Random English: The Good, The Bad, and The Hilarious

One of my favorite parts of Asian dramas is the random English, sometimes called "Engrish" (especially when it isn't very good). I've found that Engrish usually falls into three categories...


        The Good               The Bad                The Hilarious

Here are some examples:

The Good

When I watched Secret Garden I was really shocked but Lee Philip's random perfect English. Pretty much the best random English EVER.

The Bad

Sometimes the Engrish is so bad you can hardly tell they're trying to speak English, like in this clip from Sorry, I Love You.

The Hilarious

"My bro, yo!" A classic from Boys Before Flowers.

And here's a compilation of some of my random English favorites:

And some others I found on YouTube:

What are your favorite Engrish moments?

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