Yoo Na's Street

Yoo Na's Street (2014)

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Kim Chang Man is a pure and good heart man who dreams of becoming a social worker to help society’s most impoverished people. He moves into a multifamily housing where criminals and former criminals live, struggles to help them to recover their "lost consciences" and saves Kang Yoo Na, the woman he loves, from the depths of crime. Kang Yoo Na is the daughter of a legendary pickpocket and is a former read morepickpocket herself with 3 records.

  • Native title:

    유나의 거리
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    Yuna's Street; Yoona's Street;

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Sep 10, 2015
  • Overall 10
  • Story 10
  • Acting/Cast 9.0
  • Music 10
  • Rewatch Value 9.0
Firstly, let me say this. I have watched over 120 dramas. As many of you know, dramas have many "typical aspects" like rich guy-poor girl, amnesia, someone fainting from cold, main guys who are jerks, love triangles / rectangles etc. I think that this drama doesn't have any of those aspects. It is really fresh and I really enjoyed it. Despite being it a 50-ep drama, I basically watched it in one read more go and haven't skipped a single scene (which I tend to do). So you can imagine, how good the drama is. However, the drama might not be for everyone, but well you can say that about every drama. Try out few episodes and you will see.

The story is really unique. In summary, it is about a girl who is a pickpocket and a guy, who tries to make her stop. There are also many side stories, which resolve around gangsters, gold-diggers, thieves, police officers etc. I have to say that I liked the first half more than the second half. The first half was really dynamic, witty, gripping etc. The second half had the same aspects but not as good developed. But the ending was great, it will definitely make you smile :)

The cast was well chosen. I started this drama because of Lee Hee Joon, as I like his acting. He didn't disappoint me in one bit. Another gem in this drama is my beloved Lee Moon Shik. This ahjussi is a real actor. Every role he takes is different. It was my first time seeing Kim Ok Bin, but I have already put some of her works on my PTW list. Really good actress. As for the characters, my favourite character would be Miseon eonnie, I guess. I don't know why, I just liked her through out the whole drama. The child actors were also brilliant.

Music just fitted perfectly. After finishing the first episode, I have put this drama on my list of dramas with the best OST.

My re-watch value would have been 10 if the drama had not had 50 episodes. Funny thing is that, I usually re-watch only my favourite scenes from this long dramas, here, I have no favourite scenes, this drama as whole is my favourite scene. It is worth to re-watch it all. This is definitely one underrated drama, so if you are looking for something fresh, with great character developments, amazing story and brilliant acting, try this drama. You will be mad at yourself of not watching the drama sooner.
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Nov 16, 2014
  • Overall 8.0
  • Story 8.0
  • Acting/Cast 8.0
  • Music 9.0
  • Rewatch Value 7.0
Such a good, different drama! Watch if 1) you feel like everything's the same in Dramaland these days, 2) you're sick of seeing the same kind of main leads, 3) you want to watch a show that's not about some rich chaebol and a Cinderella in the making. Don't watch if 1) you're looking for a well-developed, emotional love story, 2) you don't like stories with many secondary characters, 3) you read more don't like characters with flaws.

A story like you don't find in Dramaland, with characters that don't typically hang out over there too, and I loved it. I love reserved and down-to-earth Yoona, who is neither naïve, innocent and bright girl nor cold, distant and apathetic (it's usually one or the other); I love open-minded, caring Changman, who is neither a cold and arrogant prick nor a naïve and childish boy. I love how they interact with everyone around them; how loyal Yoona is, which inspires loyalty from others; how empowering Changman is, making others believe that they can aspire for more. I love the comedy, especially in the first half of the drama, and the glimpse into the world of petty crime. There's just so much good in this show. The only downside to it is that although it seemed as though the romance between the main leads and the character development of Yoona would be at the center of the story, they slowly were forgotten in favor of secondary characters and dragging plot elements, so that her changes kind of look incoherent or abrupt, and their love story, bland. The show would have been perfect if it weren't for that *sigh* The ending though, is satisfying, so it's okay.

I didn't know the main leads before this show, but their acting was good. I liked her more than him, I thought she really had become Yoona. They also weren't bad together *sigh* Such a waste that the romance wasn't exploited some more. Some other actors were also quite good in their roles. Particularly the actress behind Yoonji, she was awesome. Because most characters are realistic, they aren't easy roles, but they were pulled off fine.

Just as the story and the characters, the music is sooo fresh. It's not every day that you hear K-country (does that even exist?) or Carla Bruni in a drama, it's so weird - in a good way - and totally fits with the mood. Of course, there's also Leesa's awesome song, Love will find a way. Absolutely addictive. From episode one, it got stuck in my head, and I had no choice but to download it.

