The Journey of Flower

The Journey of Flower (2015)

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Based off the novel by Fresh Guo Guo, tells the story of Hua Qian Gu, on the day of her birth flowers wilted and and the skies turned dark as her mother passed during child birth. Her father past away when she turned 12 years old. Before he died, he advised her to learn some tricks in order to help her survive, it appears that she has the strange ability to lure read moredemons and other worldly creatures through her scent.

She takes upon her fathers advice and heads to Mount Shu, where it is said there are people who are experts in dealing with demons and other creatures. However, upon reaching her journey is stalled after she hears the leader of the sect has passed away. Thus Qian Gu heads to the Chiang Lu sect to seek for help, there she meets Bai Zi Hua, the most gentle yet cold hearted man, who becomes her teacher, mentor and potential lover. Amidst Bai Zi Hua, are Dong Fang Yu Qing who cares for Qian Gu's safety and Sha Qian Mo who is the leader of the demon realm, that are also romantic interests of Qian Gu.

The drama is also directed by Lin Yu Fen who has previous dramas such as 'Da Mo Yao', 'Bu Bu Jing Qing' and 'An Angel's happiness' to his credits.

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    Xian Xia Qi Yuan Zhi Hua; The Strange Fate of Xianxia; 仙侠奇缘; Hua Qian Gu; 仙侠奇缘之花千骨; The Legend of Hua Qian Gu

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Nov 12, 2015
  • Overall 9.0
  • Story 9.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 8.0
The Journey of a Flower is a wonderful drama based on a very much loved book. If you enjoy martial arts, cheesy CG effects, men with long hair and you are new to Chinese dramas this is for you! On the other hand if you are looking for a short, modern and simple romance story you should maybe stay away.

The story is one of the strong points of this drama. read more I rarely watch a drama without skipping at least a few minutes, but there was no need to do that with this one. Entertaining things and characters were going on everywhere and at all times. There are plot holes and very strange moments where something really weird happens, but I found out that 4 episodes worth of material were cut from the aired TV version and the cut material would've made everything make more sense. Overall though the beginning and middle of this drama were almost flawless and the story flowed well and kept you watching... even in the middle of the night XD If the cut material had been included the end part of the drama would've been excellent as well.

The cast was also great! I especially enjoyed the main actors. Huo Wallace (Bai Zi Hua) did a wonderful job portraying a godlike, statuesque man suffering constant inner turmoil. It is too bad that I don't think his real voice is used in the drama, but I guess this is often done in Chinese dramas. Zhao Zanilia (Hua Qian Gu) was the first female character I've encountered that managed to pull off that perfectly "innocent" & "pure" woman that is so often portrayed in Asian dramas, without being the least bit annoying. She also made her character feel strong at the same time. The supporting cast was also great and certainly offer the female viewers some good options in the male department ;)

I enjoyed most of the music. Especially the end credit song was a really melodramatic ballad that built the mood of the entire series. There were also some really nice flute themes played throughout the drama that helped you immerse yourself in the story.

I've read that there will be a DVD version of the series that will have all the material that was cut out. I will definitely watch this entire series when I get my hands on that DVD... especially since I know that most of the things cut out were cut because they were too risqué! ;)

You might think that this series does not deserve a 9/10 since they sort of butchered a lot of their good work by cutting out important scenes, but still I was glued to my screen until the very last moment and this series opened the world of Chinese dramas to me. Some of the special effects are terrible, but I don't think they took away from the storytelling. Watch the first episode and you should know if this is for you or not!
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Oct 13, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 10
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 9.5
One of the most touching, breath-taking Chinese stories ever presented in a drama..

The actors were all perfect for their respective roles, and all presented their characters to the highest, best standard possible, making me feel as if I was also connected to each of them in their own stories within the drama.

Hua Qian Gu is such a lovely girl, and I found myself feeling protective of her so many times read more throughout the drama. Her and Bai Zi Hua's love story is also one that is so unique and beautiful. I'm so glad they both got their happy endings, as they both 100% deserved it after everything they went through for each other.

P.s ... don't know why the summary says Sha Xian Mo was a love interest of Qian Gu's... because to Qian Gu he was just her big "sister" and he looked after her with an affection and love seen between siblings. Haha :)

Anywho, I'm sure you'll all thoroughly enjoy the drama without me hoping you will, as long as you give it a try :) trust me, the heartbreak, agony and tears you will experience throughout will all be worthwhile in the end!
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    dramaaddict07 3 days ago - edited

    Wow. JoF is a 50 hour rollercoaster ride. Although it didn't manage to pull me in right from the start, it did have the ability to keep you from wanting to know what happens in the future.
    Started sweet and ended with a punch and a whole box of used tissues. JoF was amazing but definitely a heart-wrenching drama.

