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I Summon You, Gold! Episode 28

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I Summon You, Gold! Episode 28 Reviews

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Jul 17, 2013

Draggy and a bit frustrating

For someone with a low patience level as mine; watching this episode was really frustrating and annoying. It’s like nothing changed through the whole episode. Hyun Jun is still palying an emotional war with Seung Eun and he’s obviously hurting himself in the process, Mong Hyun and Hyun Tae’s road seems to be blocked and the only solution is divorce, Hyun Soo is still as weak as ever and that’s really annoying, he doesn’t seem like a person who would battle against the second mother and Hyun Jun.
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Jul 11, 2013

2 million, and I'll throw in a diamond ring... Going, going, Re-Sold to family!

Ep 27-28 this show has held me from start, however these 2 are feeling draggy about now YET this show has got so many evil -vengeful characters its hard to comment or not give away storyline. Here are some noteworthy evil point in these 2 ep. Evil#1: all these MiL's are wild, greedy, controlling, cranky all for sake of family, hahahaha! Evil#2: Syrupy "B"- kidnap your estranged child, blackmail single dad who wants Nothing to do with them to vanish from this world, & that creepy seduction scene w hubby, oh hell, let's stop here. This chick must kin to hellboy, cause her karma is just bad, and i am looking forward to her kick into level 5 of Dante's world although she will have a lot of family surrounding her. Evil#3: mommy who sold her daughter for her fame and glory, a limpish dad who is just sad, pathetic and miserable caught between his Mom, Wife & Grand, pouty son, hen pecked brother and greedy SiL. Damn, he's just caught in level 1 of hell, he must like it OR he needs to move into a insane asslyum for peace - Enough evil, my keyboard is smoking. The only redeeming character yet she's pitiful & intelligent is MY who is just fighting to live in this hellish hubby family knowing she is being re-sold back to her family for a richer, crazier model to strengthen the business. These 2eps are slow & painful. Yoona is in Love w H, and he's just wallowing in something, just not sure, just hope it's not level 1 scum, floating around his feet. Will I watch more, sure more evil decent is on the way, making Dante proud.

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