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The series revolves around Ki Seung Nyang, a Goryeo-born woman who ascends to power despite the restrictions of the era's class system and later marries Ta Hwan to become an empress of the Yuan dynasty, instead of her first love, Wang Yu. The series depicts her loves and political ambitions.
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    Hwatu; 화투; Qi Empress; Battle of Flowers; Gi Hwang-hu

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Dec 22, 2014
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
At first, I was skeptical about it. Wanna know why? IT'S A FRIGGIN' LENGHTY DRAMA! To watch a 51-episode historical drama requires full time and dedication to finish it. And yes, I indeed took the challenge. Thanks to those who convinced me and of course to the helpful reviews as well.

Empress Ki, I must say, is a very compelling, powerful and controversial historical drama. I am always deeply enthralled with every read more scene with every scene that leaves you in awe and keeps you wanting for more. I suggest you (future watchers) dramathon it and don't skip a single episode nor a single scene.

Story - I love how the story of EK started and ended. Not the usual save-all-the-main-characters-protagonists kind of plot. I love killings, and I think these killings were the most highlighted parts of the drama aside from the intriguing plot. If you know what I mean. I was overwhelmed by it to the extent that I didn't look for any flaw. And mind you, when I'm really enjoying a particular drama, I become LESS OBJECTIVE. (You might disagree with me on this, but it's actually true.) It only means that I am satisfied about it. There was just one thing though that I got confused about. So if ever you happen to read this one and have watched the drama already, my profile is waiting for your comment to ask me what was it about. But, nevertheless, it was an EXCEPTIONAL sageuk. One thing that I loved as well was the turn of events. They were really unpredictable. I like unpredictable things.

Acting/ Cast: Every actor in this drama did a stellar job in portraying each character. I have not seen any actor acting with an expressionless face nor overrated acting. Again, if you know what I mean. Ha Ji Won's acting here was outstanding. She has that MAJESTIC BEAUTY. Joo Jin Mo did great as well. Just like how much he was great in A Frozen Flower. I mean, his acting. LOL

Special Mentions:
Ji Chang Wook - My first time seeing him in a drama. He did a great job in acting esp in crying scenes. He was the best. Actually voted for him in the MDL 2014 poll for best actor.

Baek Jin Hee - portrayed the Tanasiri character very convincingly. I hold her dearly to my heart. *whispers* I have a girl-crush on her. Hihihi ^^

Jin Yi Han / Tal Tal is a bonus here.

Lee Mun Shik / Bang - ahjussi, I will never forget how well you played in Iljimae and also here in EK. For the comedic parts, I salute you.

Jun Gook Hwan / El Temur - I never hated him even though how ruthless he was.

I loved all the villains in this sageuk except for one. His name is Yom. Yom the Scum.

Music - OST overall is pretty brilliant. Gosh, the feels... I especially liked Xia's I Love You.

Given the chance that I'd want to watch this again, I WOULD.

And finally, watching EK is an adventure which will be with me forever. It felt surreal when I finished it. I can't even start a new drama after watching it. No drama can surpass the roller coaster ride of emotions I felt in this drama.

P.S: Don't get surprised by its long episodes, it's totally worth watching!
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Mar 18, 2015
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 10
It took me 5 days of mind wrecking just to decide on an overall rating for Empress Ki. The eternal reviewer's doubt whether it is fairer to value a drama using the brain or the heart is maximized here: this is an epic tale where almost every single aspect is at the same time exceptionally good and glaringly bad. In trying to elaborate this, what follows may become very long, and for read more this I apologize in advance.

First, the pace.
If you are preoccupied by the length, be assured the rhythm of the narration is so fast you'll come to the 51st ep. wishing you could have another 10. There isn't even one moment of boredom among the hundreds of little and big events that follow one another. By the end of each episode, I sat there wide awake wishing it wasn't already 4 a.m. and I could watch another. The downside of such a fast pace is that it never gives you respite. I wanted to linger, now and then to bask in the sweetness, or simply see these people being happy for a while, but it was not to be. Every time an issue is concluded the next is ready to shatter that glint of satisfaction it was so hard to finally obtain. The infamous last 10 episodes I've read many criticize, could have been the most poignant part of the drama if they hadn't been so incredibly rushed, to the point that events seem to make little sense. As a matter of fact they do make a lot of sense – with the glowering exception of the silly Maeback botch – but you have to think the entire journey over in order to see it.

