Soul (2009)

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Ha Na and Doo Na were twin sisters who were very close to each other until Doo Na died a terrible death. One day, the usually bright and energetic Ha Na finds herself changing. She has superhuman strength and can do things that nobody can. Ha Na realizes that Doo Na's spirit has inhabited her body. Shin Ryu, a criminal psychoanalyst, uses Ha Na's powers to kill people that cannot be punished by the law.

  • Native title:

    혼 (魂)
  • Also Known as:

    Spirit ; Ghost ; Possessed ; Hon

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Sep 25, 2011
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
I loved this drama. The paranormal and psychological balance was awesome. The actors were right on when it came to character development & relationship development. I really liked the movement of the story line as well. I thought that they were going to totally screw it up after episode 7, but they proved me wrong. The ending left the story kinda open also, like she could be heading for more revenge. I read more suggest others watch it, b/c it is that good plus some.
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Sep 19, 2016
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
The fact that Soul is so ignored and overlook is considered a transgression by me! The fact that it's buried deep, deep under so many (over)hyped dramas regardless their genre is distasteful! Soul is a deep, dark, thought-provoking drama; not for the timid and demure people (i guess, that's why it's buried).

The drama is an excellent and unique combination of horror, crime and psychology that actually works!

First few episodes, read more and the drama is rather weird, difficult to follow at times, too many seemingly unconnected stories, dark and gritty cinematography. What the actual hell? Horror. If this drama does one thing right is setting the atmosphere, noone can deny that. The female lead is a likeable girl who can see ghosts and ultimately be possessed by them. The drama is possibly the only kdrama about the supernatural and ghosts which actually tries to be... not scary, but rather creepy and spooky, and it succeeds!

The girl wants to avoid them, be free of them and be normal, but she can't. And there is one guy who makes her feel safe and can potentially help her. No, not in a cute/romancy way, no, the script is just too good to resolve to romance to be likeable! The guy is a genius psychologist and crime profiler with a dark past. He does help her, or... that's what he wants us to believe! Plot twist? He uses her in reality to get revenge for his dark and sad past! And here we have the base concept of the drama which isn't really obvious from the beginning. Revenge, and its repercussions.

The drama pretty quickly switches from horror, and moves on to crime and psychology and here things get serious and interesting fast. Soul wants to address several morality issues and negotiate the very core of the human identity. It revolves around the idea of serial killers, how are they made, what do they think, can they be saved? What does it mean that we can examine and judge our own emotion-driven behavior and that of others? Can killers still be considered human? Where are the boundaries of responsibility between stepping up and overstepping? Can violence be stopped without more violence? Can there be serial killers who are not psychopaths? And in the very end, when we do step up are we better than those we hunt? Is there a difference or it's just an endless cycle?

The drama is very twisted in the best way possible. It is thrilling and offers several plot twists. It did have its boring moments and some problems of discontinuation while it took a few episodes for the plot to connect all the dots and find its way. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic overall experience. The story was to the point and quite fast paced. I can't say it was unpredictable but that didn't stop it from being interesting.

Lee Seo Jin shines the most in what i want to describe as one of the most twisted and yet most sentimental characters i've seen in kdramaland. He delived on several levels being sensuous and pleasing to every sense.

Im Ju Eum's role was rather demanding. Her character walked in the fine line between vulnerability and helplessness. I thoroughly enjoyed her 'crazy eyes', she suited the character completely and i think she really felt it. There were scenes where she was really incredible, and other were i felt she overacted quite a lot. Overall, she was great, and quite memorable, if she hadn't been lee seo jin's character wouldn't have developed and worked as exceptionally as it did.

I want to especially mention Lee Kyu Han for his amazing performance as a disturbed serial killer and Yoo Yeon Suk for his impression of a serial killer in-the-making.

This drama isn't child's play, it's rather heavy and difficult to digest. I wouldn't recommend it to everyone. If you are a crime and psychology fan, this would appeal to you. Horror is present but takes the back sit rather quickly. I can see myself rewatching it in a few years.
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[Spoiler] The fifth episode of this drama and drama Soul/Hon have the same theme, about fabricate a mysterious fire at the orphanage, and the souls of children at that orphanage need someone to help them to take their revenge.
Recommended by Sunny
both deal with supernatural creatures and the soul gives the same feeling as the vampire prosecutor
Recommended by Fireal

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    Arkytior 9 days ago - edited

    One of the best drama so far! Gripping and intense. Horror, Thriller, Psychological - it covers all these genre! But didn't get the ending? Did they both died? And Why was she running?

  • Reply
    perihan Kaftelen 21 days ago

    don't watch it because it can be change your personality in a bad way.

  • Reply
    Caroli Zfn Apr 4, 2017

    Hey chingu can i know the name of the drama previewed at the end of episode 7 in this drama

  • Reply
    Caroli Zfn Apr 4, 2017

    I hate so much that i read there is romance in this drama while there is not, its good drama anyway

  • Reply
    Akaisora Nov 15, 2016

    I'm just watching this, (ep 5) and gotta say I love it so far! The story is awesome and I really like all the main characters, and suspect that 2 of them I will learn to love to hate later on...

