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The Heirs (2013)

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Kim Tan is heir to the Empire Group sent to study abroad in the U.S. In reality it's a form of exile, as his elder half-brother back home schemes to take over the family business. While in the States, Kim Tan bumps into Cha Eun Sang, who arrived from Korea in search of her older sister. He feels himself falling for her, never realizing that she's the daughter of his family's housekeeper. read moreWhen his fiancée Rachel Yoo arrives to bring him back to Korea, his heart is torn between love and duty.

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    The Inheritors; The One Trying to Wear the Crown; Withstand the Weight – The Heirs; He Who Wears the Crown, Endure Its Weight; He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight; Heirs

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Apr 8, 2014
  • Overall 5.0
  • Story 4.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 3.0
Overall, I don't find this drama attractive to me. What people love about this drama is actually the casts, which I do agree since I watched finish this drama because of Woobin and more. However, the story plot is just simply too boring, or should I say, common. It is just a normal story of a poor girl who falls in love with a rich guy and together, they faced problems due read more to the difference in their social status. Furthermore, they focused too much on the main leads that there is not enough space for the other casts like Haneul, Hyungsik, Krystal and Minhyuk to elaborate more on their characters.
However, on the other hand, I like the acting especially Woobin's. The part when he reunites with his mother just simply touched me - the only scene I cried throughout the whole show.
In conclusion, I won't find this drama that worth to watch unless you are a fan of any of the main casts.
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Apr 8, 2014
  • Overall 4.0
  • Story 3.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 2.0
A suuuper long review coming up, brace yourselves... XD

This drama was the biggest disappointment of 2013. I started watching it because of all the hype around it and for the first two episodes, I was actually really excited. However, it soon became evident that this drama was not going to live up to the expectations that I held.

The very first sign of the drama going seriously downhill was LA. Don't read more get me wrong, it's a lovely city but the way Americans were portrayed was just painful. Yeah, I'm sure those kind of people exist in the USA, just like they do everywhere else in this world, but do they really need to rely so heavily on a couple of stereotypes they've picked up from American TV-shows? Ah, you might argue that this all builds up to the story and Kim Tan's character. But it doesn't. When Kim Tan goes back to Korea, he is completely different from his image in the US. He doesn't do drugs or drink or party or have sex with random girls... like seriously, where did that come from?

Plotwise the LA. sequence is also pretty irrelevant. Kim Tan and Chan Eun Sang could have easily met elsewhere and it would have worked just as well. They could have met in China or Japan or in, I don't know... Korea? Had they met in another Asian country, we wouldn't have had to hear that horrible, unrealistic English that was just another pain in the butt while watching. I feel like they included the LA. sequence to emphasize the luxurious lifestyle or coolness or credibility of the "rich kids", but quite frankly it did the exact opposite.

The next thing that had me doubting the show was Cha Eun Sang. She is by far, the worst character that I've ever seen in a Korean drama. I'm not hating on Park Shin Hye, she's just doing what's on the script, which is nothing more or less than crying about everything as if she was the most antagonized person in the world. The only thing she knows how to do is run away when things start going wrong, instead of fighting for herself. The only good part about this character were the short, very rare moments that she had Bona jealous over Chanyoung and somehow managed to turn that into her own advantage. All in all, I don't understand why two guys as hot and rich and popular as Kim Tan and Choi Young Do would ever waste their time courting her.

Kim Tan's character was also disappointing. Pretty much everything he does during the drama falls under one of these categories: 1. Declare your love for Cha Eun Sang 2. Pick a fight with Young Do. 3. Follow your brother around like a lost puppy. There isn't anything specifically wrong about him, but neither is there anything interesting in this character.

With all this being said about the two main characters, it is no wonder that I found myself more interested in their mothers than their own relationship. Tan's mother and Eun Sang's mother portray one of the sweetest friendships that's ever been seen in a drama. They bicker a lot and in the beginning seem to hate each other but it's actually shown in the end that they can't quite manage without each other. Their relationship was heartwarming.

