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You Who Came from the Stars (2013)

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Do Min Joon is an alien who landed on Earth 400 years ago during the Joseon Dynasty period. He possesses a near perfect appearance and enhanced physical abilities involving his vision, hearing and speed. Later, he discovers that he has three months left on Earth. And that is when he meets Cheon Song Yi, the biggest Hallyu star in Korea.

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Mar 2, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.5
  • Rewatch Value 10
There's a reason why You Who Came from the Stars had fans watching each episode while sitting on the edge of their seats every week and peeking out their windows after the show aired, hoping for their own personal alien invasion. With Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince references woven here and there throughout the story, this drama has everything you could possibly want. It lacks for nothing! Charismatic, believable leads; romantic read more storyline; and an incredibly evil/creepy villain. ALL the actors brought their A-game to this one. It was one of those rare gems where they must have all just clicked and it translated to the screen. I loved everything about this drama- even the intro scene that shows the passage of time. You can tell that great care went into the making of drama right down to the smallest detail. I loved the flash backs that filled in the backstory. I loved the documentary feel when they interviewed the characters. I loved how the second male lead actually helped move the story forward and wasn't clueless/innocent and certain aspects. That was refreshing. I especially loved the fact that Jun Ji Hyun was secure enough as an actress to really show different aspects of her character and let you see the vulnerability and human-ness while still being egomaniacal and exasperating yet sweet and even goofy! I loved the internal/external monologues she would have with herself. I loved how the male lead's class lectures were tied into that episode's storyline. I loved his wild jealous imaginings. They're the most adorable kdrama couple I've seen to date and the comedic timing on the facial expressions from the two leads was perfection. The clothing/costumes especially the female lead's was perfection. Can you tell I have a lot love for this one yet?

Seriously though, I'm re-watching this show for the 3rd time now and enjoying it immensely! Even though I know what's going to happen I still have nail biting moments and I've noticed very small details that I believe I missed the first two times. It speaks of the universal search for your person or people. The ones who when they're around you, no matter where you are it becomes home. If you watch it you won't regret it.
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31 of 36 people found this review helpful
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Jan 29, 2015
  • Overall 9.5
  • Story 9.5
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
When I started this drama i expected something that goes in the star treck or star wars direction. Of course i knew it was a drama based on romance and that it would never be anything like that, but when i heard the word "alien" i expected something scifi-like.
And I'm glad i was wrong, because i hate those things. Thats why i first didn't know if i should watch it and read more i'm so happy that i did.

This drama is the best i've ever watched since boys over flowers.. at least for me. I cried so much at the end, not because of it's ending but rather since it was over. I'm a huge fan of Kim Soo Hyun since dream high, but compared to this drama .. whoo.. he became soo hot. I've gotta admit that the actress was new to me (i've started watching k-dramas in 2012 so don't blame me please~).
But i loved the chemistry between those two.
At first i kinda disliked her character, because she was so arrogant and full of herself, and dumb. But when the story continued you've got to see her soft side and that she was a kind person, but still she was hilarious from the beginning til the end. I laughed so hard, i almost cried.
And the male lead was kinda hard for me too, because i don't really like those characters that act so mean in the beginning and so play so hard to get, even though he has a pretty good reason.
The minor characters where adorable too. I personally loved Cheon Song Yi's little brother. He was so cute and the bromance with Do Min Joon was great.
Even the evil guy was great. I really really hated him to death, which proves how great the actor was.

The soundtrack was awesome. I loved the song "My Destiny by Lyn", but it was kinda annoying after some time. And because i'm (now) a huge fan of Hyorin from Sistar, i loved the track "Hello Goodbye". Thats the two songs that were stuck in my head, even til now.

I would definitely say it is a drama that is worth watching, even if you don't like alien stuff and such. But for rewatching i would say you should wait a while before restart watching. I waited like half a year and i coudn't remember a little things so i rewatched it.
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they both have the male leads as people who have lived hundreds of years, both the female leads are idols, both of the leads fall in love
Recommended by kat
i really really love kim soo hyun, hopefully he will have a new drama and film,i love his acting skill, because in real life i thing he's a spirit person and cheerfully and funny full of jokes,i like each drama of his playing, and i like his voice..
pleasee kim soo hyun have a many new drama as fast as you can, i'll waiting
Recommended by Qonita Maulidya

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    Johnson-Shampoo 2 days ago


  • Reply
    avelys 9 days ago

    Pretty fun show but that half assed explanation for his disappearance was pretty lols. C'mon, writers...

