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Three brothers get separated at a young age after their parents died in an accident. Jang Dong Soo, the oldest brother, followed in the footsteps of his father and became a detective. His greatest hope is to find his two brothers again and for the siblings to finally be reunited. Jang Dong Chul, the middle brother, grew up as a petty thug on the streets, using his fists and wits to survive read moreuntil he climbs to the top of a crime syndicate. Jang Dong Woo, the youngest brother, was adopted by a rich family when he was a baby, and is being groomed as the heir to a casino empire. They meet again twenty years later, but unaware of their blood ties, their ill-fated paths converge on casino territory where they find themselves at odds with each other.

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40 minutes ago
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 10
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I really enjoyed this drama (although the first 4 episodes were iffy for me - but they were necessary to see the character development) -
Story: 3 brothers who don't know they are brothers b/c they were separated a long time ago meet again by fate and go through countless things before finding out they are all related - is the basis of this plot-line.
Cast: Kim Jaejoong as Yeong Dal/Dong Cheol read more - the main of the main cast basically lol - he was my favorite character and the reason I started this drama - his character development was the biggest and most impactful during this drama - I loved his story and all the things he got intertwined with along the way - plus his romance was really sweet and nice to see. Lee Bum Soo as Dong Soo - a detective with a temper - through a turn of events finds certain things out and seeks revenge with the help of Yeong Dal. Siwan as Yang Ha - the little jerk of the show basically - raised by a dirty rich guy with no feelings - you could say he has some psychological issues....Jung Hee the girl Yeong Dal loves and the girl that Yang Ha wants - who does she like and how the love story begins - you'll have to see for yourself - I loved her faithful character :) Shin Hye - probably the smartest out of everyone on this drama - she had a habit of figuring things out before others did.
Music: Extraordinary - I loved it to pieces especially Kim Jaejoong's 2 OST songs (I play them all the time)
Re-watch Value: 10/10 I will most definitely re-watch this drama again - I loved it as much as I loved East of Eden <3
Fav. Quotes at the end: "Death is waiting at the end of greed." "If you want to escape life's darkest tunnel, try to love somebody, because great fortune may be awaiting for you." - Yeong Dal/Dong Cheol.
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they have similar things - casino's, revenge, poor people against a rich guy that killed their dad - a mining town - history - brothers that don't know they are brothers...ectra..
Both dramas is about three brothers who reunite after many years, ever since the death of their parents. Both has same main actor Lee Bum Soo, and also has general similar feeling.
Recommended by dramafreakboy

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  • Reply
    DreamingKoreanBallad 36 minutes ago
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  • Reply
    sam30317 48 minutes ago

    Ending: 0___________0 I left this drama feeling nothing.
    Rating: Meh...

  • Reply
    Gingermoon 4 hours ago

    I didn't want it to end... I guess since it's a melo they had to include "that" but c'mon, it wasn't fair. Anyway, overall I really like it.

  • Reply
    khrui 9 hours ago
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  • Reply
    chante 3 days ago

    I hope I like it, I waited so that I could marathon this drama. I am familiar with three of the main characters skills for that reason I will continue to watch even though the first episode didn't make me feel like continuing.

    • Reply

      don't worry - I didn't get into it until episode 5 - then I got excited for each new episode. This drama has great character development for Jaejoong

  • Reply
    Kikyostarr 4 days ago

    Does anyone know the ending theme song for this show?

    • Reply
      Orion 4 days ago

      You mean during the end credits? Give me an episode number and I can help. The ending theme changes throughout.

    • Reply
      Kikyostarr 4 days ago

      I think it's episode 4 or 5.

    • Reply
      Orion 4 days ago

      That is an insert song. It's by ALi and it's called 'Tears Keep Falling'. I love it too. It's the only song in this series I like. :)

    • Reply
      Kikyostarr 4 days ago

      Thank you so much :D

  • Reply
    Ambitious_96 5 days ago

    This drama is starring 3 guys. But is one of them the centre of the attention? or it's equally about the 3 of them?

    • Reply
      Kikyostarr 5 days ago
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    • Reply
      Orion 5 days ago
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    • Reply
      Ambitious_96 4 days ago
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    • Reply
      Orion 4 days ago
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  • Reply
    canyousaywhuut 7 days ago

    Only7.5?? Huhuhu. I waited for this drama because Siwan + Jaejoong combined.... Is it not that good?? :/

    • Reply
      samsoons 6 days ago

      7.5 is not a good rating? I find it a very decent rating for this drama so far, but it's not yet finished, so it's not a trustworthy number.

