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Bad Guy (2010)

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Shim Gun Wook is a stuntman whose secretly plotting revenge against Haeshinm Group, a large corporation to whom Hong Tae Sung is the heir. As he works to destroy the family by first seducing the youngest daughter Hong Mo Ne he finds himself at a crossroad when Mun Jae In enters his life. Determined to correct the wrong, Gun Wook is about to risk it all, and take down anyone who gets in his way.

  • Native title:

    나쁜 남자
  • Also Known as:

    Bad Man ; Nappeun Namja

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Feb 1, 2014
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 2.0
Far from a perfect drama and yet it will pull you in right from the first scene. I usually do not watch melodramas or revenge dramas, but this one seemed interesting enough. This drama's strength lies in its plot, cast, the great camerawork and the TERRIFIC soundtrack!!

I thought the plot of this drama was really creative. A lot of things introduced in the first episode tie up well towards the later read more half. The revenge part and the parallel investigation by the cop were wonderful. There was no need for romance in the drama according to me. It could have done well on its own. Although it can be a bit slow at times, it won't bore you.

Kim Nam Gil is the star of the whole drama. This is my first time watching him in anything and I must say, I was totally enchanted by him. He has an amazing screen presence and acts with such depth and emotion that its impossible to tear your eyes away from the screen. I will also mention his long hair and moustache- suits him rather well. :D His character was the type you would want to see in a revenge drama. He is willing to go to any length to destroy those who did him wrong. Of course, he is very, very human and you'll see his soft side a lot of times.

Kim Jae Wook was super likable in his role. I would love to see him play a tortured guy again. He was a breath of fresh air, because he wasn't your typical doormat second lead. Although he gets too repetitive after a while, I enjoyed his acting. Plus, he's great to look at! In fact both guys are eye candies.

Han Ga In didn't impress me. She's pretty to look at and wore fabulous clothes but her character was really fickle and annoyed me at times. Her part in the drama made no difference to me. She was interesting in the beginning but went redundant later on. Her sister was a far more interesting person and she was the only HILARIOUS person in this drama.

Although its one of those dramas which screwed its ending, I wouldn't say that it ruins the drama. The drama is worth watching minus the last 3 episodes. From the beginning I was prepared for what was about to come. If I hadn't known the ending, I would have been super mad at it. So I'd recommend to be prepared beforehand by reading the spoilers or skip this drama altogether.

Bad Guy's OST will probably always be in my Top 3 Kdrama soundtracks ever. Every single song is beautiful, melodious and will make you want to listen to it over and over. Even the background scores were amazing.

I liked how this drama was filmed. Its camera work managed to capture the right tone and mood of the story.

Though this drama is not meant for a rewatch, it was entertaining enough the first time around.
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Jun 12, 2013
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
After watching the first episode I wasn't completely sucked in, so I skipped around throughout the drama, got impatient and watched the ending lol. I'm actually glad I saw the ending before watching the complete 17 episodes from start to finish otherwise I would have had a WTF moment. It did however peak my interest even more so I did go back and watch the drama. Obviously it made more sense to read more me after watching everything play out. Still, having seen the ending and knowing what would happen, I didn't enjoy the drama any less. The story is compelling and the actors were spot on.

Story: A little boy gets taken from his family and placed with a new family only to be kicked out and replaced later on. Same little boy grows up and creates an elaborate scheme to wreck havoc on said family. Interesting storyline and never got bored. Shim Gun Wook was an interesting character to watch. At times I couldn't tell whether or not he felt any sympathy to the people he was hurting. I think it was a constant struggle for his character bc at one point in time he was attached to these people. Especially his "brothers" and "sisters". Did they play a part in him getting kicked out. No, but they are part of that family and he wants the entire family to suffer. He was set on getting his revenge.

Acting/Cast: This isn't the first thing I've seen Kim Jae Wook in but it is probably my favorite. Some of his other characters have seemed stiff or the quiet type but not Hong Tae Sung. He's reckless, damaged, always the outcast. I don't think I've ever seen such a sad character. Poor guy started out like Shim Gun Wook and was ripped away from his mother to grow up in a house where no one treated him like family. He was constantly seeking love and attention but when he did find someone who genuinely loved him he pushed them away. The consequences of that were more extreme than he could imagine and, hence, why I'm assuming Shim Gun Wook was dead set on destroying him as well. I just felt so bad for Hong Tae Sung throughout the whole drama. Bravo Kim Jae Wook! He portrayed that character perfectly! Couldn't have been any better! Ms. Shin was also a really compelling character. Probably the most evil, heartless and selfish woman I've ever encountered in dramaland. The lengths she would go to protect her pride and image were extreme to the max! She had no shame and was never once apologetic for any of her actions. Her's and Hong Tae Sung's interactions were the hardest to watch. The way she treated him and the things she said, it's no wonder he was so messed up. Kim Nam Gil was a great Shim Gun Wook. Made you trust him but not without leaving a little hint of doubt. Perfect if you're wanting to get close to those you want to destroy. Also, the way he could be around them day in and day out and keep his feelings in check (for the most part). Most people just fly off the handle but he took it and stayed patient so everything could play out the way he wanted. I didn't care much for Moon Jae In as a character. I guess it's bc I could never do the things she did and treat people like she did. *SPOILER* Even in the end, I felt she brushed off Hong Tae Sung without a second glance even though his world was falling apart too. Maybe it's bc I really pitied Hong Tae Sung as a character that I can't like someone who just adds to his misery.

