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The Heirs (2013)

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Kim Tan is heir to the Empire Group sent to study abroad in the U.S. In reality it's a form of exile, as his elder half-brother back home schemes to take over the family business. While in the States, Kim Tan bumps into Cha Eun Sang, who arrived from Korea in search of her older sister. He feels himself falling for her, never realizing that she's the daughter of his family's housekeeper. read moreWhen his fiancée Rachel Yoo arrives to bring him back to Korea, his heart is torn between love and duty.

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    The Inheritors; The One Trying to Wear the Crown; Withstand the Weight – The Heirs; He Who Wears the Crown, Endure Its Weight; He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight; Heirs

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Jul 1, 2015
  • Overall 5.0
  • Story 5.5
  • Acting/Cast 5.0
  • Music 2.5
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
It wasn't a "fulfilling" drama ta watch. I am kinda upset at myself for watching it. This drama was made to "sell" Lee Min Ho's popularity, this was more of a promotional choice, rather than being a decent drama. Story was dragging, this should have been 16 eps. But die-hard fans won't mind as it focuses on them being "eye candy". I am not a fan of the lead actress, her acting read more is the same in other dramas (always pathetic!). Over all this drama was a commercial drama, very little depth. And the music, man it was killing me! Also they do not look like High School students - more like college but not high school. Arghhhh! I wasted my time ????. Sooo I should have believed the LOW ratings.
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Aug 6, 2014
  • Overall 4.5
  • Story 3.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 2.0
  • Rewatch Value 5.0
"The Heirs" - i.e: how many cliches can be fit into one drama? I'm honestly quite disappointed, because they had such a great cast but the plot fell flat after about episode 4. I dragged myself to the end of this drama because I had heard so many positive reviews about it. But sadly, as it dragged on, it only got worse. You've certainly seen everything in this drama before, and read more done better, too.

For the lead character, Chan Eun Sang was horribly underdeveloped and lacked any depth. I had hope at first because she was a bit different to the 'completely kind hearted, unselfish poor girl who looked after her family', but I felt like they never bothered exploring beyond her being bitter about her situation. It honestly got to the point where I couldn't watch scenes with her in it without rolling my eyes. I had a similar problem with Kim Tan. Their characters were horribly bland. Tan's storyline was slightly more interesting, but only because of his family.

I was more interested in the side characters than any of the mains. One thing I did like about this drama was the relationship between Eun Sang's mother and the Mistress. Their scenes always made me laugh, and they had quite a warming relationship with each other as the Mistresses life got turned around. Hyo Shin was nice to see on screen, too, but was yet another character that didn't get the screen time they deserved. I don't really have any issues with any of the acting. I thought everyone did very well--except for Park Shin Hye, but then again I'm not sure if that's the way they told her to play her character, or.

I am never listening to "love is the moment" in my life again. Ever.
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If you like this drama, please try "Heirs". Its an awesome drama that also has both school life, romance, bullying, family, and that other guy rival, and has hot guys and girls there. It's overall a great drama. Im sure you'll enjoy it. Have a good day.
also deals with lives of "rich kids" in s. korea, though in a more mature way. definitely has the same charm, though!
Recommended by lcn

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    Pratyusha 12 hours ago

    you know what? i actually liked it after all. it wasnt so bad. ive seen worse dramas with better ratings. even though there was a lot of angst and the main couple had more angsty moments than lovey-dovey ones, lee min ho and park shin hye somehow managed to pull it off. though honestly cha eun sang's character annoyed me sometimes, overall i dont regret watching it at all. the way kim tan falls hard for eun sang and stays there and is ready to do anything for her....... come on! who wouldnt love that :D even if its not going to win any awards for its originality, its one of my personal favourites now

    • Reply
      Ash 12 hours ago

      Yaaay. I'm happy to see more people enjoying it at face value, instead of trying to find some secret message in the plot. It's just straight up fun and angsty, which is what you need sometimes.

    • Reply
      Pratyusha 5 hours ago

      yeah. You need a break from stories like Kill Me Heal Me amd Mask and the like sometimes, cause though they are some of my absolute favourites, the suspence about killed me a million little times while i was watching them. Sometimes, what you need is some good old cliched romance dramas to pick yourself up.