      If you want to watch for Jaejoong and Siwan, I think you're going to be pleased :)

    • Reply
      canyousaywhuut 6 days ago

      oohh. love them both. will definitely watch. Thanks.
      i thought it was only down to 24 episodes until i saw the total in the details. haha. Thanks. :)

    • Reply

      in my personal opinion I think this is the best drama airing at the moment - for a melodrama anyways :) I get so excited to see the next episodes!

  • Reply

    Another week of waiting!!!! last 2 episodes airing next week!!! I hope it has a great ending!!! I love this drama - I never miss a Tuesday!

  • Reply
    LMitsuki 12 days ago

    I think this is a drama suitable for those who like the genre. For those who like thrillers, suspense and dramas with intrigues and etc it's good. Not too strong but not too weak either. There's also more romance than in most dramas of the same kind, even if it's not focused on it. It's well developped and nicely done. If you don't like the genre, then you'll probably don't like this drama. And if you don't understand what's happening, I believe you won't like it either.
    You know, I watched the first episode because of Jaejoong but dropped it as it seemed too focused on him. Later I re-started and how wrong I was. This is nicely done - not a masterpiece but not as bad as people seem to be saying. At the ending episodes I think it's getting a bit messed up, and I think it's a big fail that the older brother is getting a bit on the shadows, but the main
    But it's a drama that has many particular sides, and different sides from another. It has a bit of everything.

    • Reply
      Orion 12 days ago

      I love thrillers, revenge stories, suspense and darker works, but the writing here is very bad, so I cannot really feel much for the characters beyond what their actors can manage.

      The writer is not good with intimate relationships and interactions. Too business-focused, but wearing a brotherly bonding and revenge story colored suit.

      So I think those who like style over substance would appreciate it, but those looking for good writing and a really good exploration and development of the premise will be disappointed.

      But it depends on what one considers thorough exploration and whether they are mainly drama fans or also movie fans and have experience with these types of works when done right. I actually believe that if they have little contact with the genre, they are far more likely to like it than if they do.

    • Reply
      LMitsuki 12 days ago

      I think it gets to the point of dragging too. I agree it's softer than others, but I also think that those who haven't watched at all are not the ones who'll probably like it.

    • Reply
      Orion 12 days ago

      Those who have no interest in the genre, yes. They wouldn't like it at all.

      I meant those who do have interest, but have not watched a lot of works like this would like it more than those who have more experience with such works.

      Since the latter have likely seen much better attempts and would therefore see all its shortcomings and find little to enjoy in it.

  • Reply

    This is my favorite currently airing drama right now, next in line are: Endless Love, Joseon Gunman, Trot Lovers, & Marriage not Dating :D

  • Reply
    hwayi 13 days ago

    i really don't understand why people hate this drama so much. it's not even that bad. i find it quite interesting tbh. oh well, whatever.
    but is it unwatchable? seriously people wat

  • Reply
    Mikhal96 13 days ago

    I've completely fallen in love with Jaejoong..his smile is just *-*

  • Reply
    Chrisstina 13 days ago

    I want all episodes right now! >_< :D This just keeps getting better and better :D

  • Reply
    sitavamin 14 days ago

    Please don't waste your time on this drama just because you like the idols in it. This is soooo boring and absolutely nothing interesting about it.

    • Reply
      samsoons 14 days ago

      Still, I believe those who are interested should give it a shot. We never really know if we like something (especially entertainment related) if we don't try it out.

      Plus, there are far worse/boring dramas out there, in my opinion of course.

    • Reply
      Orion 14 days ago

      I agree people who find the premise interesting should try it, since we never know what others will like. But quality-wise, it's pretty messy.

      I really would not recommend it as a good drama to anyone other than those interested in Jae Joong, if my opinion on it was asked.

      But beyond that, it's not up to anyone to tell others what to like or what to watch a drama for. It's their time and their choice which opinions to take into account.

    • Reply
      motoko09 13 days ago

      I agree with sitavamin!
      Believe me, I REALLY DO LOVE JAEJOONG from the bottom of my heart, but let's just face it, this is unwatchable, plus .. to be completely honnest, I can't really watch dramas in witch DB5K members star, it feels a bit awkward lol ... plus I get a bit jealous xD
      Anyway! Sorry, jaejoongie but .... I can't xD

    • Reply
      Gess90 12 days ago

      but if you don't like it, why do you have to say that is it unwatchable? this is the best drama i'm watching on air. Idol or not. I just love the story. But think of the people that read your comment what would think and believing your comment decide not to watch it.
      I don't why people don't think before writing o.o


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