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May 25, 2013
Kotoko and Naoki had their first date, I must say it wasn’t very exciting but it was good to see Naoki getting closer and not setting that distance between them but now he’s moving out.

I loved Kotoko and Sudou’s stalking parts, the way they were running and hiding, even an idiot can tell. I also liked it when Kin-chan had those crazy thoughts, he was hilarious.
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May 25, 2013
So, I know some viewers are getting worried that this drama is going too slow and that it will not be able to cover the whole anime. Well, it doesn't look like it's going to get covered unless they take some things out or speed things up. The latter seems rather unlikely, seeing as how slow each episode is. But I personally don't mind how long they're taking to "get together," I read more prefer it to them getting together too fast. --PLOT SPOILER HERE--. While I want to see the characters married, it might be a bit awkward for the actor and actress to do a certain honeymoon scene since Miki Honoka, Kotoko's actress, is only 15 and not yet an adult, and Furukawa Yuki is 10 years older. I don't think a 10 years age difference would ever get in the way of my enjoying their acting though, so I won't worry about that now. --PLOT SPOILER ENDED--.

As for this episode.

I love it how Sudo fell on top of Kotoko right in front of Naoki and Yuko, and how Naoki BACKFIRES with saying he CAN go to the movie with Yuko!!! Deep inside, he IS jealous!! kekeke

Poor Kin-chan doesn’t hear the whole conversation well with his eavesdropping method, & ends up going to the wrong place for the whole day and getting barely any screen time. I want MORE Kin-chan! I don't want him to become an overlooked character that no one takes seriously like in the anime; this show was giving him more serious moments and I liked that but now he's just sort of drifting into the background.

Yuko’s dress is one of the most hideous pieces of clothing I have ever seen. On the other hand, Naoki looks AMAZING!! XD

If I listed every funny thing here I would end up summarizing the whole episode. I'll just say that there were lots of hilarious moments and I loved them all.

IRIE TO THE RESCUUUUUUUUEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I shouted KAKKOIIII along with Yuko and Kotoko!! XD Because that's what Naoki/Yuki is. Sugoku kakkoi!

Um…that was quite handy that someone with a tennis racquet was walking along O.o Go Sudo-san! Whack that guy on the butt with your tennis racquet.

Naoki’s smile as Sudo was holding the racket and starting to go into his crazy mode-- I could tell that Yuki was truly smiling!!

My heart was seriously going doki doki doki during the part where Naoki’s running away with Kotoko, and every time he gazes at her!!

Until next week, Itazura Na Kiss: Love in Tokyo!
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May 24, 2013
I was really looking forward for a major development in this episode but sadly, its not that much. But It was good, at least there some "romance" moments, I really think they were good especially the running-stumbling-holding-hands-part, (I squealed at that moment)but there was not enough development for a real love story. This is a bit slow-paced episode, real funny and entertaining (especially sudo-sempai & kotoko's funny-spy-duo-act) and cute as ever!
PS: read more Irie-kun was really cool in this ep! :)
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May 24, 2013
I am honestly worried here! for all who don't know the story: STOP HERE *SPOILER* It's already the 8th episode of 16 and they are still not even close to the big confession! yuki's hospital incident and the 2nd kiss is still missing. In other words: they don't plan on showing any marriage life. well the heroine is still really young and all, but that was my fav part of the story, read more caus' u can actually see naoki's love for her! Well maybe it's just me whining there, but it would be a shame caus' I really like this version!!!! btw This episode was a bit slow-paced but funny and nice like the others.
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May 24, 2013
The slapstick in this drama is pretty good and I can't help but find Kotoko's expressions and actions funny. I had hopes for the romance after the last episode, but was let down again when it came to the actual confession. He didn't say anything new, and a hamburger is not much of a date.
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