    All the actors played their roles so well that makes you feel like tearing apart some and heartache for others. But I must say BZH is definitely a stubborn nut. He makes you empathize with him yet get so annoyed with him at times. LIKE STOP TRYING TO BE SO IN CONTROL. But yet you cant really blame him for everything and you can FEEL his love.

    Great drama in all. Heheh watched the drama because I wanted something similar to Eternal Love. But this has alot more emotional and heartwrenching moments. So if you are trying to look for something light, DO NOT ENTER. (I must say I prefer EL and Dong Fang and Sha Qian Mo over BZH but I guess thats just me) The two dramas are really different so its hard to compare anyway.

    Rated an 8.5 but I guess I will not rewatch it anytime soon as the story is too damn impactful and took a toll on my heart :(

    • Reply
      Emily 17 hours ago

      My sentiments exactly. I posted my very long comment 11 days ago (see below). First, I thought I'm not going to watch it ever again or anytime soon, but last night (when I wanted to watch a new drama but couldn't come up with one) I really wanted to see some of my fav scenes and episodes again. I guess, I have forgiven the drama made me cry so much. I will give it a few weeks/months more and then rewatch it. This time, I'm prepared..

  • Reply
    Liveload13 6 days ago - edited

    Hi. I just finished watching eternal love for the 3rd time and still cant get over my addiction. I wanted to try other cdrama of the same genre which can make me get over with EL. Is journey of the flower the one ive been looking for??? Which is better jof or el? Thanks

    • Reply

      same here, i finished watching EL a week ago and still cant seem to find something that will get rid of my EL withdrawals TT_TT

    • Reply
      Liveload13 5 days ago

      Because i love the series i started to read the novel ten miles of peach blossom and i love it. I am now reading the second book the pillow. If you still cant get over like me try reading the novel,

    • Reply

      thanks gurl, im going to get my hands on that book now. did you get the translated version, To the Sky Kingdom?

    • Reply
      Mighty_Brosia 4 days ago

      Hello. This is a biased opinion bcoz I really love this drama I just finished it last last week and I hold the eternal love bcoz I can't get over to this one.. This drama made me realized how good is chinese historical drama.. watch it you will never regret it.. :)

  • Reply
    SimronParida 8 days ago - edited

    I watched the first 3 episodes and they were not so bad, but somehow I'm not able to get along with this whole forbidden love quest. So for now it's not my cup of tea!!!!!

    • Reply
      Mighty_Brosia 7 days ago

      no. it's more than that... try to watch it more. :)

    • Reply
      SimronParida 7 days ago

      Somebody else also suggested me that !!!
      So I'm gonna try it once again.
      Thnx for the suggestion

  • Reply
    Emily 12 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      Hazardous 12 days ago

      I'm not sure if it was dropped or if the translators are simply are too busy with life. All we can do is wait. No problem, hope you enjoy it.

    • Reply
      Hazardous 12 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      Jordan 12 days ago
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    • Reply
      Hazardous 11 days ago - edited

      No need to apologize, that was an awesome moment. In fact, that entire scene between Wallace and Zanilia was excellent. It is one of my favorites too.

    • Reply
      DaRk CrUsAdeR 9 days ago - edited
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  • Reply
    Mighty_Brosia 14 days ago - edited

    jeeezzz.I cannot start other dramas like eternal love or Nirvana in Fire. I cannot get over to this one.. too good....

    • Reply
      silvermcv 14 days ago

      maybe you will like Scarlet Heart. I think we have similar taste since my favorite cdramas are Nirvana in Fire, Journey of Flower, Eternal Love, and Scarlet Heart. It is another classic.

    • Reply
      Emily 12 days ago - edited

      @Mighty Brosia. Don't give up on Eternal Love. I had the same with JoF. I watched Eternal Love first and had trouble to let JoF in because of EL. I have rewatched EL 3 times before I could let go and started JoF 4 weeks after I finished EL. It's a pity if you miss out one of the best C-dramas just because you're still in the JoF mood.