I'd rewatch it, whenever I get in one of those moments in which all dramas just look too much the same. It's like getting some fresh air, without pulling the plug.
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Both are low-key dramas featuring a main character who works as a pickpocket. Ruler of Your Own World is somewhat more melodramatic while Yoona's Street has a slice-of-life vibe to it.
Recommended by kura2ninja
The way Yoona's street is shot reminded me a lot of Miss Korea. Both dramas have great written characters and development throughout the entire show. I also believe that both of these shows are underrated gems that don't look all that interesting on paper but leaves you satisfied all the way through to its conclusion.
Recommended by Fillers

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    biribiri May 18, 2017 - edited

    Kim Chang Man really ruined this for me, I wanted to keep watching because the rest of the characters were great for the most part, but I couldn't put up with the lead being such an annoying busybody, not something I am willing to deal with for 50 episodes.

  • Reply
    sweee2 Jan 5, 2017

    Kim Ok Bin Nailed it.

  • Reply
    BANNEDuser Jul 26, 2016

    Great drama

  • Reply
    CatoCat Jun 1, 2016 - edited

    Who says this show has no romance. 1st 15 episodes and you can see so many of romantic scenes. One of the best Family Drama i have seen.

    It has not your casual Kdrama romance. Here romance and love is subtle and quite innocent and cute. This drama not depends upon kissed and hugs to show you the love. It is shown in characters interaction.

    Kim Ok Bin looked so beautiful and acted quite well.

    So realistic.Unique story brilliant acting. Awesome dialogues and interaction between characters. I'm on episode 25 now and have given 8.5 to this show.

  • Reply
    Pate May 30, 2016

    underrated as fuck

  • Reply
    Malene Jan 24, 2016

    This drama made me so happy! <3

  • Reply
    mali Dec 3, 2015 - edited

    Ok loving this so far but I gotta pace myself....apparently the only place I find this is on viki.com with English subtitles and after episode 13 it's only only like 1% subtitled and they are taking forever, soooo if anyone knows what other site youtube took it down awhile back haven't checked again.....help pls =(

    • Reply
      mali Dec 20, 2015

      Ty =)

    • Reply
      crazy_drama_ghost Feb 26, 2017 - edited

      @switelenia Why did you mark your comment as spoiler, I have been searching link for this drama, because your comment marked as spoiler I missed it.

    • Reply
      Switelenia Feb 28, 2017

      I don't remember why i did that but i corrected it :)

  • Reply
    BB78 Jul 18, 2015

    watched it for the second time! and i still feel the romance was a bit weak.. I mean from episode1to 40 there was only two scenes which wasnt even real romance just a hint of romance... but the ending was perfect... ALL in all it was a good drama the story was quite good i liked since it was a one of a kind story also the director made the camera angles really good i loved it how they walked in front of the camera while the cam goes backwards its kinda different than usual and i loved it

  • Reply
    Switelenia Feb 7, 2015 - edited

    I just finished this and i loved it ! I found the ending scene perfect too ♥
    I will miss this show..

  • Reply
    De1vSkm2 Jan 11, 2015

    I've watched 8 episodes, and I must say that I am a little disappointed with it so far, and am conflicted on whether I should continue watching it or drop it...

  • Reply
    risingsun Dec 4, 2014 - edited

    Just finished it and the ending scene was perfect ♥

    • Reply
      Sarah87 Dec 10, 2014 - edited

      Did you watch it with darksmurf's subs?

    • Reply
      risingsun Dec 10, 2014

      Yes^^ Since the subs of the last 5 eps aren't edited, they didn't make that much sense alone, but with listening carefully I was able to understand everything that happened :)

    • Reply
      Sarah87 Dec 13, 2014

      Ok, I'm gonna try to wait until they're fully edited :/

  • Reply
    Nelly Nov 13, 2014 - edited

    I'm so confused about this show. When I started it, it was like love at first sight. So different, with down-to-earth characters, no rich chaebol and a perspective into the world of petty crime. The music was also mesmerizing. But I feel like halfway through it lost some of its charm. I can't pinpoint what it is. Urgh. Anyway, two more episodes to go! : )

    • Reply
      Rascal Nov 15, 2014

      Where do you watch it with subs?

    • Reply
      Nelly Nov 16, 2014

      On darksmurfsub.com (link is given below). There's only 37 eps fully subbed, but the rest is there with computer generated (I think) subs. Since I know a little of Korean, I was able to watch all episodes till the end, but you can watch till 37 then wait for the final, good subs or get a glimpse of the rest first while waiting :)

  • Reply
    iamsarah Nov 6, 2014

    Eng sub?

  • Reply
    BB78 Oct 30, 2014
    Reveal Spoiler »
  • Reply
    Ako Oct 19, 2014 - edited

    Does anyone know if this drama is no longer being translated ?

    • Reply
      BB78 Oct 28, 2014

      hmm darksmurfsub is behind alot. arent there somewhere subs till 44??
      i cant wait two or three weeks for it...


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    May 19, 2014 to Nov 11, 2014
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