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Nov 14, 2013
Here are my complex nd intense feelings guys so h=is too long :D

Feel angry at ES many times. Finally she too reciprocated Tan's liking but the ending makes me feel she will go back to withdrawing herself from Tan :( My frustration towards her will reach new heights if she does!!

I really really like Tan! Where can you find a super rich, handsome popular guy who is not a jerk read more and additionally, is super nice and understanding, staking his everything even when his love is cold to him???

YD seems to have matured in his feelings with ES..although his bullying still continues. I think although he does like ES but his urge to confront Tan is more than actually developing something worthwhile with his crush. He is such a good actor and adds some intensity to the whole drama!

I ship ES with Tan but also cant see YD's pain :(. Hope at least he gets some good nice moments with ES.
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Nov 14, 2013
i liked it and mainly because of Young Do. At the beginning i never liked him because he was just a complete and utter asshole but in this episode he really pulled on my heartstrings but unfortunately for him i'm still rooting for Kim Tan :)
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Nov 13, 2013
I just watch episode 11 and I enjoyed it a lot.
I think that so far, my two favorite characters are Yeoung Do and Bo Na.

But I just can't get Eun Sang :
1 - that girl is in need of a sense of humor (seriously, it's okay to laugh once in a while! You don't have to be scared and sad about everything like a little bunny). For example : read more the swimming pool scene ! Nothing, not a tiny smile ? I just can't get it !
2 - The "camp fire +'I missed you a lot' " scene sounded so fake to me that I completely agreed with Kim Tan looking at her like she's high on drugs. And seriously resting on a shoudler that's so far away must have been really painful ! It's like they have a big "WE SHARE NO CHEMISTRY WHATSOEVER" written all over their face.
3 - Fall for Yeoung do already ! Don't you see he's much better ?! Serisouly, he nearly broke my heart when he asked her if she really loved Kim Tan. Once again, Kim Woo Bin proved to have more than just one facial expression.

Also I don't blame Rachel for being constantly angry at Kim Tan. That guy was comforting her, his hand on her shoulder, and yet he still found normal to jealously watch Eun Sang and Yeoung Do. Wake up ! You can't comfort your crying fiancée AND long for your impossible love at the same time, that's just wrong !

But there were some nice scenes in this episode :

1- All those involving Yeong Do : at least when he stares, he always seem to have a reason, he doesn't just stare for staring's sake. I really like Kim Woo Bin's acting. He's not just an eye candy here.
2- There was also that scene when Eun Sang's mother wanted to defend her daughter being insulted by Kim Tan's mother, but couldn't because she wouldn't translate. It was heartbreaking.

And please, please tell me they are going to live at Bo Na's place ! That girl is really BFF potential ! I love how she's unwillingly friendly with her, that's hillarious and sweet.

In the end of the episode, I was imaginating the cars waiting and the drivers asking themself "What are they doing, holding hands on the middle of the road like that ? Is that some kind of cult ?"

I'll watch episode 12 tommorrow for sure !
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