  • Reply
    Pratyusha 12 hours ago

    Decided to watch finally watch The Heirs despite the low ratings, just so i could evaluate it myself. Hope i don't regret it :D

  • Reply
    Naya Watkins 5 days ago

    I'm sorry
    I seriously have nothing else to say but
    This drama was just too Basic to even digest
    It was good at first but then just got worse and worse
    all that hype for nothing

  • Reply
    jxsilicon9 9 days ago

    Terrible. And what was with that ending?

  • Reply
    Hunter 22 days ago

    Seems like there was a tsunami of 'haters' while this was airing? Can't understand it. Actually the very slow,' one step forward, two steps back romance of these high-school students made sense for me…and I think it touched anyone who remembers their first love. I agree, it was better than Boys Over Flowers. Park Shin Hye's character showed courage by forcing herself to stay by his side in a very hostile environment. Loved Kim Tan and his brother, bromance as it developed. I always like a happy ending1

  • Reply
    Ash 24 days ago

    Heirs is everything I wanted Boys Over Flowers to be. One giant cliche with cute, fairly fast paced romance. I mean it's not international prize winner, but I'm not hating it. It's cute, for what it is, and definitely worth it if this is your schtick.

    • Reply
      Pratyusha 12 hours ago

      thats exactly what i wanted to say, and i did say it. only then did i see ur comment :D

  • Reply
    ryubin 26 days ago

    I think I like the drama more because I had such low expectations because of all the negative reviews lol. I have to say, imo atleast, it isn't that bad. well I'll just keep watching and see..

  • Reply
    harukae 28 days ago

    Park Shin Hye is the Asian Kristen Stewart..

    Despite that, I really liked The Heirs when I watched it almost two years ago.
    It was on of the first kdramas I'd ever watched. I don't know If I'd still feel the same way watching it again now that I'm more familiar with dramaland, but really, I don't understand why it's getting THAT much hate.

  • Reply
    MiaMichelle 30 days ago

    I absolutely loved this drama! Wish it would have a second season, but won't get my hopes up. Either way I was satisfied with it and really loved the cast. Will definitely follow up on any other shows they act in.

  • Reply
    Miyuu Aug 5, 2015

    I LOVED this Drama so much. I don't get all these bad comments but well it's their opinion.
    The only thing I kind of hated was Shin Hye's face while their first kiss >.<

  • Reply
    2013started Jul 22, 2015

    don't waste your time, it was dumb. if this drama was made the 1980's okay, but come on, it was just unbelievably dumb.

  • Reply
    bah Jul 21, 2015

    I totally recomend Pinocchio, for anyone who haven't watched yet. If you give it a try, you will see that Shin Hye can act really good.

  • Reply
    Moony Jul 16, 2015

    This drama is in my opinion not worth watching. Lee Min Ho is an amazing actor but I must admit that this role just wasn't for him. Park Shyn Hye is a horrible actress and I think that EVERY drama she plays in is just as bad as Heirs! She can't express emotions, always the same dull face. I just don't understand how people can watch her, esp. her kissing scenes are a JOKE! ....

    • Reply
      bah Jul 21, 2015

      AS YOU SAID, ITS YOUR OPINION. Anyone can watch it if they want. Personally, you don't have the right to judge someone, can you do better?

    • Reply
      Moony Jul 21, 2015

      Of course I can judge a drama and the acting of someone. Yes it's my opinion so what? And sure anyone can watch it, I just wouldn't recommend it! People are here to read opinions. If you think she acts well (judging from your profile you're a fan) that's good for you then.

  • Reply
    Ali Jul 11, 2015

    It's a fascinating series. (For me that this is so) when the first saw it a bit confused ... really attractive. Big like

  • Reply
    shaghayegh Jul 10, 2015

    i dont give a damn about these negative comments, just love the heirs and the cast so much. my favorite kdrama <3

    • Reply
      Nesrine Jul 10, 2015

      i couldn't agree more (y)

    • Reply
      shaghayegh Jul 14, 2015


    • Reply
      Miyuu Aug 5, 2015

      everytime I see scenes from The Heirs I start crying again I just can't stop (probably it's because It was my very first Drama... but who cares lol I just love it.)

    • Reply
      shaghayegh 29 days ago

      wow your first drama was a really good one :D yes who cares :)


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