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Gota Araki begins work at a new high school. He is assigned to the school's notorious 2nd Year, Class C as their homeroom teacher. All of the students in Class C are violent delinquents, who have no respect for authority figures. Gota Araki quickly becomes acclimated with the students during his first day. He is beaten by his students, but he doesn't fight back. Gota Araki wants to breakthrough the student's tough read moreouter shells, but he soon discovers that the students are more wounded than he could ever imagine. Gota Araki then turns to his mask. Will it take power or heart to change his students? ~~ Based on the manga series "Kamen Teacher" by Tooru Fujisawa.

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    Kamen Ticha

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Apr 22, 2015
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Basically, it's good but it could have been great. I have no knowledge on the manga it's based off, so I'll solely judge on the drama (the review of the special will eventually go to the special's thread).
The first thing that you need to know is that there's plenty of action in this, I'd say it's a cross between a tokusatsu and a school drama, going more towards the "drama" side read more but keeping the action strong. So, if tokusatsus are definitely not your thing, I don't think I'd recommend it for you. If you don't mind the action, read on.
The school drama plot is basically the same you've seen a thousand times: school of delinquents, worst class of all, teacher comes in with goodness in his heart to change the hearts of the students and show them the path of light. The twist is that this teacher is secretly a masked vigilante who has government authority to inflict unrestricted violence on students as he deems necessary. Yes, you read that right.
Araki Gota, performed by Fujigaya Taisuke, is a sort of Kenshin Himura-ish character, who is trying to change his methods and use actual education (!) and understanding to get to the bottom of his student's problems and let them change by themselves and not through violence and fear. The whole dynamic between violence and understanding is the heart of the drama, and it's well represented. I didn't expect a drama with a masked guy on a motorcycle punching people to have such deep and turbulent emotional developments, but it does.
Still, the episodes are too short to dig as deep in the characters as I would have liked. There's an individual exploration of the characters to some extent, but there's not enough time for us to get as involved in the story lines as I feel the story had the potential to show.
But, if you like school dramas of teachers who change students' hearts, action sequences in every episode, Saito Takumi in a suit staring at folders and Fujigaya Taisuke wearing leather and giving heartwarming speeches, watch this. All jokes aside, it's pretty entertaining and unexpectedly emotional at times.
Oh, and you'd probably end up loving Tsukada Ryoichi's segments, even if initially you don't know what they're even for.
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Both main characters want to help kids without using violence.
And they have similar personalities.
However in KT the main character is a teacher while in shibatora the mc is a policeman
Recommended by leah
Similar themes and characters: both teachers have a "secret identity" and help their students solve their personal problems.
Recommended by willytoto

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  • Reply
    iambulletproof Aug 22, 2016

    its ok, but a little over the top. i was able to endure this because of Jesse - such an eye candy :)

  • Reply
    YukiIwama May 12, 2016

    Super cheesy but also super fun to watch! Went into it quite sceptical but I was hooked pretty much in the first episode. The fight scenes were surprisingly badass and though the whole plot was super indulgent and cliche, it was gratifying and entertaining all the same. Some bits made me piss myself laughing because at the WTF-ness and yes, it can be cringe-worthy at times but I found myself watching the whole series in one night because I literally could not stop. So, I wouldn't recommend starting this drama if you have shit to do the next day. Put aside a weekend to dedicate yourself to the awesomeness of Kamen Teacher. :D

  • Reply
    Aiandoragon Sep 19, 2014

    Uhm... You guys do know that there is a special and a movie from this as well right?

  • Reply
    SHINeeShawol711 May 13, 2014 - edited

    Where can i watch this?

  • Reply
    Ophois Apr 19, 2014

    Well, this drama is not that bad, would recommend it to anyone, something pretty straight forward and good for your weekend.

  • Reply
    femmedesneiges Feb 22, 2014

    I can't wait for Kis-My-Ft2 songs to sound as dated as old KAT-TUN songs.

  • Reply
    MirMir Dec 7, 2013

    Where's episode 12???

  • Reply
    vannah Oct 23, 2013

    does anyone know where i can watch the last episode?? D: i cant find it anywhere</3

  • Reply
    stormy Sep 30, 2013

    Why can I just choose 5 favorits??? This drama is kind of amazing but a few others are too! doushiyo....

    • Reply
      thirdworld Oct 6, 2013

      You can actually choose more than five. But only five will show up on your list. Like on mine I have more than five favorite actors but when I saved it only five showed up but the others are on there as well.

    • Reply
      stormy Oct 7, 2013

      Then my list would be really really long! XD

  • Reply
    tomanii Aug 3, 2013
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      ForeverEve Aug 14, 2013

      Glad I am not the only one who thinks so :)

  • Reply
    Sakurai-san Jul 27, 2013

    Do you know where I can find eng subs ?

    • Reply
      Sakurai-san Jul 29, 2013

      Thank You so much :)

    • Reply
      Mirichan Sep 25, 2013

      This doesn´t work for me ;(

    • Reply
      thirdworld Oct 6, 2013

      I don't know if you still want subs for this show but if you do you should try drama.net. It's subbed

    • Reply
      MirMir Oct 7, 2013

      Ohmygodthankyouloveyou!! XD

  • Reply
    Panda-san Jul 23, 2013 - edited

    Okay I've watched the three episodes and honestly it's a little silly. For example, in episode three the teacher says "wait a minute" and then he goes to change into the suit and mask, comes back and fights the student. Wouldn't it be obvious the same guy is Kamen Teacher? lol And these Johnny's Junior boys make terrible delinquents. It's like they're trying to be hardcore and failed. I couldn't help laughing because it's funny. The acting is severely lacking as well.

    • Reply
      MirMir Aug 18, 2013

      Whenever I try and get them from D-addicts, nothing runs on my computer

    • Reply
      Panda-san Aug 18, 2013

      The only thing I can say is to use VLC player. I have never had a problem downloading things from d-addicts.

    • Reply
      MirMir Aug 18, 2013

      Okidoky. Thx!

    • Reply
      thirdworld Oct 6, 2013

      If you still haven't found a place to watch it with subs then you should try drama.net. It's a pretty good site.

    • Reply
      YukiIwama May 12, 2016

      The "wait a minute" bit seriously KILLED me!!! I had to pause it and laugh myself silly over it. Those bits were incredibly stupid but they did give me a good laugh!

  • Reply
    Panda-san Jul 21, 2013

    They seriously shouldn't cast these Johnny's pretty boys as teachers. It's hard to take this guy seriously when he looks like a student. They should have cast someone more mature looking.

  • Reply
    tomanii Jul 20, 2013

    This just gets better and better with every episode! Taiga's character is awesome x'D

    • Reply
      Leen Jul 23, 2013

      Where do you usually watch the episodes??

    • Reply
      tomanii Jul 23, 2013

      I always watch them live and then post them on my dailymotion account (tomanii1582) for anyone who's missed it ^^

    • Reply
      Leen Jul 23, 2013

      May please send me the link of your channel? Hehe I really wanna watch it^^

    • Reply
      tomanii Jul 23, 2013

      They're all raw. I've only posted eps 2 and 3. I'll post the 1st later today ^^ dailymotion.com/tomanii1582

    • Reply
      Leen Jul 23, 2013

      Thank you and it's okay if it's raw I just really need to watch something now xd

  • Reply
    Gyokuro Jul 9, 2013

    Jesse Lewis is in this, I'm so excited!


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