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The Heirs (2013)

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Kim Tan is heir to the Empire Group sent to study abroad in the U.S. In reality it's a form of exile, as his elder half-brother back home schemes to take over the family business. While in the States, Kim Tan bumps into Cha Eun Sang, who arrived from Korea in search of her older sister. He feels himself falling for her, never realizing that she's the daughter of his family's housekeeper. read moreWhen his fiancée Rachel Yoo arrives to bring him back to Korea, his heart is torn between love and duty.

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    The Inheritors; The One Trying to Wear the Crown; Withstand the Weight – The Heirs; He Who Wears the Crown, Endure Its Weight; He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight; Heirs

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Jan 25, 2014
  • Overall 3.0
  • Story 2.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 1.0
  • Rewatch Value 1.0
Oh, this show. It was some type of addictive drug with terrible side effects. I always hated it, I never loved it, but I couldn't let it go for anything. I've learned a lesson, though. I won't fall for this cruel and mean trick ever again. Next time they stuff a show to the gills with so many extremely attractive faces, I'll know what's up. I'll know it's deceitful lure tactic and read more to stay away.

What started off as just your normal cliche' filled K-drama, appeared to be a pretty decent story. It seemed it could possibly surprise you a bit, and then you set yourself up with great expectations. Then, out of nowhere, the storyline starts to fall apart at the seams. It's like the writer wrote themselves into a corner just after the first five episodes. All this talent from actors... wasted on pathetic dialogue and pointless scenes. But worst of all, it went from just your usual amount of cliches to being riddled with cliches. Could they possibly get anymore in? Was there a contest for Drama With Most Cliches happening somewhere????

You remember in Dragonball Z how there would be almost like 5 minutes of the characters doing nothing but standing around staring at one another? Yea, that sucks. You know how 1 song plays on the radio 7 times in one day? Yea, but imagine that 1 song playing 7 times within just an hour... every... episode. A horrible, horrible song. No wait, a horrible, horrible chorus of a song THAT DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE. A chorus of a song that will haunt you in your dreams and make you want to punch your computer screen as soon at you hear its impending arrival. Love cannot be the "moment" of anything!!! It's an emotion, damn you!

Something strange happened, though, and it's that I came to completely root for the bad character. This had nothing to do with how the story went, but with how well Kim Woo Bin played his character. If there would be any reason I'd have to recommend to you, dear reader, to watch this, It would be him. The chemistry between the two main characters was non-existent, and Park Shin Hye proved herself (at least to me) to have been a very poor casting selection for the role as she was dull and brought nothing to it. Lee Min Ho seemed to do much better in scenes with every other cast member besides her. Actually, most of the other actors showed fairly good effort in trying to work with what they were given. However, none of it can quite come together for the supporting roles if the main ones are so bad off.

Outside of Kim Woo Bin, other unexpected thefts of the spotlight for this show were: Krystal Jung as Lee Bo Na; the wonderful dynamics between Kim Sung Ryung as Han Ki Ae and Kim Mi Kyung as Park Hui Nam; and Choi Jin Hyuk as the crown bearer Kim Won.

If you decide to watch this, go in with no expectations at all and understanding it will be hard to quit even if you find yourself hating it. It is, indeed, an addictive drug with bad side effects. You've been warned
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Apr 8, 2014
  • Overall 4.0
  • Story 3.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 2.0
A suuuper long review coming up, brace yourselves... XD

This drama was the biggest disappointment of 2013. I started watching it because of all the hype around it and for the first two episodes, I was actually really excited. However, it soon became evident that this drama was not going to live up to the expectations that I held.

The very first sign of the drama going seriously downhill was LA. Don't read more get me wrong, it's a lovely city but the way Americans were portrayed was just painful. Yeah, I'm sure those kind of people exist in the USA, just like they do everywhere else in this world, but do they really need to rely so heavily on a couple of stereotypes they've picked up from American TV-shows? Ah, you might argue that this all builds up to the story and Kim Tan's character. But it doesn't. When Kim Tan goes back to Korea, he is completely different from his image in the US. He doesn't do drugs or drink or party or have sex with random girls... like seriously, where did that come from?

Plotwise the LA. sequence is also pretty irrelevant. Kim Tan and Chan Eun Sang could have easily met elsewhere and it would have worked just as well. They could have met in China or Japan or in, I don't know... Korea? Had they met in another Asian country, we wouldn't have had to hear that horrible, unrealistic English that was just another pain in the butt while watching. I feel like they included the LA. sequence to emphasize the luxurious lifestyle or coolness or credibility of the "rich kids", but quite frankly it did the exact opposite.

The next thing that had me doubting the show was Cha Eun Sang. She is by far, the worst character that I've ever seen in a Korean drama. I'm not hating on Park Shin Hye, she's just doing what's on the script, which is nothing more or less than crying about everything as if she was the most antagonized person in the world. The only thing she knows how to do is run away when things start going wrong, instead of fighting for herself. The only good part about this character were the short, very rare moments that she had Bona jealous over Chanyoung and somehow managed to turn that into her own advantage. All in all, I don't understand why two guys as hot and rich and popular as Kim Tan and Choi Young Do would ever waste their time courting her.

