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Empire of Lust (2015)

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1398. Kim Min-Jae is the supreme commander of the Joseon Dynasty. He falls in love for the first time and for that woman he takes risks. Yi Bang-Won is the King’s son. He helped his father setup the Joseon Dynasty era, but he was not picked as the Crown Prince. He still holds ambitions of becoming the King one day. Jin is Kim Min-Jae’s son and the King’s son-in-law. Due to his read moreposition as the King's son-in-law, he is unable to take part in politics and only seeks out pleasure. And then a gisaeng named Ka Hee approaches Min Jae to take revenge, but she falls in love with him.

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    순수의 시대
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    The Age of Innocence; Soonsooui Sidae

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A Stalker's Guide to Kang Ha Neul
A guide to Korean actor Kang Ha Neul, who is considered by some to be one of few actors these days to become successful on their sheer acting talent alone.

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Jan 18, 2016
  • Overall 6.0
  • Story 5.0
  • Acting/Cast 6.5
  • Music 8.0
  • Rewatch Value 3.5
If you want too see the ass of the main leads this is the movie for you.

This movie actually doesn't have a story, they tried it by throwing in some political stuff, which was quite incoherent, it was all about the erotic scenes to be honest. It just doesn't flow and it is lacking almost everything, from character development and loads of movie mistakes.
The actors tried, I am amazed that read more they didn't turn this offer down because they should. How could they read the script and thought 'lets do this'. No, they should have declined it.
They tried it, and their butts and bodies looks amazing but that should not be the main theme about this movie.
The music was fine, but I would not rewatch this movie, it was a waste of my time.

Watch this if you want to see (hot) naked men and bloody scenes.
Skip this if you are looking for a movie with a coherent story, full character development and great acting.
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Comments (21)

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  • Reply
    namopanik Aug 13, 2017

    Nah, should've trusted the comments. The best part of the movie are people on KA cracking from bad subs. Doesn't deserve better ones.

  • Reply
    WEPserioja Jan 17, 2017

    It should be good plot for a drama... To much info for a singular movie...

  • Reply
    cherries Oct 8, 2016

    lol that awkward moment when you realize Kang Ha Neul and Kang Han Na acted as siblings in Moon Lovers after this movie xD

  • Reply
    KmjSsk Oct 5, 2016

    dang reading all these comments make me wanna watch jang hyukie more XD n apparently this movie is a softporn

  • Reply
    Reavel Sep 27, 2016 - edited

    it is not called Empire of Lust for nothing... lol!
    With all this comments I know want to watch it.
    Yeah you can all call me pervert.
    I don't mind the erotic scenes.

  • Reply
    Ikstenom Feb 15, 2016

    Very disappointing...totally a waste of time!

  • Reply
    shadow Feb 10, 2016 - edited

    All i saw is PORN. Kdrama movie show more skin like western films. I only wonder what will happen to those actresses who can't act and show skin. May be adult film industry?

    • Reply
      Narco Jan 12, 2017

      Lets hope not in japanese AV's. Since, you know, they are censored xD

  • Reply
    peacewon Feb 6, 2016

    AWWWW I read all the notes here after finding it. Now i am reluctant to watch it. I love the shower scenes a lot but they are so innocent. i don't want to see a bunch of sex scenes. ERGH!!!!! Now I don't know if I want to try and watch it or not. Kang ha neul and jang hyuk even,...... *cries*

  • Reply
    Geanina May 23, 2015 - edited

    My rating: 5/10
    I went in with high hopes for a great treat. I mean we are talking Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Hyuk and Kang Ha Neul here. However, 2 hours and lots of rolling eyes later, I feel completely disappointed...

    Lately i wonder if there is a contest going on among Korean A actors that I don't know of...."Show me your butt" being the name of the game... A lot of gratuitous sex scenes, all 3 gentlemen present on the poster are contenders for the prize... It isn't that I am prudish or anything, but i want to see more of a story and character development and less of their skin, no matter how fit they are... it's sad as I know for a fact all 3 of them have the TALENT that can wow audiences, so I just don't see why they take on these roles where they have to act like AV actors... Whatever happened to "less is more" when it comes to intimate scenes?

    Also, it feels kind of cheap when you have no better idea how to portray a ruthless character than having him slaughter a bunch of innocent animals. Again, going for the easy tricks does not make for a great end result.

    No wonder the movie was a total flop at B.O. After making the front page news as a Korean equivalent of Lust, Caution, it flopped with a score of 470,000. sad, sad, sad. And now I know why....


    • Reply
      dore430 Sep 7, 2015

      I think they've been sold a bill of goods from American films that SEX sells and makes them even bigger stars... They couldn't be more wrong, in my opinion! The reason I stopped watching American movies and TV is because of the graphic sex. The story lines were OK; but why in the world did they have to (fill in the blanks) and show everything. As you said, the three Lead Actors in this film have gaboodles of talent and acting abilities. Why do they stoop so low... I'm only in the first 10 minutes of this movie, came to MDL to see who was starring, saw the low rating, and now I understand... When Song Seung Heon decided to do his sex scenes in "Obsessed", I was just as upset then as now. I'm not prudish either; but when a man professes publicly his Christian beliefs, what is he doing in a bad movie like that... ??

    • Reply
      Ceki Apr 27, 2016

      What is wrong with sex? Sex is amazing and the erotic scenes were perfect in this film. It is just that the story was weak and not very interesting.

    • Reply
      dore430 Apr 28, 2016

      You said it when you said it was a weak story line... The sex for sex sake was added to make a weak story more palatable for a weak story line... Sex is beautiful between a married man and woman; but, watching someone have sex in a movie is like being a Peeping Tom...

    • Reply
      Ceki Apr 28, 2016

      Oh come on, don't be such a prude... sex is not beautiful only between married people what the heck xD Without these sex scenes it would be a complete waste of time.

    • Reply
      Reavel Sep 27, 2016

      With all this comments I just want to see it to see what all the drama about the sex is... Never forget The Forzen Flower or The Treacherous or well many others... . Lol!

  • Reply
    Seoulwitch Feb 24, 2015

    Shin Ha Kyun, Jang Hyuk and Kang Ha Neul *w* ..I will die xD
    Anyway we should add to genres also "mature", I think xD ..Isn't?

  • Reply
    Ziran Feb 15, 2015 - edited

    Oh gosh. Jang Hyuk and Shin Ha Kyun. How much better can the cast get! Haven't seen any of the director's past works but I hope this doesn't disappoint story-wise.

  • Reply
    Herbalis Aug 17, 2014 - edited

    When is this movie coming out?

    • Reply
      woolchild Jan 24, 2015

      7th of March, apparently (-:

    • Reply
      Herbalis Jan 27, 2015

      I see they finally decided on a release date. When I initially asked the question, they didn't have one.


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