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Perfect Couple (2014)

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Jin Yuan Bao is a well off young man, while Yu Qi Lin is a streetwise young girl. Through an incident they meet and get married, the series follows their bickering love story.

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    Jin Yu Liang Yuan; A Shining Ideal Fate

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May 15, 2014
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 7.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
Story: This is a story of a smart aristrocrat and his fate with a free-spirited woman who is a good fighter but a lousy investigator. The story starts with Jing Yuan Bao engaged to be married to Jiang Xiao Xue - a refined woman from an aristrocratic background like his. The marriage between these two families is determined by the Grand Empress, which mean neither have a say in it and neither read more could refuse it. However, Xiao Xue already has a man she loves and on the night before the wedding, she escaped in search of the man she loves. Through fate, another woman - Yu Qi Ling, got misunderstood as the intended bride and married Jing Yuan Bao instead. The story of the Perfect Couple begins. There are ups and downs, plots and sub-plots involving some palace power struggle between those who supported the Crown Prince and those who supported the Second Prince. In the middle of it all, the romance between Jing Yuan Bao and his originally unwanted bride - Yu Qi Ling, blossomed. This drama has a pretty straight forward storyline and easily predicted ending. The baddies are all revealed from the get go -so, there are no surprises. The story revolves heavily on how the baddies get caught in the end and how Yuan Bao and Qi Ling resolve their misunderstandings and differences to become the 'Perfect Couple'.

Acting/Cast: It is no secret that I enjoy watching Wallace act in historical dramas. Acting-wise, he's a veteran. Tang Yan is also another seasoned actress. Both Wallace and Tang Yan managed to pull off a believable chemistry. I mean.... who could resist Wallace's mysterious and sexy stare... you know, the kind that makes you wonder what he's thinking but feel as if he is devouring you whole! With that kind of look, it is not too hard to pull off a chemistry that can melt the hearts of females everywhere! The rest of the cast are all good as well. No complains in the acting department. The costumes are colourful and excellent (though I doubt ppl of that time actually wear such fashionable clothes)!

Music: The ending theme song is my favourite. It has a rather sad tone to it and the lyrics are meaningful. It's stuck in my head and I suspect it will be there for a while unti I find another new song to replace it. Some might find the light OST by Della Ding and Wallace Huo something they might like but me being me... I like the darker melodies over the light-hearted ones. It's all personal preference.

Rewatch value: There are 45 episodes and unless you have lots of time at hand, you might not be wanting to re-watch this anytime soon. That said... there are many scenes in this drama; mostly those involving the main couple, that you would like to forward to.

Overall: This is a worth-while entertainment. True to Tong Hua's (the author of the novel where this drama gets its storyline from) style of writing, the main story focuses on the romance between the two main characters. There are some palace conflict going on but that part of the story did not overwhelm the main love story between the leads. So, if you are a romantic at heart, you might want to check this historical romance out.
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Oct 13, 2014
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 7.5
  • Acting/Cast 9.5
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Story: This is probably one of the fluffiest romance comedies I have ever seen. It's basically about a couple that coincidentally gets married due to some certain circumstances. Of course, along the way we have another couple who happen to be intertwined with the whole situation. It strongly focuses on the relationship of the main couple which I believe is the charm to the whole drama. Seriously... who cares about the overall read more plot... we're here to see this absolutely hilariously adorable couple - Wallace and Tiffany!

Acting/Cast: I love seeing Wallace and Tiffany on screen together! They made the most adorable couple ever! They were hilarious and had amazing chemistry. I enjoyed almost all their scenes together - from the hilarious bickering to the sweet lovey doveyness. Some parts were heartbreaking to watch though T_T But of course, we need all that drama - but sometimes I just can't understand how a guy can have the heart to act so cold and cruel to the girl he loves! *sigh* This couple and the way they acted kind of reminded me of Alec and Vicki in Princess Pearl - their personalities are actually both quite similar The second couple was actually a little boring for me to watch - again, very similar to Zhou Jie and Ruby in Princess Pearl. Even alot of the situations were very similar. I cringed though at Gong Mi's acting.. I'm not sure who she is but everytime she talks her eyebrows will move oddly O.o and that kind of bothered me. Thank god she wasn't on screen all that much!

