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Emergency Couple (2014)

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Jin-Hee led a satisfying life as a dietitian. She then met medical school student Chang-Min. Despite his wealthy family's strong opposition, Jin-Hee and Chang-Min decided to get married. Chang-Min's family is full of doctors. Chang-Min though gave up his medical internship and began working as a pharmaceutical salesman. Their marriage life was not happy. Chang-Min's family looked down on Jin-Hee and even Chang-Min seemed to change. Chang-Min began to think terribly of read moreJin-Hee and they finally divorced. After their divorce, Jin-Hee became a medical student and now works as an intern. Chang-Min also graduated from medical school and begins to work as an intern. One day, they meet in the emergency room for a hospital where they will both work together.

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    Eunggeubnamnyeo ; Emergency Man and Woman

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Apr 13, 2014
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 6.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
STORY: Each episode had something new to offer and I was very pleased. You're basically getting a taste of what doctors, nurses, etc. have to deal with in the ER. If you're interested in a health care profession of some sort, you'll like this drama. Like the whole 'playing hard to get/revenge' relationship? This drama is for you too!

I have to admit, there were times where I wanted to skip or read more even drop this, but I'm glad I'm didn't and stuck with it until the end ^^ (the last ep was a bit disappointing. I felt like the writer's rushed to end it.. there were too many unanswered questions... DON'T LET THIS STOP YOU FROM WATCHING THE DRAMA THOUGH! You're missing out!)

ACTING/CAST: Let me start off by saying a job well done to the cast. Like, the chemistry between the two main leads made me very happy. I'm not sure if it's bc I adore Song Ji Hyo or if I just like the whole 'I hate you, but still love you' kind of relationship haha.. Despite the drama being centered around the two divorcees, I couldn't help but adore the minor couples thrown into the mix too. There wasn't a single character that I hated with a burning passion which was refreshing bc there usually is that ONE you want to strangle. you get me?

MUSIC: A great selection. Keep a box of tissues handy. Choi Jin Hyuk can sing!

REWATCH: Despite being a great drama, I don't think I'd watch this again. Why? Because, I've got other dramas I need to watch lol. But if I'm ever in the mood for a good medical drama, I would probably go back to watching this. ^^

ASKDJAKSD. I'm going to miss 2OH so much ; ^ ;
Why can't they be a rl life couple? lol...
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May 8, 2014
  • Overall 7.0
  • Story 7.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
This drama was one that I had to force myself to continue. At times it was so slow that I just wanted to drop it, but for some reason I kept watching it anyway.

The story is nice, but I don't think it reached it's full potential. To me things just went too well, there was a point of climax in the drama that was whole-heartedly amazing. I did like how all read more the characters went through some development and all the other interns were marginalised and had their own small stories and problems.

This is one of the only dramas where I didn't cry at all nor did I feel any strong attatchments to any of the characters. I had no end-of-drama-withdrawal at all.

The acting was a bit too forced sometimes, the cast was wonderful, but there were some scenes that were just too forced. Especially with Chang Min's mother.

I loved the music, it went well. and listening to Jin Hyuk sing was really nice.

I think this drama could've been a lot better.
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  • Reply
    Sora 4 days ago

    it was fun near the start but got a bit boring so i dropped it

  • Reply
    maida11 12 days ago

    i droped this drama twice , the leads supposed to be 33 years old but they act in childish way with each other and i didn't feel the emergency in dealing with citical patients .but something tells me to give it another chance .what do u think!

  • Reply
    jiajia 13 days ago

    Daebak Kang Gary kyakya ♥

  • Reply
    Taylorgg12 Aug 15, 2014

    I seriously hate this mother.

  • Reply
    faithinme Aug 8, 2014

    watching it again haha. really love this drama
    at first I wanted to hate it bcoz I hate the female lead's role in princess hours but after finishing emergency couple it became one of my fave dramas

  • Reply
    Sara Jul 21, 2014

    this drama just gets better with every episode

  • Reply
    sobu Jul 21, 2014

    My first medical drama! Love it so far!

  • Reply
    deeevaniii Jul 21, 2014

    JiHyo my queeenn <3

  • Reply
    Monina Jul 6, 2014

    I regret that I've drop this drama Now I will continue to watch this

  • Reply
    Mariah22 Jul 3, 2014
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    MinaVIP Jun 18, 2014

    Not really sure what I think about this drama...it was "meh" it had some funny and good parts but it was also boring at some points :/

  • Reply
    Soulnishka Jun 14, 2014

    i think it was a sweet drama. i really liked the end too. really it was good the whole way though.

  • Reply
    miximm99 May 31, 2014

    I actually liked how it ended it wasn't dramatic or chaotic those kind of ends are getting really clishe

  • Reply
    Ewa91 May 26, 2014

    i loved this show! even if it was calm in the last episodes i liked it..

  • Reply
    frost May 25, 2014

    great start but then become less, :( but i still enjoy watching this, give this 8


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    South Korea
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    Jan 24, 2014 to Apr 5, 2014
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    Friday, Saturday
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    60 min.


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    8.1 (scored by 4,557 users)
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