The Fatal Encounter

The Fatal Encounter (2014)

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It has only been a year since king Jeong Ju came into power. But he has already gone through several failed assassination attempts on his life and his hold on power is fragile as yet. He trusts only his eunuch named Sang Chaek and the Commander of Geumwiyoung named Hong Kook Yeong. Meanwhile, Queen Jung Soon and the vassals from Noron plot to assassinate King Jeong Jo. Outside of the palace, Eul read moreSoo was raised as an elite assassin by Gwang Bae. Gwang Bae then orders Eul Soo to kill King Jeong Jo otherwise his love Wol Hye will be killed.

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    Yeokrin ; King's Wrath ;

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May 27, 2014
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.5
Story: I won’t spoil it, but I think the storyline was done very well. There definitely a lot of flashbacks throughout the movie, but I think they were placed in the movie in a way that made sense, and tied all of the story together. The entire movie does have a dark tone to it, but I found it to be interesting and exciting at times. The action scenes especially, are really read more good.

Acting/Cast: I know majority of the actors and actresses since I’m a long time drama watcher. But honestly, I love the acting of everyone here. Both the good and bad characters were acted out fantastically, you can tell how hard they’ve worked on this movie. Everyone’s acting, their facial expression, and emotions really made me get into the movie.

Music: Mostly instrumentals, but I think it complimented the movie quite well. I barely noticed the soundtrack because it was like a part of the movie, but it was still nicely done.

Rewatch Value: I would definitely, definitely watch this again. There are many amazing things about this movie, such as the acting, the cast, the storyline, the action scenes and so on.

Overall: This is a fantastic movie. I definitely recommend this movie. If you like any of the actors/actress or if you like historical-type films, then you should definitely watch it. Even if you usually don’t, watch it anyway. I think you’ll like what you see.
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Jan 18, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.5
I started this because of Hyun Bin, I didn't have any expectation of it, I didn't even knew what was all about. But even if I had had the the biggest expectations in the entire universe, this movie would had not disappointed me.

The highlight of the movie was the stunning acting of both main and secundary actors. Hyun Bin portrayed a perfect alone, afraid but brave king who's looking for some read more changes, but he alone was not the only amazing thing. The acting of Han Ji Min as a despicable, evil and young queen was not a joke, I finished Rooftop Prince only a couple of days earlier and I though she was a good actress, now I realize I needed to see more of her to know she was not only good but Great with a big G. The others actors were all at the same level of greatness.

The cast, the action, the story, ect. it made the best historical movie I have ever seen.
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The protagonist this, King Jeongjo filme is a Prince Sado son's and it's a continuation of the filmd Sado, basically.
Recommended by MilenaDias
both tell the story of king Jeong Jo. TFE is action packed film focused on assassination attempts of King jj where Yi san is tell the life history of king jj including famous assassination attemps on his life.both are excellent and worth watching.
TFE has superb cinematography in a historical setting.
Recommended by KnM

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    namopanik Jul 20, 2017

    anyone suceeded spotting Go Bo Gyeol?

  • Reply
    iamsarah Apr 16, 2017

    This movie was really good and that epic scene towards the end, phenomenal.

  • Reply
    MilenaDias Jul 24, 2016

    hyun bin tem menos tempo de tela que os outros personagens... a história é boa e a han ji min está muito incrível, mas a direção desse filme foi bem ruim, a não ser em alguns efeitos de espada ou o da flecha atravessando o lago. Não existe musica nesse filme.6.5/10

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    "Do your utmost even in trivial things. From that you can attain sincerity. This sincerity becomes apparent. From being manifest it becomes brilliant. Brilliant, it affects others. Affecting others they are changed by it. Changed by it they are transformed. It is only... those with complete sincerity... who can transform everything." - Gap Soo *quoting*
    "It will change. If you do your utmost one by one... the world will change." - Kim Jeong Jo

    Wow, loved this movie ^^ It was nice to see what happened with Sado's son - It would have been even better if I had watched this immediately after I had watched 'The Throne' but I didn't know the stories were correlated at the time I watched TT lol (even though this one came out first). I don't know, I'm really into "actual true events" *even if they are fictionalized a bit*. It makes me feel like I was their with them when it all took place & I always LOVE seeing History brought forth before my eyes ;) Hyun Bin & Jung Jae Young did amazing in their roles - they were my favorite characters! I liked them both a LOT ^_^ Everyone else was just "supporting" characters for me lol

  • Reply
    Lee May 4, 2016

    wait...Han Ji Min is in ANOTHER drama about King JeongJo? wow XD

  • Reply
    denise ann pendulas May 29, 2015

    Good hahaha it's funny becaus hyun bin step mom is Han ji Min that's her lading lady in Hyde jekyll me Hahahahah although I didn't started to watch dis drama I just planned to watch it is so funny if how they work together again so I'm gonna watch this for hyun bin and han ji min GuYZzZz. Can I ask is there any romance and chemistry there with who girl???

  • Reply
    fadetoblack May 3, 2015 - edited

    i thought jo jung suk's character's story and his friend's were more interesting than anything else going on in the movie... too bad it was so few and far inbetween

  • Reply
    Cheer Apr 7, 2015

    I am actually a bit surprised by this film, I didn't think It would be this good.

    The story of King Jeongjo was well executed with many highlights on the several attempts to assassinate him. I always liked that king's story, the successor of King Yongjo and the son of the unfortunate Crown Prince Sado. He led an interesting ruling period.
    That aside, the film was fast paced and did well at showing the political schemes and the divided opinions. It had its fair share of action but it was rough around the edges. I also didn't appreciate the weak vague conclusion.
    The acting department was pretty good though, Hyun Bin chose his comeback project very well.

  • Reply
    Ceinwyn Mar 22, 2015 - edited

    I tried watching it and it was interesting, but the subtitles are awful, if I didn't know some korean it would be unwatchable, and last 40 minutes are without sound.. so there it goes.. I didn't see it till the end. If anybody knows a site with normal sub and sound, please share it :) Thank you :D

  • Reply
    sunflower63 Jan 6, 2015

    Great movie and a wonderful comeback for Hyun Bin. Being a long time saeguk lover the story was nothing new to me however I appreciated the acting and the directing a lot.

  • Reply
    mango Dec 8, 2014

    I swear it was one of the best korean movie that I've ever watched. Hyun Bin is absolutely so amazing so talented he is something special.
    I can't even express how good the film was, but I liked every single scene. Hyun bin love u. ❤

  • Reply
    dore430 Nov 7, 2014

    Just watched it on with English Subs! Amazing movie! I admit I was lost for a while because I still don't know enough about Korean history, but I soon caught up and was up to date when it ended. Everything about this movie was excellent, including the one scene including Hyun Bin doing pushups ;) It's well worth watching! You will enjoy it with plenty of action fights!

  • Reply
    Bamn Oct 7, 2014

    DVD rip subtitles is already posted at asiatorrents.

  • Reply
    displacedmoon Sep 25, 2014

    Just the one scene alone where Hyun Bin is doing push ups was enough to sell me on the movie. Just kidding...but barely. Seriously, it's actually a really good movie with lots of character depth and an intriguing storyline.

  • Reply
    APenguinInMyNextLife Jun 27, 2014

    Does anyone know where I can get english subs for this movie?


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