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  • Score: 7.7 (scored by 4,542 users)
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This is the original version. Basically the same story of regrets, second chances, friendship, time travel and relieving moments.
Recommended by rheabiel
In both series they are offered a chance to travel through time to regain the love of their partners.
Recommended by claudya87
This was the original that Operation Proposal is based off. Best friends falling in love but getting fooooorever to act on their feelings
Recommended by Timbone
7.4 Manhole (2017)
the same time-travel drama because of their first love both have humors in it though Proposal Daisakusen is more of a slice-of-life/love-story drama nonetheless, both stars real-life buddies, Jaejoong in manhole, Yamapi in ProDai.
Recommended by rheabiel
Both have marriage as the end goal. Also Yamapi stars in both :)
Recommended by ange
It's the Japanese version of this one :D
Recommended by darkn3ss
similar concept with multiple heart breaking scenes, and both fujitv getsu9 drama..............
Recommended by misozoupp
even if the storyline is different you might find some similarities dans the caracters sweetness id the same ^^
Recommended by lyviane
Contain similarities like going to the past via an unusual time travel method to fix simple moments in a comedic way.
Recommended by kuay
Both involve characters who get a last chance to change events in their lives through a time-travelling/stopping method.
Recommended by kuay