro's mom are alike. Prompting the viewers to see how right for each other they are. Okay?!
Honestly, I'm starting to dislike the heroine because she said in the beginning she wanted a man. Then when she has one, and cares about him, she can't even kiss him? But she can accidentally kiss a person she herself claims is her arch enemy? Writers you're not being realistic at all. If I had to watch Sakura and Rintaro's relationship play out solely, I'd be bored. The non sensical bickering between them is not endearing or romantic but childish used to frequently in these dramas.

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May 19, 2013

a little dull

What with all the expectations created by last week's preview, I found this episode quite boring.
Sakura seems so little invested in her love life it's deflating my enthusiasm too.
She's still as hilarious as ever - which is the saving grace of the show, for me - but I wish she would at least change her hairdo before I start screaming in frustration.

What purpose does a passionate liason with a hot 24 year old serve, if she's not rendered more self assured? Her carelessness for her appearance goes on a parallel path with her not truly caring for any man right now. And while I can see Hiroto growing affection, I can't imagine them ever being completely happy together. They are simply mismatched.

I also wish they woudn't make Chiyoko into some psychopath and let her have her sweet romance too.

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May 19, 2013

Mixed Feeling!

I got mixed feeling after watching sixth episode of Last Cinderella. I felt sad about Miki-chan and so annoyed by Chiyoko-chan.

I really hope Kintaro-kun will end up happily with Sakura-chan Let Hiroto have a happy life...with me. :))

I need to watch the next episode as soon as possible!!:D
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