Music:I loved the music in this drama. The opening theme was quite catchy and bubbly, whereas the ending theme was beautiful and and emotional. I loved the ending theme alot and I can still hear it playing in my head now. I also loved how they played the female version during the later episodes - it was a totally different feeling with the same emotions (don't really know how to explain XD) I remember a few other insert songs that were modernised with the oriental music. A type of genre I really enjoy actually. One particular song that cracks me up is the 'bouncy' background music that they play whenever they (I think it's mostly Tiffany) acts all goofy and stuff. It really adds on the comedic effect.

Rewatch Value: I don't usually have time to rewatch dramas but in this case, I would rewatch all the scenes between Wallace and Tiffany. It would be amazing if someone actually cut all their scenes and made it into one big video. I'm sure that video will bring a big smile to my face whenever I need that extra cheering up!

Overall: I know I mentioned love alot already, but I must admit, I LOVE this drama so much! I'm having some withdrawal symptoms already! The story wasn't anything spectacular, but I absolutely loved it from beginning to end. This was a very light and fluffy drama with lots of romance - and I loved that! From the very first episode I was quickly reminded of Princess Pearl and throughout the whole drama I could feel the same elements used. From the characters to the scenarios, I could see all the similarities... and since I loved Princess Pearl so SO much I couldn't help but adore this just as much - though the story was a lot weaker. Wallace and Tiffany are easily one of my biased couples now although Wallace and Joe are also my bias XD I'm torn!
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Both have kick ass female leads and laugh out loud moments. Both male leads are quite smart and though they lack the physical punch, they usually come out on top of most confrontations.

They both play on the idea of the male lead falling unexpectedly for someone they are engaged with/married and wanting to give up anything for that love. Both got a bit boring in the middle when the melodrama kicked in as they both had an overarching Evil Plot to overcome.
Recommended by reinie
Both are Historical Chinese Drama, but Destined to love you is set in a much more resent past. In both the main lead girl is from a modest family an skilled in martial art. For the sake of her mother she end up impersonate an other girl she just met. In Perfect couple she get married with the main male lead instead of the other girl, in Destined to love you she get fiancee with the guy instead of her. At the beginning both couple doesn't like each other and fight but after some time feeling grows...
The girl she took the identity came back later and everything became more complicate…
Plus there is some conspiracy in both...
Recommended by Imoen

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    jinnborn 6 days ago
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    EricaHuang 7 days ago
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    zukuu 15 days ago

    I've been stuck in the middle of this drama for years. (I'm not sure why, I just found it harder and harder to go back after the 20th-something ep). But I wanted to finally go back and finish it b/c I remember loving it... But after reading this wall... I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't. XD

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    clamchowder Mar 5, 2017 - edited

    I should have read the reviews and comments before wasting my time on the latter half of this drama. I enjoyed the first half of the drama when it had loads of comedic elements and everything still sort of made sense (in dramaland), but as soon as it hit maybe episode 18-20, it just became a whole lot of angst. Gone were the hilarious moments that made me crack a laugh, I found myself being confused and asking 'WHY??' throughout episodes. Plot holes became extremely evident and any logic and common sense were out the window (especially the end!).

    I watched this drama because I love the two main actors -- but I really should have watched the first 20 episodes and then skipped all the way to the last episode or just skip to all the parts with the 2 leads only.

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      Rin Mar 17, 2017

      Agreed. The second half was a trainwreck. It's really the leads and their chemistry which made it all worth it! The first half was really pretty cute still.

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    INFIRES Dec 1, 2016
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    rumtumcat Nov 19, 2016
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    Janey Nov 18, 2016 - edited

    Did she really get stabbed at least 5 times throughout the show? If it wasnt for the chemistry between the leads, I would have never watched this show. Skipped around a lot but even I couldn't handle that ending -_- I feel like I've lost brain cells while watching this BUT WALLACE AND TIFFANY'S CHEMISTRY WAS SO GOOD!

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    MysticLullaby Aug 26, 2016

    Yuan Bao needs a personality transplant, lol still like him though.