Kim Tan's character was also disappointing. Pretty much everything he does during the drama falls under one of these categories: 1. Declare your love for Cha Eun Sang 2. Pick a fight with Young Do. 3. Follow your brother around like a lost puppy. There isn't anything specifically wrong about him, but neither is there anything interesting in this character.

With all this being said about the two main characters, it is no wonder that I found myself more interested in their mothers than their own relationship. Tan's mother and Eun Sang's mother portray one of the sweetest friendships that's ever been seen in a drama. They bicker a lot and in the beginning seem to hate each other but it's actually shown in the end that they can't quite manage without each other. Their relationship was heartwarming.

The plot of the drama is very plain. When I read the summary for the first time, I was expecting to see some hardcore drama relating to business and possible corruption and political involvement and whatnot because come on, it's called "The Heirs", shouldn't it be a relevant part of the plot? Turns out, that no, no it doesn't. The drama relies on clichés and clichés only. There is the setting of poor girl and rich guy, bullying, teacher-student relationship, wrist grabbing, controlling and money-obsessed father, a "rich bitch", arranged marriage and banishment of the main character. There are too many "emotional" staring moments and not enough action. It's a bad baggage.

The music for the drama was good but I had to dock a few marks off it for a reason that I think everyone can guess. Love is the moment. That line double-ruined so many already ruined moments in the drama for me that I can't read a sentence with the words "The Heirs" and "OST" without cracking up laughing. The song is good, but they abused it and in all the wrong moments.

Now for the reasons that you should watch this drama. There aren't that many. Number 1: cast. Yes, the cast for the drama is great. Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won are all promising young actors although I must say that Lee Min Ho disappointed me here. Maybe it was the character, but he's done better. But Kim Woo Bin and Kim Ji Won are amazing in their roles are Young Do and Rachel. There's Minhyuk, Hyungsik and Krystal representing idols and the ever-so-sexy Kang Ha Neul and Choi Jin Hyuk who make it that much easier to watch. If you're looking for reasons to watch, the cast is one of the only ones.

Other reasons to watch are Choi Young Do and Yoo Rachel. They are the two characters that bring us at least some kind of drama. We all knew this about Woo Bin already but once again he proved that he really is a great actor (much better than Min Ho, sorry). Although the character that he plays is fairly complicating, he captures the dimensions well. Young Do's character was pleasant to follow from the beginning to the end. Ji Won also proved herself for me in this drama. Previously I doubted her skills but as Rachel she was very convincing and actually grew to be my favorite character of the entire drama. Although there is little character development, at least the amount that we see is entertaining and she seems like a believable person.

The final reason to watch this drama are Lee Bona (Krystal) and Yoon Chanyoung (Minhyuk). They are the cutest couple you're going to find. Krystal definitely acts very exaggeratedly but she is cute and fun to watch and her interaction with Chanyoung is just adorable. Bona is also definitely the kindest of the characters, in her own special way. Also, thank you Krystal for saving the English in this drama!

So my final verdict is that The Heirs is not a drama worth watching. Obviously if you're a fan of some of the main actors you should (maybe) give it a go but otherwise, don't waste your time. I give this drama the total of 4/10. 1 point for Bona and Chanyoung, 1 point for Rachel and 2 for Young Do.
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It kind of follows the plot of 'rich man with poor girl' although The Heir follows more of a romance high school route, whereas Scent of a Woman follows a more serious, medical route, but still with some romance involved.
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  • Reply
    Dieu Aug 29, 2016

    I enjoyed it but it wasn't that great i was more watching for Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin

  • Reply
    Elfinia Aug 19, 2016

    i hate this when i saw first episode tbh sorry

  • Reply
    BeautifulSwan Aug 18, 2016

    ermm... initially it was sweet and adorable how they met, even though the Americans who act here are so horrible.. but i just don't understand in this age, millenium era, (2013-2016) there is people who can still control other people's life?? I mean what's wrong with the father, is he that powerful to control eun sang life? Like he can just send her anywhere he likes? What about human's right? She is a free woman, she can be anything, she can study hard and work at MNC company (not owned by family), she can climb her career lader and become successful, just like Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.

    Why do those rich kids and families really underestimate others like that? It does not make sense. Is it still a saeguk era? with kings and concubines? hahahahah. I really dislike how the chairman tried to control his maid's daughter life. LIKE HE IS SO POWERFUL AND ALL!! Ask her to cut ties with his son, blackmailing her, if i were her i will just report it to the police. I will just study hard to become successful, get scholarship, don't need his support. Dun need to study at the awful school like that. Cheee!!!

