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Who Are You (2013)

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A story between Yang Shi On, a woman who is able to see spirits after waking up from a 6-year long coma and Cha Gun Woo, a man who only believes in solid evidence. The two detectives come to understand each other as they try to help the spirits attached to objects at a lost-and-found center rest in peace.

This drama will feature a love triangle between spirits and humans. Si Oh read moreOn's dead boyfriend Lee Hyung Joon will appear as a spirit, perfecting the supernatural romance with Si On and Gun Woo. Hyung Joon was an elite member of the police force, but lost his life following an unfortunate accident

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Oct 14, 2013
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 6.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 4.0
TL;DR? If you don't have anything better to watch, give this a shot.

Not having been a huge fan of Taecyeon in Dream High, I watched this drama strictly for the plot. It sounds neat: A girl who discovers she can see ghosts after a 6 year coma and a guy who helps her solve her ghostly mysteries. I'm not saying the plot line should win a Pullitzer or anything, but it read more does sound entertaining! Unfortunately, this drama squandered all of that fun potential on pseudo plot twists and mediocre romance.

It's never a good sign when you root more for the lead character to be with a ghost than you do the actual male love interest. Surprisingly, this isn't even Taecyeon's fault! I was really impressed with how much he had improved from Dream High, and I really did love his character. Cha Gun Woo is an all-around good guy, willing to help out our heroine even when he isn't sure if he believes her. But even though he was doing all the right things, there was just no chemistry between him and Yang Shi On.

Yang Shi On's character was, for the most part, fairly likable. It was hard not to feel for her when she was so obviously lost and confused, trying to pick up the pieces after a 6 year absence from the world.

Kim Jae Wook was easily the star of the drama, which is interesting considering that for the majority of it, he didn't have any lines. But the way he watched over Shi On and loved her so much, even after so long was just heartrending.

The villains were disappointing, never evil enough to really be interesting, nor frightening. I can't even count the number of times that Gun Woo and Shi On were able to outmaneuver huge groups of men. If two people, with one of them having just come out of a coma, can beat 20+ gangsters, you are obviously not hiring gangsters from the right place.

Other than convoluted plot lines and a sad attempt at emotional terrorism in an effort to make you connect with the characters, this show isn't wholly irredeemable. It's short episodes ensure that you don't feel too bored throughout, and for the most part the ghost's problems were fairly interesting. All in all, not a complete waste of time.
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Sep 17, 2013
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
This drama surprised me by keeping me interested. When I first started this, I wasn't sure if I would like it. It is a mix of supernatural and mystery. There is one big overall conspiracy mystery and little mysteries along the way. I know that some people may find the ending anticlimactic, but I enjoyed it.

Like most people, I feel like Kim Jae Wook as Lee Hyun Joon stole the show. read more He has an important role and I think he played it well. It is hard to write a review without spoilers. So, I will just write that I thought his ending was appropriate. He did what he thought was important and that was all he needed. So Yi Hyun was good as Yang Shi On, but I don't think that she is the best actress. Some people find Taecyeon lacking because he is an idol actor. However, I thought he was witty and cute as Cha Gun Woo. If it weren't for him acting with So Yi Hyun, then I don't think I would have finished this. I actually thought he pulled her up. The other actors are good too. I liked seeing Kim Ye Won again as Jang Hee Bin. I wonder when she will get a main role?

The music isn't anything I remember.

I may rewatch this if I am looking for something light to watch.

This is not horror. I didn't find it scary at all. If you like mystery (although, I think to a certain extent most people will figure things out quickly) with the mix of supernatural, then I recommend this drama.
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    Nancy 29 days ago

    Kim jae wook.......is my only reason to watch this drama

  • Reply
    PriRiRin Apr 26, 2017

    I like supernatural dramas but this is the first epi, one I dropped after watching just first episode. I have watched many good ghost dramas such as Oh my ghost, master's sun & let's fight ghost. OK Taec yeon was good in let's fight ghost. I didn't like him in this one, also I am not a big fan of crime/detective/noona romance (Oh my lady is exception). I have been searching for ghost dramas and movies.I recently watched Spellbound movie it was good one.

  • Reply
    MrBanana Feb 20, 2017

    Not worth your time.

  • Reply
    InvalidUser Jan 18, 2017

    Personally, I dont understand why many dont love this drama. I have been watching dramas from 2012, and only very few dramas really catch my attention and my interest. This drama was great, it actually made me cry (i usually dont like to cry about dramas). [SOME SPOILERS] Its been a few hours now since i finished the drama anddd my heart still feels troubled, the ending disappointed me, maybe because i put myself in Shi On's shoes. Hyung Joon showed great qualities, literally husband goals, so carefree and open-minded and loving towards shi ons silly/clumsy behavior. The part that upset me that not only was hyungjoon selfless - which i know if i were him id have trouble accepting my living gf love someone else - but shi on let go of him way too easily. I appreciate people with pure souls and amazing behaviours only because in our earth we lack those type of people, so given hyungjoons personality i would have difficulty letting him go (hence why i was dissapointed with the ending). My heart would be at ease if I had seen hyungjoon saved and back with shi on, however since this is not the case, i will tear up every time i remember hyungjoons - pitiful - kindness.

  • Reply
    iambulletproof Nov 14, 2016

    This is one of my fav supernatural kdramas! definitely highly recommended. I came to know Ok TaecYeon because of this and eventually lead me to 2PM lol. They should have added comedy tag since this made me laugh a few times too :) 10/10 in terms of enjoyment.

  • Reply
    Hyst14 Sep 23, 2016

    I like ghost related movies or drama. The plot of this drama is great but can't really like the female lead. Is she really valedictorian of police academy? Always getting into trouble, always needed to be save, always trying to do things alone without back up plan. If by chance the male lead is not obsessed of following her she's already dead by the 2nd case with the prosecutor's fiancee. What a waste of good plot.

  • Reply
    SachiHime Aug 25, 2016

    What really strikes me most about this drama is the love of the dead boyfriend. That feels, really! I feel so bad for him that he can’t do anything to be back together with Yang Si On. If only he’s not dead, I will want Detective Yang to end up with him.

    Well, I do appreciate Detective Cha Gun Woo. In fairness to his character, he is so selfless and knows the meaning of real love.

    To sum up the drama, everything went fine for me except for the first episodes that really scare me. (Well forgive me, I get scared of ghosts easily. :D)

  • Reply
    Koteuni Aug 2, 2016 - edited
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    yarnie Jul 17, 2016

    will she always make that 'ohh :OOOO ohhh :OOO' face everytime she see a ghost?? doesnt she get it she has to help them or else they wont leave them alone im kind of getting tired of that.. other than that its an okay drama so far :)

  • Reply
    Sara Alfarraj Apr 12, 2016 - edited

    Is there a second season ?

  • Reply
    darkn3ss Apr 8, 2016

    TVN should give us a second season of this drama.

  • Reply
    Eggychan Feb 21, 2016

    I loved Masters Sun because of the ghosts/horror so I decided to watch this show since it is similar. Gosh, I can't even finish watching the first episode. I'm so annoyed at the main female lead. She's so dumb and has no skills in her profession!!! Also her acting is not good or attracting. The 2 main male leads are great at acting. So disappointed in this. Dropped this drama.

  • Reply
    Narco Feb 17, 2016
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  • Reply
    dramaconnoisseur Jan 28, 2016

    Taecyeon bae!

  • Reply
    Sujach Jan 2, 2016 - edited

    can someone tell me which one is the main lead (male)?


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    Jul 29, 2013 to Sep 17, 2013
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