The plot of the drama is very plain. When I read the summary for the first time, I was expecting to see some hardcore drama relating to business and possible corruption and political involvement and whatnot because come on, it's called "The Heirs", shouldn't it be a relevant part of the plot? Turns out, that no, no it doesn't. The drama relies on clichés and clichés only. There is the setting of poor girl and rich guy, bullying, teacher-student relationship, wrist grabbing, controlling and money-obsessed father, a "rich bitch", arranged marriage and banishment of the main character. There are too many "emotional" staring moments and not enough action. It's a bad baggage.

The music for the drama was good but I had to dock a few marks off it for a reason that I think everyone can guess. Love is the moment. That line double-ruined so many already ruined moments in the drama for me that I can't read a sentence with the words "The Heirs" and "OST" without cracking up laughing. The song is good, but they abused it and in all the wrong moments.

Now for the reasons that you should watch this drama. There aren't that many. Number 1: cast. Yes, the cast for the drama is great. Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won are all promising young actors although I must say that Lee Min Ho disappointed me here. Maybe it was the character, but he's done better. But Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won are amazing in their roles are Young Do and Rachel. There's Minhyuk, Hyungsik and Krystal representing idols and the ever-so-sexy Kang Ha Neul and Choi Jin Hyuk who make it that much easier to watch. If you're looking for reasons to watch, the cast is one of the only ones.

Other reasons to watch are Choi Young Do and Yoo Rachel. They are the two characters that bring us at least some kind of drama. We all knew this about Woo Bin already but once again he proved that he really is a great actor (much better than Min Ho, sorry). Although the character that he plays is fairly complicating, he captures the dimensions well. Young Do's character was pleasant to follow from the beginning to the end. Ji Won also proved herself for me in this drama. Previously I doubted her skills but as Rachel she was very convincing and actually grew to be my favorite character of the entire drama. Although there is little character development, at least the amount that we see is entertaining and she seems like a believable person.

The final reason to watch this drama are Lee Bona (Krystal) and Yoon Chanyoung (Minhyuk). They are the cutest couple you're going to find. Krystal definitely acts very exaggeratedly but she is cute and fun to watch and her interaction with Chanyoung is just adorable. Bona is also definitely the kindest of the characters, in her own special way. Also, thank you Krystal for saving the English in this drama!

So my final verdict is that The Heirs is not a drama worth watching. Obviously if you're a fan of some of the main actors you should (maybe) give it a go but otherwise, don't waste your time. I give this drama the total of 4/10. 1 point for Bona and Chanyoung, 1 point for Rachel and 2 for Young Do.
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This drama has a better "rich-boy-meets-poor-girl"-concept than The Heirs did. It's more realistic and heart wrecking.
Recommended by Vthung
The main actor in both of them is Lee Min Ho. HE LOOKS REALLY GOOD IN BOTH OF THEM! <3333
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    Carmen alexandra 5 hours ago

    I didn't really liked it... though i love LMH and PSH but idk why... it didn't have that "something" that makes you watch all the episodes in 1 night and it was kinda boring at some parts....

  • Reply
    YooHae96 3 days ago

    I....almost do hate this Drama -.- it made me lost my interest and sympathie in Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho ...
    I need to watch some other dramas of them to make me remeber why they were once my favorite actor and actress

  • Reply
    Lucy 8 days ago

    I dropped this drama only because of Park Shin Hae! OK, now I just can't stand her. I'm really tired of seeing her face so often in dramas. God, I swear this was my last drama with her. Sorry Min Ho, I love you <3

  • Reply
    zeinajune 15 days ago

    they have some sparks. Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye <3

  • Reply
    Luni Jul 29, 2014

    Dá muita preguiça de dramas que tem sempre a mesma premissa: rico VS pobre + amor + problemas na família + alguém mete a colher no romance central. Muito sem sal isso. x(

  • Reply
    StellarJ Jul 29, 2014

    I like all of the actors but I didn't love the drama. The supporting character's stories were SO much better than the main and weren't even explored. So even though I watched it while it aired and tuned in every week, I was sooo happy when it was finally over, haha.