  • Reply
    Johnson-Shampoo Sep 19, 2016 - edited

    Where to watch
    Any links please

    • Reply
      Akaisora Nov 15, 2016

      If you search on google "soul gooddrama" it'll be the first link to appear, that's where I'm watching this.

    • Reply
      Yume Feb 24, 2017


  • Reply
    bmore Jul 29, 2016

    Watched this on Viki but it's also on Gooddrama. Wow! Loved it....have to say that first of all.

    However, this show was definitely not without its problems. HUGE lapses of logic, direction or editing problems that created a choppy and sometimes WTH? continuity in the show, some cheesy horror cliche's that would have been better off left behind and an ending that was predictable, so not shocking, but so rushed and incoherent it was actually kinda embarrassingly bad.

    Even so, I am toying with giving it one of my precious 9's because I enjoyed the heck out of it!! But will probably settle for an 8 or 8.5. The writer on this was also the script writer for Goong/Princess Hours and Marry Me, Mary. The directors have done several shows I loved or at least liked....My Princess, I Do I Do, Couple or Trouble, Can You Hear My Heart, Arang and the Magistrate, Hwajung (and When a Man there is that!) :(

    Bad stuff aside I found the show very addictive. This may have a lot to do with my Lee
    Seo Jin obsession, but honestly I found all the psycho babble in this highly entertaining. Took me back to my college days. Because this thing is LOADED with psycho babble, religious babble, anti death penalty babble and all the kdrama cliche loaded anti revenge babble we have all grown to know and love/hate. Now that may sound like I'm putting it down, but honestly, I loved it. I thought they mingled all of that into the story very well. The major problem is that this thing should have been longer from the start. It was painfully obvious they chopped out entire sections of the story onto the cutting room floor to fit it into its allotted time. You could catch up, but you spent a lot of your time doing that. (I'm back again saying bad things!!! ) The acting was great for me. Everyone fit their parts and did well. LSJ excelled and was the emotional and passionate center to the show. The cliche horror type possession scenes and bugging eyes for first timer Lim Ju-Eun were above her level and I kinda cringed, but she did really well with the rest of the show. There was palpable chemistry between her and LSJ....but the guy could have chemistry with a May Pole! I'm glad I gave it a chance and for 10 episodes it was FAST to watch. And another old one off my list! An 8 for now...I may up it a bit later??

  • Reply
    GinnyFlorez Jan 4, 2016 - edited

    @nastaranfar dramafever, viki, dramacool

    • Reply
      Eeshie Apr 14, 2016

      What's the name its under on DC? Not having much luck finding it

  • Reply
    NastaranFar Nov 6, 2015

    Can someone plz tell me where I can watch this online with eng subs?

  • Reply
    Sabin4iks Oct 11, 2014 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      kura2ninja Oct 15, 2014 - edited

      About the scene at the beginning . . . you and me both--I don't understand it either. Like you, I've quite enjoyed the drama. But it did feel rather disjointed at times.

  • Reply
    Sabin4iks Oct 10, 2014 - edited

    I just watched ep 4 and i need to say that these series are sooo unordinary,irregular... i inhale at the beginning of the episode and exhale only at the end of the episode. Each episode is so unbelievably intense i just cant stop myself from watching it... its my first time seeing such a drama made by koreans, you know if this one was made by the japanese then i wouldnt be surprised, but for koreans this one truly is a new ,fresh hing....

    SPOILER! the oly thing that confuses me is that psycoanalyst uses Ha Na's trust in him and is making her kill people. Okay they are guilty, but the point is that Ha Na wouldnt do such a thing on her own free will.... thats why i a being quite sad right now after ep 4....

  • Reply
    trist89 Dec 31, 2013

    I loved it! The plot was amazing! I wish there would be anime based on this..! :O

  • Reply
    Sali_bali Oct 9, 2013

    I just started to watch and it's interesting...
    I really want to watch some normal drama in genre of psycho thriller + mystic... I hope it's something like this and not only ghosts ... I hate all these stupid deads walking in every horror movie ...

  • Reply
    Dastanael Aug 20, 2013

    I didn't find it scary (and it seems i'm not the only one) but the story is very twisted. It makes you really think about human nature and instinct, about how anybody can potentially cross the thin line that's drawn between his inner light and darkness. It can also make you realize that your mental state is really close to the one of a psychopath, or on the contrary reassure you on this point if you had any doubt. Well, that's only optional though.
    Anyway, i love this kind of drama. If i had things to complain about (but that's because i'm picky) that would be Ha Na's screams out of dementia, she did it well yet it wasn't powerful enough to actually feel real(told you i'm picky) i felt she was screaming just because it was written in the script and not as if it was part of her character; it lacked of blood (well that's a question of taste); the ghosts were too "beautiful" to seem real.

  • Reply
    ayzuwa Aug 6, 2013

    its sad and scary at the same time .-.


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