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    Maryama May 2, 2016

    i gave this drama 8 when it had great potential to score 10 , it started as comedy, very entertainnig, and promising sweet romance , it could have been perfect if it ended in 20 eps, bu instead , the drama strated to drag in the middle, unnecessary events, and i was left confused, thinking everyone in the drama was brainless, the ending made no sense, it was more like cliché and stupid, however i gave it a an 8 because it gave a really good first impression, and although there were lots of fillings, the plot didn't vanish...

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    Jdf Apr 24, 2016 - edited
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    sunflower63 Sep 26, 2015 - edited

    This drama was really entertaining and enjoyable for me to watch up to about Ep. 35 and then it started going downhill both because the story made less sense and because the male lead became unbearably arrogant and self centred. At one point I found myself cheering for the villain and hoping that the good guys would all get defeated. From then onwards unfortunately for me there was no turning back on supporting the main couple of this drama. It is a shame as I was going to rate this with a 10 as, even though some parts were totally unrealistic and exaggerated, I liked how the story was developed up to a certain point. Luckily there was a twist at the very end which I appreciated as it gave back some dignity to the female lead, but it still wasn't enough for me to be happy with the last part of the drama. This could have been a masterpiece for me and it was a missed opportunity.

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    blackstar_aria Jul 17, 2015

    The lace front wigs in this drama are one point.... and although they are trying to hide the sew-in weaves for everyone else I can still see the sew-in braids......its so funny. all of that weave !!

  • Reply
    SaeedKhan Jul 6, 2015

    This show was hilarious at first got slow in the middle and then increased a little speed at the end but not as fast as the beginning other than that it was a hilarious romcom

  • Reply
    NewKDramaAddict Jul 4, 2015

    A drama that seriously suffered from being too long! I think we skipped 12 ep and still didn't like the ending!!

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    Blademan2 Jun 10, 2015 - edited

    Yet another story ruined by a needless and despicable selfish trash triangle. I have no use for people like Liu Wen Zhao, or Liu Qian Qian, all they care about is self and self-gratification, and they don't care who they hurt in the meantime, that is what obsessive and selfish and despicable people are all about, and this writer is just that despicable, obsessed, and selfish, no morals whatsoever. Just trash. Can't give this more than a 1 just for the obsessive, despicable, and ludicrous trash triangles. Just another trashy, despicable writer with ABSOLUTELY no integrity whatsoever.

    • Reply
      Blademan2 Jun 27, 2015 - edited

      Other than the SUPER obsessed with no integrity whatsoever cousin, or his same obsessed with no integrity sister, had they not no been in it, I would have given it a good solid 9, I so loved the romance of it, just sad that the writer had to ruin it by adding those two most despicable characters into the story, but then that's why I'm getting sick and disgusted with Taiwanese and Korean writers, and the Japanese aren't too far behind, just trashy writers in my most humble opinion, there's no need for this kind of crap. There'd be a ton of real masterpieces if it weren't for the added despicable trash. Seriously. There's a couple I'm working on, but probably won't get anywhere with any of the TV stations because they won't have the trash that the masses so desire to have in these dramas. Yamato Nadeshiko is one of the drama's I'm working on, would love to have someone work on them with me, but it would have to be someone of the same mind as me. Just a good wholesome romance without the added crap.

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      Blademan2 Jun 27, 2015

      If more writers would just write from the heart instead of pleasing the masses, I think we'd have much better written stories, not trash. That's my thoughts anyways.

    • Reply
      NewKDramaAddict Jun 27, 2015

      That's why I really liked Cuo Dian Yuan Yang (first season). If they can only make more like that!! Sighs...

    • Reply
      Blademan2 Jun 27, 2015

      Thanks, I'll have to check that one out. :)))

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      TheGrowlingStomach Mar 8, 2016

      I agree that the love triangles are pretty useless and only serve to infuriate me and question how any human being could be that horrible to another but it's kind of harsh to call the writer trash just for this unwelcome development. I mean, you still have to respect the comedy in it and some of the plot elements. It's possible these pointless love triangles were added to provide conflict in a drama with a light plot line.


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