A Stalker's Guide: Matsumoto Jun

I've been watching Asian dramas since 2008 and the first drama was Hana Kimi. People call me "nolife", "dramaotaku", "drama addict", "weirdo" and many other names ~

This is the first time I'm writing something to MDL... Something that isn't commenting or reviewing or recommending dramas. Though this might include all of those... That's right! I'm writing A Stalker's Guide to THE Matsumoto Jun that pretty much everyone loves. 

Let's Start ~~ !


I'm sure all of you drama watchers know this name or at least recognizes the face. Just in case you don't know I'll be nice and reveal it: Matsumoto Jun ~ *KYAAAAA* He's one of the most famous actors and singers in Japan. He's under Johnny's Entertainment and belongs to 5-member boy group called ARASHI alongside with his group members Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki and Ninomiya Kazunari. They debuted in 1999 but Matsumoto Jun, also known as MatsuJun has been active since 1997. Okay, now you have basic info about who he is and what he does. Let's continue ~

The very first drama I saw by MatsuJun was Gokusen. Okay, I admit... Back then I thought that he was Mizushima Hiro who was my very first drama crush since I saw Hana Kimi. I searched out some of his dramas with major and minor roles and stumbled upon Gokusen. After googling and finding out that he wasn't Mizushima Hiro but Matsumoto Jun my soul was sold.


Now 4 years later it's easy to say which one is which and they don't look alike at all... I wonder why that drama newbie in 2008 thought they looked alike...? Okay let's move on and I'll present you some of the best characters Matsumoto Jun has played since 1997. Counting from his MDL page, he's acted in 24 dramas and 10 movies (including all the guest roles). That's pretty huge amount considering that he's not even 30 yet. I'm sure he'll stick around for many many years to come ~~ And just a little note: I have not watched all of his dramas or movies so I'm sure I've missed some great characters. >.<

Bokura no Yuuki - Young and innocent Jun


This was the very first acting role by Matsumoto Jun. He had the side role in this drama as the cute Mori. He was 14 at that time. It was such a small side role that I honestly don't remember anything about his character. All I remember is the haunting opening song by KinKi Kids. Let's move to the next one ~

Gokusen - Quirky, lazy and smart yet attractive Jun


dat smirk

I'm pretty sure that Gokusen was THE Drama that made MatsuJun who he is now! So, this was my first Matsumoto Jun drama ever and I'm more than happy that I stumbled upon this drama back in 2008. Like the drama's info says, this drama has 3 seasons and this one was the very first one and aired in 2002. He was 18 at that time and graduated from high school in 2002. Same age than I am now 10 years later in 2012... >.< I'm sure all of you know this feeling? Thanks to this drama, he won his very first award at 33rd Television Drama Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor



Anyway, I'm a diehard fan of Gokusen! I mean the drama version. I've never read the manga or watched the anime. I've watched all the seasons 3-4 times and I'm not even lying. I actually feel like watching them now also.

Kimi wa Petto - Cute, dorky, fluffy and smexy Jun


"Welcome Home, Master"

Wouldn't you want to hear and see that every time you get home from school/work/anywhere? I know I sure would love to ~ In Kimi wa Petto MatsuJun totally stole my heart forever. He plays a "dog" named Momo in this drama. Yeah, go read the info so you'll know. I absolutely adore this drama. I've seen it 2 times and I have it on DVD just in case I want to watch it again and again in HD. I know there's a Korean movie version of this but I haven't seen it yet...


you bet I would too !

This drama didn't give him any awards as long as I know but it sure won a place in my heart and in my favorite dramas. Did I say how much I love this drama? It has Matsumoto Jun at his best in my opinion. In this drama you also get to see how great dancer he is ~ His character is a human who is a "dog" and I really liked the way he actually acted like a dog would act - gives his paw, washes the face of the owner, begs for food, has fluffy hair that the owner can pet and brush and what's the best: he even barks in the drama.




Let's continue ~

Hana Yori Dango 1-2 - arrogant and self-centered, rich spoiled brat yet still so lovable Jun


This is a drama that everyone has heard about. If you haven't... don't confess and just live in a lie. This is a drama that absolutely every drama addict should watch. I've watched it 2 times and out of all the adaptations based on the manga of the same name; this one is the best. Though I haven't seen the Mainland China version but I heard that it's only loosely based on and has a totally different story than 3 other versions has. The 3 versions are Meteor Garden (Taiwan), Hana Yori Dango (Japan) and Boys Over Flowers (South Korea). The war between the fans of these versions is never going to stop, though... But in all honesty, I liked HYD the best.


