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The Full Sun (2014)

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Jung Se Ro is a hardworking young man who works multiple part-time jobs while studying for the foreign civil service exam. His father is a petty criminal and a con man, and their family lives a transient life because of his deals, currently staying in Thailand.
Despite wanting an honest life for himself, Se Ro's dreams are shattered on the night of a glamorous jewel exhibition opening in Bangkok. His father dies read morein an incident involving stolen diamonds, and because Se Ro was at the scene when another man was shot, he is accused and arrested for murder. After spending five years in a Thai prison, upon his release he takes up a new identity and becomes a con man just like his father. He joins a ring of jewel smugglers led by Park Kang Jae, with whom he shares a brotherly bond. Kang Jae was raised like a son by Se Ro's father, who taught him all the tricks of the trade. But Kang Jae has harbored a lifelong jealousy towards the real son, which is stoked further when the woman he loves, smuggling accomplice Seo Jae In also falls for Se Ro.
Then Se Ro meets Han Young Won, the cold-hearted heiress to a jewelry brand. She was madly in love with her fiancé Gong Woo Jin, and had closed herself off after his death. But Se Ro draws her out into the world, while Young-won gives him a reason to live when he had all but given up. They fall in love, not knowing that the man Se Ro was accused of killing had been Young Won's fiance. His love for her becomes his punishment, but also his salvation.

  • Native title:

    태양은 가득히
  • Also Known as:

    Taeyangeun Gadeughi; Beyond the Clouds;

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Apr 9, 2014
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
“Was I deceived, or did a sable cloud / turn forth her silver lining on the night?” That familiar idiom known by all today (“Every cloud has a silver lining,”) originates from the above lines by John Milton. The intended message is clearly an optimistic one; when one says this to another, they mean for that person to seek out signs of hope in their own dark situation.

And so it goes read more with Beyond the Clouds, whose central theme is just this. Don’t mistake the drama for a common revenge yarn; though payback might be a driving force for many characters, it’s hard to call it “The Point.” Viewers should instead expect a classy, fatalistic romance, complete with slow-burning melodrama. Will these two deeply traumatized people fall in love despite their cruel circumstances? If they do, will a romantic connection hurt even more—or heal both, becoming their silver lining? That’s more “The Point,” and also the element that works most beautifully.

As to the revenge aspect, it’s fine if sometimes messy. I never fully believed or enjoyed the con-man angle. The “big bad” felt one-dimensional, as did his motivations, while other early villains were the same or even slightly unnecessary. That said, the dangerous atmosphere and situations created by their influence was excellent. It’s an odd combination, but it works.

Yoon Kye Sang stars as Jung Se Ro, a gentle man whose experiences have left him unpredictable and angry. This actor shines in Beyond the Clouds, handsome and magnetic. He grabbed my attention as if grabbing my head with both hands, so striking was his performance. Together with leading lady Han Ji Hye, he shared sparkling chemistry. Ji Hye enchants as Han Young Won, playing emotional and romantic scenes well. However, I often noticed her eyes open too wide too often, or glued firmly to the floor. The character can be meek on occasion, but these mannerisms were not strong choices at all.

Though I wasn't crazy about the whole con-man thing, Jo Jin Woong presents well as complicated Park Kang Jae. He’s the most believable and human of the seedy bunch, even the best connected to the main story. Tearful scenes seem to be his forte; he’s fantastic at them. A special mention is reserved for Kim Young Ok, probably the best “grandmother” actress ever. She made me cry so many times it isn’t funny.

Both cinematography and music embrace an elegant, almost classic feel. Early scenes in Thailand are a feast for the eyes, though the rest of the drama delights as well. Songs were well-chosen and interspersed to optimize emotional effect. Unlike in other melodramas, I never grew bored of any of it. Some great vocals include “Whale” (Zitten), “Sin,” (V.O.S), and “The Full Sun,” (Yang Pa).
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Jun 6, 2014
  • Overall 8.5
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
I am glad I watched this drama. I am also glad I waited till it got completed and marathoned instead of waiting every week because the cliff hangers would have tortured me if I had to wait. It ended leaving me with positive feelings. i am happy with the ending.
It's a revenge story and while watching I really felt the angst of the characters and it was quite clear why they read more were holding on to their feelings and what motivation there was for their actions. This also showed how in life there is never a simple love or hate and how the human character is so complex you can never predict how a person is goinig to act on what he is presented with.