      Have you btw seen Prince of Lan Ling? That's another favourite of mine. If you can handle JoF you won't have a problem with this drama. I liked General and I as well, although there are parts that are boring (just skip those parts).

    • Reply
      Mighty_Brosia 11 days ago

      Oh.. I will try to watch it this week. yeah,I watch JOF multiple times this week coz I cannot let go.. haha..oh thank you for the recommendation. I will put them in my list coz there are many good reviews. hahaha.. I cannot go back to korean drama right addicted to c-drama.. :)

  • Reply
    Mighty_Brosia 15 days ago - edited
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    • Reply
      silvermcv 15 days ago
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    • Reply
      Mighty_Brosia 15 days ago - edited

      wow! really! why they change that!! hmm... I will read the book. Kindly give me a link? yeah. many great scenes was cut.... thankfully someone post it in the net..

  • Reply
    Kiseki 17 days ago

    I really hate Hua Qian Gu and her clingy personality. The number of times shifu tells her to leave him alone and she ignores all of it. She's like a vine sticking onto a tall tree sucking the life of out it.

  • Reply
    Mighty_Brosia 19 days ago

    Im in episode 30 and im loving it sooo much... :)

  • Reply
    TheraTD 19 days ago

    The one thing that I don't understand is why Dongfang a supporting character? He's one of the prominent leads in Hua Qian Guo's Harem!

    Anyways story-wise, the journey of flower where she became a strong character was enjoyable and exciting. But can't say the same about the romance part, as Bai Zi Hua has always been presented as a fatherly figure, and she idolized him for that.

  • Reply
    EmpyreanConqueror 26 days ago

    This whole drama in all is amazing, and then the other one came out, people said it was season 2. I watched 1 episode.. and I freaking wanted to jump off a cliff. What the hell! Season 2 was shit.

  • Reply
    Jordan 28 days ago

    And they cut out the scenes because China has really, really strict censorship laws. If you want to get around that, read the novels. They are essentially romance novels. Eternal Love, for example, and Pillow Book (it's sequel) have descriptive bedroom scenes. I don't know if Journey of Flower does but the early translations I read are very Lolita in that the female lead LOOKS like a kid because she stopped aging.

  • Reply
    Emily 28 days ago - edited

    I'm going to watch this one. Hopefully Eternal Love hasn't ruined me yet. I am on Ye Hua's ship but can't help fantasizing how it would be if BQ ended up with shifu.

    Does anyone know why the cut out all those scenes in Jouney of flower? And where to find them?

    • Reply
      silvermcv 28 days ago

      Chinese regulations sometimes dont make sense and this is one of them

    • Reply
      Jordan 28 days ago

      100% agreed I can think of at least 2 or 3 scene transitions that make zero sense

  • Reply
    Myauntmary Mar 22, 2017 - edited

    Episode 2 Which is better, this ir Eternal Love?

  • Reply
    Whitesand Mar 18, 2017 - edited

    Can someone tell me is this drama worth watching? How's the romance? I heard it's same director and production team for eternal love.

    • Reply
      Emily 15 days ago - edited

      Now I'm in ep 33 (skipped a few scenes, have to work tomorrow), but shifu is still OK I think. He let her stay with him till her birthday, then she was supposed to leave for Mount Zu. So far so good.

    • Reply
      Jordan 15 days ago

      oh shifu....shifu....shifu...

    • Reply
      Mighty_Brosia 15 days ago - edited

      Hello. yeah.. I know what u mean @Jordan . Its 12:30 in the morning and I'm crying right now after I finished it. I post my reviews above in the comment section.... :(

    • Reply
      Jordan 14 days ago

      @Mighty_Brosia shifu was written to be such a jerk! He doesn't deserve Bones....

    • Reply
      Emily 12 days ago - edited

      I finished the drama 2 days ago. I wasn't able to write about it, but I posted my review above too in the comment section.

      @Mighty_Brosia. I also cried soooo much that I had terrible headache for 2 days.
      I saw you comment in Eternal Love. I hope you can finish that one. I like Eternal Love more. I think which one you watch first also plays a part, but in my case I would love Eternal Love more in any case because it left me breathless, hopefull and in happy tears. HE for everyone, whilst JoF was pain, pain, pain and then mixed feeling of joy in the end. But both drama has left such impact on me. I'm glad I turned back to C dramas after a 10 year break. Quality has improved so much!

  • Reply
    werwiewowas95 Mar 14, 2017

    I watching this...I'm watching this I trust you MDLers....


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