Ko One Re-act

Ko One Re-act (2013)

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This season picks up where Season 2 left off. With the timeline reset and the KO ranking restored, we see the return of some familiar faces from Season 1. Wang Da Dong joins Xiu as a member of inter-dimensional guards. When sudden spikes in fighting power propped up in Da Dong’s old high school disrupting the KO ranking, he goes undercover to investigate… as a 28 year-old dropout repeating high school. His read morefirst order of business is to reestablish his authority inside the class of KO One. His behavior immediately clashes with the current leader, King. While the class looks on to see who would emerge victorious, the competition for leadership intensifies with new transfer students joining the fray.

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Apr 3, 2014
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 7.0
  • Music 5.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
I started watching this after being majorly disappointed in KO One Return. Apparently this is suppose to be remake/revamp to the very disappointing KO One Return. While I watch half way I thought, there is no way they are going to wrap this up cleanly because they were introducing scenario after scenario without completing the first scenario. But surprisingly enough they manage to tie up the loose ends in the end ,which read more clarified a lot of things. This drama also had the KO Rank which I was really happy about because it actually followed the story line to KO One^^Honestly, I could have skipped out watching KO Return and watch this and the story still would make sense.

One concern I had was with the relationship with the supporting characters. The fact that "the girl" told "the guy" that he actually not in love with her and they left it like that was very vague. I actually like that pairing too. But over all I enjoyed this drama as much as KO One and I cannot wait until KO XDormitory comes out this year^^Which is the continuation of KO One React and X Family!!!!!
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Nov 15, 2013
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 10
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  • Reply
    Anna Aug 13, 2014

    Who have already heard about K.O. Bad girls?

  • Reply
    XiaoZero Jun 11, 2014

    Hi guys, if anyone is still interested in English subtitles (which I hope you are, because KO3 is fantastic~!), I recently posted mine:

    (It's not a very well-known blog, so I'm spreading the word on other sites.) ^^''

    • Reply
      Ambitious_96 Jul 1, 2014

      Thank you! you're the best human being on earth.

      It's better to announce that on the drama's official(or not) page on FB.
      Thank you again.

    • Reply
      kimcat177 Jul 8, 2014

      You should write this on the other ones too so everyone knows where to find it. Already found this, but thanks for informing everyone. ^_^

  • Reply
    Ambitious_96 Jan 29, 2014


    • Reply
      Kalahara Apr 24, 2014


    • Reply
      Ambitious_96 Apr 24, 2014

      I want it subbed =')

  • Reply
    Mahepic Jan 18, 2014

    where can i find english subs? please help!

    • Reply
      Ambitious_96 Jan 20, 2014

      same story here. I've been waiting and I don't think Viki will ever get the license. But you can request it here. https://vikiinc.wufoo.com/forms/title-request-form/

    • Reply
      Mahepic Jan 20, 2014

      awwww thanks though! :))

  • Reply
    Hozrien Jan 14, 2014

    I kind of hope Viiki is still subbing this :x

    • Reply
      Ambitious_96 Jan 17, 2014

      They didn't get the license. still waiting. Im really dying for this drama.

  • Reply
    Ambitious_96 Jan 6, 2014

    anywhere I can find it subbed?

  • Reply
    Shelly Sep 29, 2013

    Currently watching it. Love Jiro so hotttt. Funny!!

    • Reply
      MirMir Nov 12, 2013

      How many episodes are out and subed?

  • Reply
    loveanimeever Aug 30, 2013
    Reveal Spoiler »
    • Reply
      Lyrical Sep 7, 2013

      Where are you watching it?
      I can't find it...

    • Reply
      loveanimeever Sep 8, 2013

      P.S. the question mark is zhongjiyiban in chinese...the native name

  • Reply
    loveanimeever Aug 23, 2013

    Looking forward to KO One band in next episode! :D

  • Reply
    loveanimeever Aug 16, 2013
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    ariahs_shaira Aug 12, 2013

    i love Jin Bao San...his really funny!!

    • Reply
      MirMir Aug 18, 2013


    • Reply
      MirMir Aug 18, 2013

      But what's it under? I can only find Ko One

    • Reply
      ariahs_shaira Aug 24, 2013

      oh..i'm sorry,,i watch it in (http://sugoideas.com/idol-dramas/2013drama/k-o-one-re-act-) but there is no English subtitle!!..sorry again!!. ^_^

    • Reply
      MirMir Aug 25, 2013

      Thanks anyways

    • Reply
      ariahs_shaira Aug 25, 2013

      .no problem!!

      ..dou itashimashite!!!
      .mei wen ti ..in Chinese!!

  • Reply
    loveanimeever Aug 9, 2013

    Love every episode and the ending song at the end~ ^_^

  • Reply
    loveanimeever Aug 3, 2013
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    loveanimeever Jul 26, 2013
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