"Did you just hit me?!"

This is the drama what made Matsumoto Jun famous in Japan and worldwide. Though he was that already... Well more famous then. He won Best Supporting Actor from 47th Television Drama Academy Awards in 2005 (Season 1) and 10th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Winter) in 2007 (Season 2) and in 2008 he won GQ Japan Men of the Year 2008 Awards. So this drama basically is the drama that made him into everyone's dream ~


This drama had so many funny and emotional scenes so I'm gonna put some pics from those that are the most memorable ones to me. ~


best way to start a first date, eh?



Other great dramas and movies by Matsumoto Jun that I have seen: 

Bambino! - This is a drama that many doesn't know about. Maybe because it's not really a romantic drama? Watch this if you want to see an enthusiastic and cocky Matsumoto Jun cooking some great food. It makes you hungry ~~ Another names from the drama cast: Karina, Sato Ryuta, Mukai Osamu and Kitamura Kazuki for example. 

Smile - Matsumoto Jun plays Hayakawa Vito who is half-Filipino and half-Japanese. Though you can see that from the synopsis... I have no idea how dark Filipino people really are (as I've never seen one before) but I think MatsuJun did great job and he has some sexy tan in this drama ~~ I really liked this drama and it's pretty simple yet still so beautiful.

Saigo No Yakusoku - To be honest: I remember nothing about this special. That's how confusing it is. But there's some great cast members. Besides MatsuJun, there are rest of ARASHI members and Kuroki Meisa and Fujiki Naohito for example.

Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku - This is a drama for those who wants to see MatsuJun playing a "tsundere" character. I really have no idea what tsundere means... But for those who knows the meaning; good for you ! The chemistry between the characters is good but not the best. I really love how Takeuchi Yuko portrayed her character and the daughter, Mio, was excellent. It's been 2 years since I watched this one so my memory isn't the best... But the music is still clearly in my head ~~ *starts humming ARASHI - Love Rainbow*

Lucky Seven - Ever wondered what would MatsuJun be playing a detective? Watch this and you'll know ! Though I gotta admit... I was expecting to see more action and not so much comedy that this drama has. The cast in this one is superb; you have MatsuJun, Eita, Naka Riisa, Oizumi Yo and Matsushima Nanako (who played the sister of MatsuJuns character in HYD) plus some many great guests.

Like every fangirl or fanboy has that certain actor they likes thanks to one certain feature I also have one. Besides MatsuJun's looks and acting skills the best feature I like about him is the voice and the lips. ~~

WARNING: This video contains spoilers from Kimi wa Petto ! I'm posting the video so you can see why I love him so much. ~~

And to end this Stalker Guide - the only music video from ARASHI that I was able to find... Damn you Johnny's Entertainment for not having official channels on youtube >.< I know I know it's not from MatsuJun drama but what can I do D:

Hope you enjoyed this Stalker's Guide to Matsumoto Jun ~ I know I enjoyed while making this one ^^ Thanks for reading and stuff. As you can see this was my very first article here on MDL so please tell me how to improve my writing and refresh my memory to make better Stalker's Guides next time ~~

If there is an actor or an actress that is worthy of a Stalker's Guide in your opinion, and you have watched enough dramas of his/hers to prove it, please contact Elisabetta about it.

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  • Reply
    MeisaLee Nov 12, 2013

    Matsujun is so cute in lucky7

  • Reply
    Rove Jul 5, 2013

    Not alone!! :D Jun was my 1st JapLove :3
    Kimi wa petto was just the best dorama i've seen, omg, so jealous of the girls!!! :<

  • Reply
    stephaniearmer Jun 17, 2013

    You're my pet (Korean movie) is amazing. So amazing and you should def watch it. The manga is also good and gives you wayyy more detail and tells you about what happens after he goes abroad. The gokusen series man oh man. I've watched that atleast 5 times, I've reread the manga many more times than that and I've watched the anime repeatedly. Definitely one of my all time favorite. Not only does it have MatsuJun, it's Oguri Shun, Miura Haruma and sooo many more actors that have gotten big after being on that show, so many more people to love just that much more. Ah, now I need to watch and read all of the above of Gokusen...byeeee

  • Reply
    HAVA-RAVA Jan 31, 2013

    Ugh seems like some of the pics doesn't work anymore... ://

  • Reply
    boutux Dec 30, 2012

    i love smile. one of the best dramas ever. hanadan i've seen 4 times now. i loved lucky 7 too. matsujun put on weight and built up muscle. and did his own stunts in the action scenes. and it was very funny. i wanna see the blooper reel for that drama. one of the reasons i love matsujun's dramas is because he gives good kisses not the boring peck kisses with no movement. his kisses look real and passionate and those lips who wouldn't want to kiss him? arashi is my ichi ban suki in japanese music. i have every album. and matsujun is definitely in my top 10 maybe top 5 japanese hotties. but my heart belongs to oguri shun.

