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A New Leaf (2014)

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Kim Seok Joo goes by fair play or foul methods to win his cases. An accident though leads to the lawyer losing his memory. Lee Ji Yoon is an intern at the law firm who works directly under him. Meanwhile, Yoo Jeong Seon is his fiance. She is the only grandchild of a wealthy family. Cha Young Ho is the CEO of the lawyer firm whom had molded Kim Seok Joo to read morebe an ace lawyer through his connections and teachings.

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    Repentance ; Reformation ;

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Jun 29, 2014
  • Overall 6.5
  • Story 7.0
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 8.5
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
There was a potential. A great one.
Premise was intriguing, cast was excellent and first two episodes were a good start.
Most of that potential was left unused.
When we hear that story starts with a man who used devious means to reach his current high status, and then in an accident lost all his memories but his knowledge of the law, regaining his conscience and facing his past wrongs that read more he doesn't remember, we usually assume that there are lots of psychological and emotional elements in the story. And while there are some it's not the amount we were promised in the summary. Still many of us would have been satisfied even with the legal part of the drama being in the highlight if we were given good explanations about lots of technical terms and complicated law cases. As it is I often felt like they were speaking some unknown alien language.

Drama was cut off by two episodes and it is really obvious at the end. Many things were left unresolved.

Still I liked this drama. My rating would have gone below 5.5 if I haven't.
Kim Myung Min is an amazing actor. He delivered his part very well.
Oh Jung Se is the actor I saw for the first time in this drama and I'm looking forward to see more from him.
Park Min Young wasn't a weak link, she did good. Her character was likable and not overly naive or damsel in distress like in some of her other dramas.
There are almost no eye-candy here but there are ear-candies. We have three actors with amazing voices in the same drama: Kim Myung Min, Jin Yi Han and Kim Sang Joong.

This had a potential to be one of the best for this year, and because of that potential I feel a bit betrayed. If complicated cases where explained better and human element was more present this would have been very interesting drama to watch this year.

I would recommend this drama to people who understand business and law, to all of you who like to watch dramas with those themes, also Kim Myung Min's fans and people who like to listen to some great voices.
If you are only looking for a romance skip this one. Romance here is in traces and not enough explored though that may be because the drama was cut short by two episodes. On the other hand too much romance would have ruined this drama.
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Jun 27, 2014
  • Overall 6.5
  • Story 5.5
  • Acting/Cast 8.5
  • Music 5.0
  • Rewatch Value 6.0
It started really well and was quite interesting in the beginning but my interest dwindled towards the last few episodes. This drama left me with one question: What happened? It felt prematurely ended and left me a bit disappointed. It's supposed to be a drama and I had a narrative for an ending. I guess it's mainly because the last few episodes dealt with matters that were beyond my understanding: Accounts, stocks, read more mergers and acquisitions in legalize. Perhaps, if I was a native speaking Korean, I would be able to understand better because I can follow the conversation. As it was, there were times when the subs were coming so fast my eyes were getting strained from reading.
Anyway, there is no question as to how well KMM portrayed his role. I feel bad though that "Jeon Ji Won's "(JYH) character was not completely fleshed out. I enjoyed listening to the two arguing in court, not for the content but for their voices.
I may re-watch, perhaps, just to try and understand what al the talk was about.
This is not a drama for everyone unless you are KMM fan.
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Both leads are goal oriented, ready to do whatever it takes and they use everything and everyone as a stepping stone in order to achieve success in their career. Until they get into an accident that will change them forever. Suffering from amnesia, they try to put together the puzzle of their lost memories and in the process they rediscover their lost true self.
Recommended by Geanina
Lawyer who plays for the usual bad side gets into accident loses his memory and gradually starts going against them turning a new leaf.
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  • Reply
    Sharn Oct 31, 2015 - edited

    The first few episodes started off with romance drama feeling. I got disappointed because this actually isn't. And I am not buying with the male lead's character after amnesia.

  • Reply
    SSKF Oct 30, 2015 - edited

    I dropped. I was enjoying the story and the characters before he lost his memory. After that, I just couldn't get into it. It was like a super smart character got dumbed down for the sake of the story. The point is, I saw him willing to change in inflexible decisions prior to the memory loss.

    • Reply
      Kristana Oct 19, 2016

      please mark it a spoiler

    • Reply
      SSKF Oct 21, 2016

      memory loss is in the synopsis. Not a spoiler. And the 'dumbed down' 'willing to change' thing is just my opinion. Not a spoiler either, obviously.