The acting was point on without anyone overacting. Everyone was so natural in portraying their characters. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and getting involved in their lives.

The music was very good and was fit for the different scenarios.

I am not sure whether I will be able to re-watch this at once because it was quite a tear jerker. However I know that in the future it is one I would not hesitate to watch again.
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    EmpyreanConqueror 15 days ago
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    MrBanana May 23, 2017

    Everything is good and all that, but I still think that Yoon Kye Sang doesn't fit for main role in dramas. Hes great and all of that, but something just feels "off".

  • Reply
    zukuu Mar 28, 2017 - edited

    I saw someone recommend this on the front page and went ooooh! I click on it and it sounds right up my alley... Then I go to add it and I have it /On Hold/... >_> Lol. Why did they change the name?!?!
    Edit: Commented b4 seeing naccu's comment below lol.

  • Reply
    KarolK Mar 18, 2017

    Although it's not the best and it's predictable, I enjoyed it very much!!

  • Reply
    Shojoshit Feb 11, 2017 - edited

    I was looking for this drama on every website until I realized that the name is "Beyond the clouds" lol

  • Reply
    amytotto Sep 24, 2016

    is this something like golden cross..........i want something like that with some thriller element but the synopsis sounded like a melo

  • Reply
    naccu Sep 5, 2016

    They suddenly changed the name and got me like: What is this in my PTW??
    Happens all the time :P

  • Reply
    GiKnoth Mar 8, 2016

    This is by far my favourite melodrama. It was the first time I watched Yoon Kye Sang and I just can't believe how amazing his acting skills are. The plot may have cliches and all but the development of the characters makes it a great story to follow. You can relate and feel the emotions of the characters. Definitely a 10.

  • Reply
    mali Nov 15, 2015

    Sigh..I agree with an earlier comment that this is excruciating to finish. I can only relate to Yoon Ky's Sang's character. The female lead is soooo typical of kdramas., annoying and clueless and when she reached her boiling she just started screaming at the top of her lungs. Hmmmm I just wondered if she took the time out in the beginning to meet him and hear him out...this drama would only be 2 to 3 episodes. All the in between just didn't make me a believer in her character

  • Reply
    Kiie Nov 12, 2015

    Wow, the plot is similar to Secret Love (Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum) and I am tempted to watch this because Secret Love was my first melodrama, it was heavy but I love it!

  • Reply
    Mellowshellie Aug 31, 2015

    I feel that the plot summary gives out too many details? Imma put this on my PTW list

  • Reply
    Dramacity Aug 9, 2015 - edited

    Why does this drama not have more viewers?? I recommend it! I marathoned it in 2 days (I had to sleep unfortunately in between) and I don't regret every piece of it. I probably got bored this one (ONE) time, but it was only for 5 mins or so. Not long. Still worth it!
    9.5/10. Loved it!

  • Reply
    nytwp Jan 24, 2015

    Hooooly plotholes. Liked the drama though, Yoon Kye Sang's acting is amazing!!

  • Reply
    Shaza Jan 3, 2015 - edited

    Does this thing have a happy ending? please tell me a yes or no, I hate sad endings.

  • Reply
    sunflower63 Jan 3, 2015

    I don't know why I had skipped watching this little gem of a drama when it was being aired and I am glad I caught up with it now. Yes it is definitely a typical melo but somehow the makjang here is not exaggerated and it fits very well in the story. What I liked most here was the acting...I found it absolutely top notch for everyone including the side characters. Being a romantic soul I particularly appreciated the romance side of this story which was very touching. This is worth a 10 for me.


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    South Korea
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    Feb 17, 2014 to Apr 8, 2014
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    Monday, Tuesday
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    60 min.


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    7.6 (scored by 1,224 users)
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