  • Reply
    harukita Dec 25, 2012

    i want to see matsujuns new movie ;.;

  • Reply
    HanJeSun13 Dec 24, 2012

    I remember that Matsumoto Jun and Oguri Shun were my first asian loves :'D

    • Reply
      nielyngrace Dec 24, 2012

      yey! nostalgic. same here. shun and jun. gokusen and hana yori

    • Reply
      Sammiirose Dec 25, 2012

      aklgjakl Same here, too. I got started on asian drama because of them.

  • Reply
    ShinTak Dec 24, 2012

    Matsujun is my all time bias. ^_^ I loved him in HYD but fell hard for him in Kimi wa Petto..and Gokusen pretty much confirmed my fandom. Sawada Shin is a sex god. This man is indeed very stalk-worthy.

  • Reply
    Marse Dec 24, 2012

    You included that "Father, please marry me"! HAHAHA That scene's just so epic. It was amusing to watch him act dumb in HYD. >w<

    Matsujun's really stalk-worthy. >w<
    I really loved him in Gokusen, HYD, and Kimi wa Petto! Although I loved him in Gokusen the most. >w<

    BTW, a tsundere is a character who shows a cold personality despite having a really gentle heart.

    Nice article! :)

  • Reply
    Sakura-Song Dec 23, 2012

    I know what you mean, Matsumoto Jun definitely needed to be stalked. He was great in Gokusen, HYD and Kimi Wa Petto. I just love him. Oh and those naked bathtub pictures of his, had me drooling!

  • Reply
    twistedangel1624 Dec 23, 2012

    The very first asian drama I ever watched was Hana Yori Dango! I loved him in that drama! he made me laugh and he was so awesome! i wanna watch Gokusen just to see him :) i love that moving picture you have of him smiling from Gokusen and that moving picture from Hana Yori Dango lol so funny! thank you for allowing me to improve my stalking-matsumoto-jun skills :) lol

  • Reply
    JCKdorama Dec 23, 2012

    WOOOO Love him!

  • Reply
    PrettyBrown_Eyes Dec 23, 2012

    I was never into Matsumoto Jun, I just didnt see his appeal but now that I'm watching Gokusen I understand now...he is just adorable! I might give Hana Yori Dango another go!

    • Reply
      twistedangel1624 Dec 23, 2012

      lol i can understand that :) if you didn't like BOF then don't watch Meteor Garden it's just bad lol .. but Hana Yori Dango is very sweet and the love story between them is great :) i loved it and they were hilarious with each other too which was good :) and no problem

    • Reply
      PrettyBrown_Eyes Dec 23, 2012

      well I watched Meteor Garden a long long time ago and I remember liking it aha...strange person I am :) okay once I finish Gokusen I'm trying for Hana Yori! You and Jun have convinced me!

    • Reply
      twistedangel1624 Dec 23, 2012

      i only watched Meteor Garden once and I tried watching it again but I couldn't lol .. and yay! i have convinced someone to watch it lol epic win for me XD .. may seem boring at first but it has its good points too :) hope u watch season 1 and 2 and the movie :) i know you will like it and if not then I will feel bad for deceiving you O.o

    • Reply
      PrettyBrown_Eyes Dec 23, 2012

      yeah..now that've grown my own taste in dramas I really doubt I'll like it if I watch it again. Haha wooo! Awww well if I don't like it I wont blame you, its all in your own personal taste!

    • Reply
      twistedangel1624 Dec 23, 2012

      lol ok :) i doubt that will happen though :) besides it was the first drama that got me addicted to watching asian dramas actually lol :) have fun watching

  • Reply
    dragynfaerie Dec 23, 2012

    I first saw him in Gokusen. Since then I've been calling him Japanese Prince (yes, the dude that likes purple). I dunno why, but he looks like him to me. Anywho, I always enjoy his performances. I think he should stick to acting personally. I'm not a crier, but Smile actually got some tears out of me.

  • Reply
    saharial Dec 23, 2012

    Gokusen was the first drama i saw him in too! Then Petto and then HYD. I will watch more now ... i promise! thanks for the tips! I'm keen to see Bambino! as it has Mukai Osamu as well (double whammy of goodness)

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