  • Reply
    homaKP Dec 3, 2014 - edited

    i really liked the drama before the last two episodes. i figured cutting two episodes off may have caused too much damage so i better not comment on this one's quality.

    seriously, you could've delayed it to some other time; instead of ruining a potentially awesome ending this drama could have had. specially for this particular story, the ending was probably the most important point.
    everything, from relationships and characters' background to the events, were growing deeper and deeper, then the father-and-son thing and i was expecting the last episodes to blow me out. forget about actors and producers; i still can't believe a writer can let that happen to his/her story.
    i will take for the future, note not to put much trust into this network.

  • Reply
    zanzouna Aug 18, 2014

    i still can not understand why they put Park Min Young in the Main Role list, she didn't have that important role, i started this drama because im a big fan of her but i was very disappointed, i can't quite understand her role in this drama...

  • Reply
    Cheer Aug 2, 2014

    I have to say I am a bit disappointed, so much potential with little stupid writer can ruin many things indeed.
    I watched this drama solely for the legal/business theme and the two main lead ahjussis. I don't regret my choice; I patially enjoyed it. I am glad that the cases were the main point of this drama but I think that's the only thing that worked in here (but it would bother many people who are not into those fields).
    Something was obviously wrong with the way this drama was written, the screenwriting was all over the place and things didn't connect. It wasn't a smooth watch at all and I kind of suffered a lot in the middle. I was trying to figure out what was on the writer's mind but I failed miserably. Also, cutting the drama two episodes short really showed even if the ending wasn't as bad as everyone says.
    The acting is really worth the while though. Kim Myung Min and Kim Sang Joong ahjussi are always a pleasure and they nailed it as usual. I am a bit pissed that the latter's potential wasn't brought to its full use though. Park Min Young is a waste of space in this drama, I am glad that romance was crushed so badly in this.

    Enjoyable drama overall, but it's definitely NOT for everyone.

  • Reply
    mafalda Jul 26, 2014

    This drama had it all. What the hell happened with the ending? It was so rushed. Kim Myung Min's acting was outstanding though.

  • Reply
    SmileSQN Jul 24, 2014

    I was so disappointed with the ending that I refuse to watch again. Still, I enjoyed the lead actor… Kim Myung Min and his friend Oh Jung Se, great acting and awesome dialogue.

  • Reply
    Randevouz Jul 13, 2014 - edited

    Good drama, the stories were interesting and amazing acting by Kim Myung Min, as always. I was satisfied with the ending; it wrapped up at least one aspect of the story. It could use more episodes in this case but it was okay nonetheless.

  • Reply
    versaillesyoo Jul 8, 2014

    Considering everything this drama went through, I thought the ending was alright. Great characters and stories throughout.

  • Reply
    donkosala Jul 4, 2014

    Ending sucked.

  • Reply
    Drama_Lover Jul 4, 2014

    I don't really get this drama. D: It was confusing...

  • Reply
    De1vSkm2 Jul 1, 2014

    I liked watching this drama, but the ending was weird...

  • Reply
    kangoor Jun 30, 2014 - edited

    When I read the comments telling why people did not like this drama, I keep saying: but that's what was so good about it! XD I only agree with the ending being too rushed, but apart from this - I really enjoyed it.

    • Reply
      Ginger Jul 9, 2014

      Same...it's different & unique!

  • Reply
    Katsura-AA Jun 30, 2014

    The story is good & original , the characters are good with a great acting ,,, It is totally destroyed by focusing so much on legal details without any explanations & by 2 epi cutting which make me feel that alot of things are missed ..

  • Reply
    alienshore7 Jun 30, 2014 - edited

    What a great premise and great leading man totally destroyed by weird writing and an episode cut. I've never seen a Kdrama that focused so much on the ins and outs of law and business to the absolute disregard of everything else, including characters, character growth, relationships, everything. So disappointing! I love Kim Myung Min and he did his best as always, but what the heck did I just watch?! And that episode cut did this show no favors with what can only be described as one of the most nonsensical and dull endings to a drama ever. I'll never understand the writing choices in this drama -- to focus soooooo much on all the legal details to the point of me practically falling asleep and just ignore everything else made no sense. It was like the writer was a lawyer.


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    Apr 30, 2014 to Jun 26, 2014
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