  • Reply
    Lin Li Aug 24, 2016 - edited

    This drama was really good. If your wondering just watch it. I was hoping for there to be 7 kids and 5 dogs at the end for a minute.

  • Reply
    Sara Aug 11, 2016

    This was on hold for few months and...I'm glad I continued it cause god damn it's getting pretty intense.

  • Reply
    SapphireSane Aug 7, 2016

    Im only saying this because its been a while since I watched this drama but the "My Destiny by Lyn" song is such a strong song and was over played to the point of where now a couple dramas later Im expcting this song to come on. Not a bad thing bc i love this drama but i think its kinda funny

  • Reply
    Joonkiiii Jul 30, 2016

    I watched this long ago but I just wanted to stop by and comment why this drama was so popular. Yeah it had those good moments, but it wasn't an interesting plot. I loved DOTS but I also agree it was overrated and the plot was predictable, but the romance was adorable af so I stayed with that drama.

  • Reply
    haitakaz Jul 10, 2016

    Can't say that I like this drama so much, I think my expectations were high because it's a very popular drama... I've wanted to watch it since it was new, but I had other dramas that I've watched instead (I started to watch dramas 2013). I can't say that the drama is bad, but it's not great either (my opinion). So for me, I think this drama is overrated.
    Btw, I think that the supporting roles/side characters where more interesting than the main couple

  • Reply
    Lucine Jul 9, 2016 - edited

    As many of you, I didn't expect to like this show that much :)
    I have read so many harsh comments, I did not want to watch it first but you know what: it's surprisingly original.
    The main female lead is one of the most singular one I've seen in a drama. She's CRAZY and crazy fun :) I've laughed quite a lot !
    And her face really is different from all the "kawai" usual main lead.
    Give it a try, we never know what we may end up liking in terms of drama :)

    • Reply
      Amiri 19 days ago

      i wasn't sure whether to watch this drama or not, but ill give it a try

  • Reply
    Kanra Jun 13, 2016 - edited

    Loved this way more than I expected!!! I really enjoyed Shin Sung Rok's acting in this drama and Cheon Song Yi's character. I'd like to see more dramas with this type of humor and character interactions.

  • Reply
    Kanra Jun 9, 2016

    Just started this one tonight. I am not usually into rom coms but really enjoyed the first episode. Hoping it continues to be great and surprises me.

  • Reply
    AnicsiRoscoe Jun 6, 2016 - edited

    I find the people who leave a comment saying 'overrated', just for the sake of showing they're not part of the masses who love this show, incredibly funny lol Like, what's even the point? If at least they added a reason to it, but nope... A round of applause for all of you. *slow clapping*

  • Reply
    Eugene Tran May 30, 2016 - edited

    Honestly, i don't know why this drama is such overrated. It's a good drama but not that great as people rated it. And i also find nothing so special in the characters.

    • Reply
      HyeKyo_Joongki Jun 1, 2016

      yes you're right Eugene Tan That Girl Is Over Reacting!

    • Reply
      Amarie keller Jun 1, 2016

      No! Eugene Tan Is The One Who Is Over Reacting! Every episode of this drama is special especially jeon ji hyun's acting skills both comedy and drama You shouldn't post that kind of comment look at all the comment i think your the one who'se comment is bad you shouldn't comment if you don't like it You Who Came From The Star Fans Will Get Angry! Just My Opinion

    • Reply
      Eugene Tran Jun 2, 2016

      Sorry, i am just a normal drama viewer. I just said what i felt and i dont care about the crazy fan like you. Stop being around every comment that doesn't say the drama was so great. i saw you down here, harrashing people who said so. Stalker!

    • Reply
      HyeKyo_Joongki Jun 2, 2016

      Yes You're Right Eugene! That Girl Or Who ever she is! is over reacting! and she's definitely harrasing people! don't worry Eugene i experience this too someone also as crazy as avah or more crazier than avah who is so over reacting and harrasing me but i just don't care the most important is i comment what is my real opinion! I'm Always Behind You're Back! Fighting!

    • Reply
      jxsilicon9 Aug 5, 2016

      Great plot,acting,etc. One of the few dramas I can watch over rand over again. Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyeon are great actors and had great chemistry.

  • Reply
    Nats123 May 29, 2016

    One of my favourites! Just kept on watching one episode after the other.

  • Reply
    Tel May 27, 2016

    first half is boring for me, second half is interesting, the alien love between Song Yi and Do min JU ssi is interesting

  • Reply
    hopelessRomantic May 27, 2016

    binge watched for couple of days before my MiDS!!
    <3 <3 Loved it!


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