Similarity? How the male lead is sick or having family members opposing and yet the romance are going strong. Good medical case study for you to study and learn about from the perspectives of the patients too. Perhaps only in drama, can we see ill-ed person having a lasting romance.
Recommended by yukified
Similar plots in the fact that both male leads have mental illnesses and are proving themselves to be more than just their limitations. The rest of the plot differs on the other hand. Good Doctor said about just that being a good and capable doctor despite mental and social "limitations" and Decoded is proving hat even though he can't at the beginning he will improve himself and show that he can be great if not better than those without his condition. I fell in love with both leads and these roles show just how great they are as actor
Recommended by MargaritaPeete
Both stories involve a gifted doctor who doesn't fit into the hospital he works in.
Recommended by xoxo
They both have a main lead who is not fit to be a doctor according to the people around him which is a MAJOR element in both dramas

plus they are both unique and just SIMPLY GREAT
Recommended by Miss-Addicted
I can feel that the stress medical level is the same. I really love how they mentioned the medical term with deep explanation. Even though i am not a person from medical field, these two dramas gave me so much fun despite of medical genre.
Recommended by min unnie
They are not quite the same, its just that you will get the same surgery thrill and vibe in both, If you liked the medical aspect of doctor stranger you might like this one as well
Recommended by Rtee
Do you like medical dramas? Would you like to see Joowon as a doctor one more time? Then you must see this one as well. But, the both characters are portrayed totally different from each other, with Joowon's perfect acting skills..
Recommended by Gulcan
Similar concept of 'not so usual' interns facing challenges of being accepted in the medical world. Romance, though context may be different, also has similar feel of overcoming hesitations
Recommended by FortuneCat
These were like hand-in-hand productions. They are so similar that the ending is kinda obvious though..
-Mental Disability
-Sakuto (Mental age of 6) and Si On (Mental age of 10)
Recommended by BlxxdyButterfly
they are both medical romance dramas and the main leads have special talents when it comes to medicine.
Recommended by hana9413
Good Doctor
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    굿 닥터
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    Green Scalpel ; Green Mass ; Geurin Meseu


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    Aug 5, 2013 to Oct 8, 2013
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