Rewatch value and Overall: Rewatch value is pretty good. Might pick up on some stuff you missed the first time around. But then again, I'm ignoring the ending. Overall, this was a really good drama. It kept me on my toes trying to follow Shim Gun Wook's moves. And like I said before, even though I had skipped to the ending pretty early on, it still made me interested enough to want to find out how everything led up to that point. Plus, if you're a fan of Kim Jae Wook I highly recommend this drama! You get to see many different sides to him (as his character is a complex one) that I don't believe he's had a chance to play with the roles he's been given.
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Same actor, same story, same vibe. Only the cast is different. Moral of the story: if you're looking for a dark, vengeful plot, always look for Kim Nam Gil.
Recommended by Nelly
Both are centred around a man out for revenge against a large corporation who wronged him in the past. They each have their romance stories as well.
Recommended by SilverCloud

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    Esther 3 days ago
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  • Reply
    jxsilicon9 Aug 16, 2015

    So how was this originally going to end?

  • Reply
    Sapir Aug 5, 2015
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  • Reply
    Alice Jul 20, 2014
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    • Reply
      peaches Jul 29, 2015
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    • Reply
      Alice Jul 30, 2015
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    • Reply
      Esther 3 days ago

      Agree 100%. I'm getting to the point of reading spoiler reviews to see if the endings are unfair, sad and depressing and if they are then passing up on the dramas all together!

  • Reply
    BB78 Jun 1, 2014
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  • Reply
    Sapaieo Mar 22, 2014
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  • Reply
    Sapaieo Feb 10, 2014

    Is it just me or I am the only one rooting for Hong Tae Sung?

    • Reply
      RainieDee Mar 21, 2014

      So I'm not the only one!I don't know why but I always fall for the one who suffer or had a sad love story if we can say so.(just like Tae Sung)

    • Reply
      Sapaieo Mar 22, 2014

      Have you seen Who are You? Yeah, try watching that! I think I'm only that way because of Kim Jae Wook! XD

    • Reply
      RainieDee Mar 22, 2014
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    • Reply
      Sapaieo Mar 23, 2014
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    • Reply
      RainieDee Mar 24, 2014

      Yeah it's very good.And if you are like me then you will like it too,because in my opinion Tae Sung is like Kang Hyun Jung(well with little diferences...)

  • Reply
    sunflower63 Nov 26, 2013

    This drama surprised me as I wasn't expecting it to be so good. I was mostly anticipating a typical melodrama with a lot of makjang and self beating but it wasn't the case at all. In this story the revenge theme was extremely well thought out, refined and was focused on its psychological aspects. The twist of the story in the last few episodes was what turned the drama in a real melodrama and the ending represented its peak. I thought the acting of all the main leads was brilliant and in particular Kim Nam Gil was quite outstanding (much better than in Shark). This drama deserves to be seen as it is intriguing.

  • Reply
    BaDaBa11 Oct 19, 2013

    for the record KNG had to leave for his military duty so they had to cut the drama short..kinda explains the ending.

  • Reply
    lovelyshine Aug 25, 2013
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  • Reply
    Marooya Jun 28, 2013

    I'm revenge dramas fan and was told this is one of the best... I kept postponing it ever since it came out I don't why though I just wasn't interested but finally decided to watch. Though I already knew this drama will go down to hill at some point cus Kim Nam Gil had to leave for the military so they wrapped it up real fast... However I was still hoping that the story would be worth it regardless of the damage but sadly it's not the case... to me this drama went down to hill after the 5th ep, every ep then was long and boring... The only thing I liked in this drama and made me stick to it till the end is KIM NAM GIL.

    This is my first drama for KNG and he did an amazing job, I'm really mesmerized by him !! his expressions, voice, movement and gaze EVERYTHING !! he's the reason I'm going to say watch this drama... having him here means it's not a waste of time HE is worth it !!

    • Reply
      Marooya Jun 28, 2013

      I'm glad I postponed it !! at least now I can see his upcoming dramas rather than falling for him and waiting 2 years for his comeback... haha lucky me I can start his new drama Shark :P

  • Reply
    Cheer May 23, 2013

    Oh, why there's "Action" in the genres? This drama has nothing to do with action, there's no drop of action in it so it's better to delete that genre.

    • Reply
      Raincat Jun 13, 2013

      I agree. Genres what describe this drama better are:
      *Melodrama: The term melodrama refers to a dramatic work that exaggerates plot and characters in order to appeal to the emotions.
      *Suspense is a feeling of pleasurable fascination and excitement mixed with apprehension, tension, and anxiety developed from an unpredictable, mysterious, and rousing source of entertainment.
      Revenge dramas are all suspence and dramas what from ep to ep make your emotions go up and down are melodramas.

  • Reply
    Cheer May 23, 2013

    This drama had potential to become a great revenge drama but it went downhill at some point which ruined everything.

    I still loved Kim Nam Gil in this, he was flawless; his expressions, actions, words and even his smirks, it makes you go obsessed over him.
    The kind of male lead that I would like to see in every revenge drama out there.

  • Reply
    rubydiamonds Apr 22, 2013

    I'm forever in love with this show. Well except for the last 10 secs of the episode. lol :))

  • Reply
    love4kdramasonly Apr 3, 2013

    so no romance at all? -.-


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    South Korea
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    May 26, 2010 to Aug 5, 2010
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    Wednesday, Thursday
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    1 hr. 6 min.


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    7.7 (scored by 2,789 users)
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