Which leads me to the script and its characters.
This isn't a journey to begin in search of historical dependability, not in the details, at least. Little to nothing is known about the woman who became the Empress of Yuan before she entered the palace as a tribute from Goryeo, and there isn't much information about the single steps that were taken in order for her to sit on that throne. The writers have taken many liberties both in characterization as well as chronology, but I personally think they did a great job in always making those steps exciting and suspenseful and when you reach the end you will realize the plot is rounded up very well, with a couple of exceptions. This is why I think knowing a little about Empress Ki's true story in advance can actually enhance the watching and explain the choices some of the characters make.
For instance, we can assume Crown Prince Ta Hwan was exiled to Goryeo when he was only a teenager, which perhaps will make you judge his character with some indulgence. King Wang Yoo of Goryeo, on the other hand, is by all means the most fictionalized of all the main characters, so much so that knowing his true story is not only unnecessary but extremely counterproductive. My humble advice: stay well away from the true known facts about him if you want to enjoy the drama.

When history is taken into consideration, a lot of the twists invented by the writers acquire significance, since the opening scene tells us in advance where we are heading and curiosity is all on how they'll get there. History also explains why so many characters in this drama change side, go from good to bad, from bad to worse or are suspended somewhere in between. It obviously does not explain or justify the fact that everyone speaks Korean, but I am aware that having the huge cast speak different idioms would have rendered the watch almost impossible.

To this drama I own the realization that I possess a dark side too. There have been moments when I wanted to see blood and wished some characters would not only be killed, but killed with pain. It's such an alien feeling for me, it shocked me. It goes to the credit of writers and actors to make me hate with such an intensity, but I'm not sure I want to experience that kind of emotion again. Attachment and love to some characters, though, was equally intense and I swam in it with gusto. It's going to take a very long time before I can get these people out of my system. While it kept me highly entertained in the first half, in the second this drama almost broke my heart. It has very little to do with characters dying or living, and a lot with them losing their innocence. At some point I almost wished the leads had died on that exile island and remain forever what they used to be, before being scarred and marred by that terrible imperial palace, "a place with no blood, no tears and no mercy". to quote Lady Park.

When it comes to the much talked about love triangle, I must say I jumped on Seung Nyang & Ta Hwan's ship very early on and never wavered. I could not see or feel any chemistry between Ha Ji Won and Jo Jin Mo and while my brain kept on telling me these two characters had a lot in common and it was logical for them to fall for each other, my heart never agreed. In fact, my heart unyieldingly refused to accept it. Ha Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook, on the other hand… I could have watched them waltz one around the other for the whole 51 hours run without complaining even once. Some of the most poignant moments in the entire drama involve these two and they are the main reason why I enjoyed Empress Ki so much.
This said, the love triangle was not only central to the story, but dual purpose too. Because on final analysis the true seesaw is not between a woman and two men, but between a woman and two countries. The issue of eradication underlines the whole narration and should never be forgotten in order to understand Seung Nyang's choices. This is, after all, her story, how she's initially forced to abandon her country and her roots and gradually develops an attachment to her adoptive one. The more she distances herself from Goryeo, the more the story focuses on China and takes the viewer along.

Spectacular acting by Ha Ji Won - no news here, not for me, at least. I doubt any other actress would have pulled off such a role with that seeming ease; Ji Chang Wook - yes, I'm just a little obsessed with him right now, after seeing him in two very different dramas I loved and being impressed by his ability to convey such a varied range of emotions. His Emperor is so controversial I could write a review only on him, but let's go on; Baek Jin Hee – Danashili, my most hated and beloved villain was terrific too and Jin Yi Han, who possibly didn't deliver the best performance of his career, but whose charisma alone made him into an all time favourite, unforgettable Tal Tal. The rest of the cast did great too, although I was more impressed with the young actors than the older ones.
A word needs to be spent on the villains. There are a lot of them here, all evil for different reasons. A few of them are very consistent; others are such since the beginning, but the viewer is manipulated to the point of thinking otherwise; some suffer from inexplicable 180° turns. What they all have in common is the unyielding conviction they never did anything wrong, which for me is the saddest trait of this drama and even when they got what they deserved, I was left feeling… empty. Their evil logic is at times extremely lucid and makes the line between good and bad blur.