  • Reply
    ROSE Jul 29, 2014

    overrated , same rich poor love story with million twists I'm addicted to LMH and PSH
    but this drama wasn't good at all

  • Reply
    luna Jul 28, 2014

    this drama was so well praised and promoted but it was not what I expected when I started watching

  • Reply

    The last episode just didnt do the job for me

  • Reply
    camissw Jul 22, 2014


  • Reply
    CarviXX Jul 20, 2014

    Really people rate this with 10? OK, I don't believe in human race.

  • Reply
    TakiyaGensan Jul 14, 2014

    My drama sleeping pill :)

  • Reply
    Rouge Jul 12, 2014

    The most overrated drama of 2013. I Can Hear Your Voice was infinitely better in cast, story, and originality: I still have plenty of feels for I Can Hear Your Voice that I'm able to get rid of the bad after taste of this drama that never really got beyond the budding romance between the "rich boy meets poor girl" scenario and those that try and tear them a part. And that's it. The characters that were actually interesting were a side dish to the story: and that really bothered me because I really loved the secondary characters in this program. They should have gotten more of their stories heard. The Heirs was just mediocre and relied on their pretty girl/pretty boy cast to make up for the train wreck called let's just shove as many cliche's as we can about K-Drama's and spew it on screen (such as slapping someone when they "insult you" YOU KNOW WHO'S GUILTY IN THIS DRAMA if you've seen it). In addition, I am getting so tired of male leads demanding the attention of the female lead in such ridiculous, pushy ways. Like, doesn't grabbing wrists and arms leave bruises? That's not cute, it's assault. The lead couple in Heirs just wasn't...special, and I personally didn't think they had good on-screen chemistry like so many drama couples I've seen (like in Secret Garden or The Greatest Love). They were cute and somewhat convincing, but unlike in the Thai remake of Full House with Mike and Aom, Heirs was a failure in terms of making me COMPLETELY love their connection in the series. I have so many issues with this drama, and to this day I haven't watched the last episode nor have I updated my list. Just a disappointment. The writers stated beforehand that this wouldn't be anything like the K-Drama depiction of Boys Before Flowers, but what I think they did here is cleverly tweak elements of BBF which for a large part included the wealthy arrogant successors/heirs in a high school setting and the "star crossed" like feeling you get from the leads, alongside the second male lead syndrome which I totally felt in BBF. Overall, to be brutally honest this drama is meant to be at least a 50 episode one, not a 20 episode one since it had such a huge cast with tons of back stories that could have been explored. It could have had so much potential if it didn't reduce its plot and character development in such a limiting, and narrow way, such as the over the top sensationalist focus on the love triangle and back and forth "I don't love you" or "I love you so much but I have to let you go" or the "I only want you to see me" in the entire 20 episodes on this drama. OMG. I just needed to rant, sorry for the length. I couldn't bear writing a full review.

  • Reply
    PrincessDrama Jul 10, 2014

    I liked the movie very much and I have sometimes cried with the actors, seem it hurt me when they have suffered, and I laughed together with  them. Those who have not finished the film and consider that you do not like, if you are fans of Lee Minho should finish watching it and then comment. The film has 10 **** <3 <3

  • Reply
    joy_drama78 Jul 6, 2014

    I really did try to like this drama... but I HAD to stop midway through. I don't even remember what ep. I stopped on seriously. LMH kind of disappointed me here in this role in comparison to his awesome role in Faith w/ Kim Hee Sun. I hated the hype and like others don't think it lived up to it. It was too overrated and pretentious TT Furthermore, the only person(s) who made a lasting impression on me was Kim Woo Bin's character and of course Kang Haneul (who doesn't love him).


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