  • Reply
    LPA Aug 12, 2016 - edited

    I don't understand--what's with the low review ratings? Everyone has a right to their own opinion, but really? I do have to say that I was not influenced by any pre-drama hype before it came out so I didn't have pre-set expectations.

    This drama was sooo good! I loved Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin -- the lead actress, Park Shin Hye, was also excellent! I enjoyed every episode. Maybe you need to watch it one more time?

    Take care.

  • Reply
    Lydia Aug 11, 2016

    I liked also this drama. But I didn't like that much the main heroine. She was always in between Choi do young and Kim Tan. At the beginning I thought she was stronger but she had been carried in the situation. I liked Bo Na and Cha young. they were really cute. in the beginning i disliked bo na, but in the she came to be one of the best character in the drama.

  • Reply
    jxsilicon9 Aug 9, 2016

    What the hell was with that ending?

  • Reply
    WhiteLilly Aug 4, 2016

    Haha, it's so funny how some hate it, others love it. I thought I'm gonna hate it, but I did not. It was everything you expect from a rom-drama, I don't understand the problem. It is not very innovative, ok, but who cares. I never expected it to have some uncanny plot or whatever. Just a comfy drama and that's it. :)

  • Reply
    Rubaxxa Jul 30, 2016

    Lee Min Ho was amazing in this drama. <3

  • Reply
    parfaitblue Jul 18, 2016

    krystal was cute in it so i guess it's okay but only because krystal was in it.

  • Reply
    LuckyJane Jul 12, 2016 - edited

    This show had SO MUCH BUZZ around it that it ended up being my very first Korean drama, will always be so grateful to this show for introducing me to one of the loves of my life: Korean Dramas.
    Of course now looking back to when I first watched it in 2013, I totally get the criticism its receiving. I, like many, was sucked into the rich guy with a mean, self-entitled attitude problem stemming from years of studying abroad and having everything handed to him, except of course what he really yearns for: Love and acceptance from his unforgiving family members.

    Then there's the hardworking girl with a pitiful life who cannot see that the male lead loves her for such a long time, you will find yourself screaming at the screen during the first half.

    But I still immensely enjoyed this drama, it was my first, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. ♥

    Love is the MOMEEEEEEEEEENT!!!!! Lol this song will never leave you no matter how hard you try!

  • Reply
    jxsilicon9 Jul 2, 2016

    He was in college when he was in US.But then he went back to high school in Korea.WTF?

  • Reply
    redtealeaf Jun 23, 2016

    haters gon' hate.

  • Reply
    AndyAlex Jun 22, 2016

    this drama is too long it should have been classic 16 eps but nooo they made 20 and boring

  • Reply
    babybreaths Jun 13, 2016 - edited

    kim woo bin is the only good thing about this drama

    • Reply
      Cibi Jun 29, 2016

      Agreed... Even though Minhyuk's acting was sometimes pretty good. It's not an understatement to say that Woo Bin kinda saved the whole thing.

  • Reply
    AnicsiRoscoe Jun 12, 2016 - edited

    So, because of all the terrible reviews, I was really hesitant about watching this. But I wanted a not-too-deep drama where I wouldn't feel the need to marathon it... Well, that's what I thought for the first couple of episodes. Then, I must admit, it wasn't as easy anymore to stop at the end of the episodes.

    So, let me tell you something: This show is by no means great. But it's also not terrible. It's your typical rich guy/poor girl story, with the exception of it taking place in High School. So the only 'plot' happening in this is: Who gets the girl? Who gets the company? The story could definitely have more backbone and substance, as it was quite bland. However, some things were funny, some things were cute, some where a bit sad, but mostly, it was a huge cheese-fest. The amount of cheesiness in this show is no joke. The amount of clichés in this show is to be expected, but I still wish they could have toned it down some. Now, the only thing in this show that was REALLY terrible was the 'love is the moment' theme song, that I felt was haunting me in my nightmares. Thankfully they toned it down in the later episodes, but I couldn't stop cringing each time it came on at all the wrong moments. Urgh.

    All in all, Cha Eun Sang proved to be no different (aka, lukewarm and very boring) than most other clichéd female leads, much to my disappointment. The love triangle between her, Tan and Yeong Do was funny at times, and outright infuriating at others. I would say it improved over time. Contrary to many other shows, I felt like the drama didn't get worse as time went on, but stayed about the same.
    I am pretty sure I will never watch it again, but I also don't regret having invested the time. Near the end there were actually some moments and developments that touched me (the dead-body drawing explanation for instance, I didn't expect that), and some character-dynamics I really loved (Tan's and Eun Sang's mothers, Yeong Do/Rachel/Hyo Shin, BoNa/Chan Yeong). Choi Yeong Do had the greatest character development, and even though I hated him in the beginning, I could make peace with him in the end.

    To sum it up: You might enjoy it if you don't have too high expectations and if you can deal with a very romance-focused and somewhat ridiculous plot and LOADS of crying. At least the supporting characters do somehow make the show worth its while. 6/10


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