Music is the hardest aspect for me to rate and perfectly mirrors this drama fluctuating between good and bad. The instrumental pieces are hauntingly beautiful and extremely powerful. Listening to them with closed eyes might be the biggest spoiler of all as to how this story is going to end, which is an achievement in itself since an Ost exists to tell the story via music. The songs, on the other hand, were not only very annoying to my ears (personal taste) but also inserted too abruptly at times when not completely random for the scene they soundtracked. I ended up using good old maths: instrumental 12 + songs 5 = average 8,5.

To come to such a high overall score despite the glaring shortcomings of the script, I took the whole picture into consideration. A 51-hours long story that manages to keep the interest alive till the very end is commendable in itself and the fact that I already know I will definitely re-watch it in the future is proof of the high level of emotion it made me feel. Furthermore, this is not a book, and the visual means is used at its highest, with stunningly beautiful sets, costumes, colours and camera work. If you are able to suspend belief at times and focus on style and emotional impact, you'll no doubt enjoy Empress Ki as much as I did.
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For me, the feeling of these dramas was the same. Nirvana does not have romance, but love is used, sometimes, in Empress Ki as mean to a purpose.
You cannot get bored at any if these two dramas and if you like strategy and court intrigues dramas, make sure you watch both. Great leads and supporting actors/actresses in both, stunning visuals, suspense.

I do believe Nirvana was better acted and characters were more complex, but if you liked one of these 2, don't miss the other one.
Recommended by Daenerys Aleathea
The two are about beautiful women fighting for the king's attention, in the midst of a war. Besides, in the two, the heroine has temper, and gives up her first love by ambition/revenge
Recommended by Vico SDL

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    Ethio05 1 day ago - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    mali 6 days ago

    Soo on ep 32.....wow these episodes feel like roller coaster rides. ..whoever ends with her..its secondary right now. I just love all the plotting and scheming!

  • Reply
    etcetera 8 days ago - edited

    i wanna rewatch this drama coz i really enjoy watching it. however the love triangle in this drama is so frustrating to watch. i really cannot stand JCW's character. the first time i was this frustrated was with the romance in hwang jin yi and this is the second time. also the ending really? wang yu didnt do any wrong to deserve that urghh. i swear after the last episode i felt like ripping my heart apart. too bad coz i loveee the romance between wang yu and nyang :(

    • Reply
      Ethio05 1 day ago

      Exactly my thought! If you're gonna distort the facts then just go all the way and give us some reall satisfaction!

  • Reply
    Meli 9 days ago - edited

    still there is nothing drama as good as this, after 3 years, i still haven't found ........ from the outfit, design, plot and amazing act

  • Reply
    Chie 11 days ago - edited

    Happy Ending?

  • Reply
    AydinLan 18 days ago - edited

    I was amazed how could Ji Chang Wook the "Healer" & "k2" be weak & spoiled like that lol . His role in this drama was really different . I had fun watching his character development along with his great love story . He's such an amazing actor ! Made me laugh & cry like a baby .

    I also fell in love with Tal Tal...what a charming man !! His personality is captivating!!

    They look so damn GOOD with that long hair !! (╥_╥)

    • Reply
      mali 9 days ago - edited

      Tal Tal ...Yes!!!!! =)....He could be my king any day.

