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Elegant Lies (2014)

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Kim Ryeo-ryeong's feature novel "Elegant Lies" is about the mother, sister and other people after the sudden death of a 14 year old girl. Unlike "Wandeugi"s warm and cheerful atmosphere, this movie is tense and has been reviewed for the realistic social message and sadness.

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    우아한 거짓말
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    Uahan geojismal ; Thread of Lies ;

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Sep 7, 2014
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Story: the story seems simple at first sight, a young girl dies but why? Is there a reason? This movies is more deep than I thought I can't say nothing without spoiling the movie, this movies is completely underrated. The red thread is very important, this movie is very detailed.
Acting: Everybody was important, the casting was amazing, I loved the good acting and the emotions, it can be heartbreaking and funny, read more with a lot of meaningful moments, and we see Hee Ae and Ah In before "secret love affair". Kim Hyang Gi was amazing, I can't imagine anyboydy that can portrait it like her
Music: it was fine I guess, don't expect a song, only instrumentals
Rewatch Value: It can be kind of heavy for some people but for me is perfect the way it is, it leaves you with a lot of questions about life in general, interesting
Overall: it was almost a perfect movie, perfect for a weekend
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Feb 22, 2015
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 7.5
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Almost all of the following is in the synopsis of this movie. I just added a lot more detail.

If you have not seen this movie or have been hesitating over seeing it because of the subject matter and the fear of being overwhelmed by it, I encourage you to watch. I was, surprisingly and shockingly to me, not emotionally as devastated by this movie as I feared I would be. Bullying read more is a tormenting subject for me and I normally cannot abide movies about it, especially knowing that, in this case, the result is the suicide of this young girl.

This movie is so different from 99% of the bullying movies. All the others seem to deal with the physical aspect of bullying and the devastating psychological damage caused by it. And most of the movies deal more with boys. This movie presents bullying done in a more insidious, psychological way, as I think girls are more likely to engage in. It's sneaky, done with smiles and rumors and pretend friendliness with intimidation and,in this movie, the victim is fully aware of what is being done, but unable to escape as these are her only 'friends'. She is dragged into it repeatedly as it comes in waves between bouts of being ignored, getting benign attention, and then, when the mood strikes them, they attack her again. There seems to be one ring leader, as always. But no one is exempt as the followers themselves attack her in their own snide ways.

The Thread of LIes analogy is beautifully done as her older sister and mother, in their need to know 'WHY?', follow the thread of lies and omissions and half-truths her school mates tell them. At the same time, these children also lie to themselves and each other in their own fear and full knowledge of their own guilt and responsibility for what happened. The movie gradually exposes the cracks and fears in the perpetrators own lives that drove them to torment her and the guilty repercussions that begin to eat away at them. The thread analogy is also beautifully and heartbreakingly used as the older sister and the mother finally discover the notes Cheon-gi left for them in the balls of yarn she was constantly using in her knitting. She tells her sister there are 5 notes and it is this that sets her sister on her mission to expose the lies but, as she discovers 2 more notes, it is also revealed to her how mentally disturbed the main culprit is, and how devastated the second culprit is due to a simple misunderstanding and subsequent attack and betrayal of Cheon-gi. Even the mother and the daughter's notes reflect this sweet child's realization that they will be not only grieving but battling their own fear of what they missed or where they did not see what should have been seen.

The final ball of yarn and note is a bit of a cypher to me. (see below in spoilers-I would appreciate others' views on the meaning behind this final note and it's location)

A beautiful movie, superbly acted and directed and written. A must watch. I wish it could be shown in many many schools.

I wouldn't rewatch, just because I got all I want to out of it the first time around.
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Both have good cinematography, something you may miss after watching too many kdramas.
Both unravel in a non-linear way.
Both deal with a heavy subject in a quiet, respectful tone. Han Gong Ju tells about a gang rape survivor, Elegant Lies about a remaining family of a teen who was bullied and killed herself. They both present the context as something complex and tangled, and show environmental mechanisms of evil: how people choose not to see or care, how they blame the victim and protect their party etc.
Recommended by namopanik
Both movies deal with cases of bullying at school which lead to tragic events. Both have an emphasis on the victim's families quest for truth.
Recommended by Sady

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    Senpai May 11, 2017

    Thread of Lies não é uma historia cinematograficamente comovente mas tá acima da média, o legal não é a história sobre bullying em si, mas a forma como é abordado no filme.
    Não vi defeito algum, embora poderiam ter melhorado a forma dos flashbacks ao decorrer, tem horas que pode confundir passado com presente, talvez um efeito de vídeo resolveria.
    No geral nada mais a comentar, exceto pelo momento nonsense em desfazer aquele tricô em um fio quilométrico, (rsss)
    No geral foi legar, elenco legal e atuação legal, ou seja totalmente legal.
    E no fim todo(a)s nós ficamos sem descobrir o que havia escrito naquele último novelo de lã.

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    peacefulsoul Mar 16, 2017 - edited

    now I'm left with a headache because of how much i cried... its my second time watching this and i loved it even more.. it's so detailed and touching and the story unfolds so beautifully..... it's also really sad but i like that. I've been into sad stuff lately so yeah but it's still worth the watch and its very touching. 9.5/10

  • Reply
    XingBack Aug 14, 2016

    It's an incredibly sad movie, specially near the end..............
    I didn't think I'll cry this much, it's so heartbreaking............

  • Reply
    elli_jeu Jul 28, 2016

    Very nice movie.

  • Reply
    mini Jul 25, 2016

    I never expected this to get so big, i thought it would stay as one of hundred other underrated indie movies. Worth watching.

  • Reply
    hno Apr 15, 2016

    rewatched this , and cried like the first time I watched it ..

  • Reply
    Palani Oct 1, 2015

    Kim Hyang Gi stealed the show.

  • Reply
    AgataKowalska Sep 18, 2015

    It shows what happens in schools. It perfectly captures the movie.

  • Reply
    irisixora Dec 17, 2014 - edited

    i don't know why i think this movie was too 'simple' and not heartbreaking that i expected too ...it was ok movie..and the young actress was really good..

    • Reply
      supalove Jun 14, 2015

      i honestly feel 100% the same way you do like i thought it should have been so much more heartbreaking but it was a lot more light and airy. im not saying that it wasn't a good movie but like i just thought it was missing something tbh.

    • Reply
      Mimo Jul 10, 2016

      that's true. it was simple, i expected to cry a lot but i didn't...teary eye at the end and that's it..i still like it though

  • Reply
    xx67575 Oct 11, 2014

    I finished watching this movie today ! It's great ^^
    Hope you guys will watch it .

  • Reply
    jumpstar Sep 27, 2014

    really nice and interesting movie.

  • Reply
    fadetoblack Sep 14, 2014 - edited

    Just okay....too uneventful during the middle parts. But I liked seeing Yoo Jung in a different role because she usually plays a very sweet character

  • Reply
    eiyaah Sep 13, 2014 - edited

    start to the it's Meaningful! i hope everyone will watch it!!!!

  • Reply
    nyny Sep 11, 2014

    Amazing! *wipes tears* this is one of the most realistic portrayals of bullying that i've ever seen.
    and i'm really proud of yoo jung for choosing a non-candy character this time, she portrayed even the "villain" with such depth , props to all the actresses, they were outstanding <3

  • Reply
    fanofKYJ Sep 3, 2014

    this movie is really great !


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