  • Reply
    ash k Mar 23, 2017 - edited

    I want to watch this but I've heard the romance is a bit ridculous (she chose the wrong man or something like that) I get annoyed by that shit should I still watch

    • Reply
      Lasharichards 26 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      etcetera 8 days ago - edited

      the love triangle in this drama is absurd. i mean if the other guy is equally deserving than thats fine but he's not, really. earlier in the drama it was amazing with the romance and all after the other person appeared thats when everything went downhill for me. all the hype for this drama is mostly on ji chang wook. if you came here for him then u should watch, if not u better rethink. if u insist, then good luck. i watched this solely for the drama and not the actors maybe thats why im disappointed.

    • Reply
      Lasharichards 8 days ago - edited

      Lol those are not facts...just opinion. This drama did an amazing job at portraying the history between the 2 empires lol...; I honestly did not know who Ji Chang Wook before this drama, and I thought he did a beautiful job at playing his part...no one could've done it better than him. Now I'm a fan of him!

    • Reply
      etcetera 7 days ago

      which statement are u referring to as not facts and just opinion? historically maybe, but jcw's character is a little bit too much. he's like a wimp in here

    • Reply
      Lasharichards 7 days ago - edited

      That's what the emperor in that time period was and honestly he was brought up spoiled and nothing expected of him so of course his character is wimpish. And plus he is not a wimp throughout the WHOLE story
      Opinion: The whole paragraph.

  • Reply
    mei changsu Mar 21, 2017

    i watched this way back 2015 but im just here to comment that im one of those few peps who ship wang yu and nyang. kbye

  • Reply
    anusathiya Mar 15, 2017

    result of watching Empress ki :
    Empress ki! : She is one amazing character and this is one drama where the female lead is the reason for this Drama! <3
    story : total politics with tragedy but what a great story!
    process of watching : You will go more crazy than watching a thriller...!
    lesson learn't : Reality is always demanding and hurtful.
    Ending : Kind of hurting, painful, reality struck heart ache but still loved this drama.

    what I got from this drama :

    A crush on Tal Tal,I loved his every move in this drama...I wish he was mine :p

  • Reply
    sanasoufi Mar 11, 2017

    I give up....it's excellent, but 51 episodes is too much. So many other movies I prefer to watch while watching this. Watched 11 episodes though and definitely 10/10.

  • Reply
    Andreza Mar 9, 2017

    Muito bom esse drama <3 <3

  • Reply
    Lasharichards Feb 19, 2017

    This drama was amazing... now while watching other dramas, I feel so empty and uninterested.

  • Reply
    hamed Feb 17, 2017

    the best of the best

  • Reply
    Annalisse Feb 16, 2017 - edited

    I'll admit to watching this for Ji Chang Wook, & it's been on my PTW list for ages. I was hesitant to commit to a lengthy Sageuk bc they tend to get repetitive & there's only so many eps of evil consorts and plots I can take b4 I just drop it out of frustration. But this masterpiece ... I have no words.This broke my heart in the best way possible! Empress Ki had such an independent female lead that could not only take care of herself but is ready and willing to go on the attack against her enemies. It was wonderful. Not to mention the OTP I was rooting for end up together (no spoilers). That always helps :-) Empress Ki has ruined me for all other female leads to come.Now, I find it hard to watch those helpless female leads that just allow things to happen to them with no fight. What the heck am I supposed to watch next?! The struggle is real :'-(

    • Reply
      Lasharichards Feb 18, 2017

      Check out her other dramas :-) !!

    • Reply
      mali 26 days ago - edited

      Yes I agree....Secret Garden. sooo many similarities..in a good way.

    • Reply
      Annalisse 26 days ago

      Secret Garden wasn't that great to me, but I recently finished King 2 Hearts and she's awesome in that.

    • Reply
      mali 26 days ago - edited

      You do have to admit the similarties of her character and thanks King 2 Hearts is on on ptw list

    • Reply
      Annalisse 26 days ago - edited

      They were really similar. But I feel like she lost a lot of her edge during the second half in Secret Garden. In EK & K2H she was just as strong in the beginning as at the end, and still showed a soft side that was adorable. IMHO ;-)

  • Reply
    Maria Feb 11, 2017 - edited

    El Temur - great acting.Tal Tal too!

    • Reply
      Annalisse Feb 19, 2017
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